Running From The Billionaire

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Chapter 9

The ringing of the doorbell had me groaning in frustration. God, I wish there was some way to get rid of Theodore. Ingrid went to answer the door, but I already knew who would be standing outside. Just as I expected, Theodore strode inside accompanied by Ingrid.

Just great!

He was dress impeccably as usual. With a dark gray suit and a white dress shirt to go with it, he looked perfect, as always.

I huffed and stuffed my mouth full of cereal in order to avoid talking to him. But that didn’t mean he didn’t talk to me.

“Hello Hailey.” He said with a warm smile, causing my sleepy heart to flutter awake. Damn you!

He saw my cereal filled mouth and his smile turned into a full on grin, causing my heart to race. Stop reacting like this, you stupid organ!

“Uh, I’m going to go and freshen up, I’ll see you guys in a few minutes.” Ingrid turned and wandered off to her bedroom, leaving me and my poor heart with Theodore.

I did my best to try and ignore Theodore’s dominating prescence in the room but it was next to impossible. It was like every cell in my body came alive by him being just present in the room, how in the world that was possible I had no idea.

Theodore stalked over to where I was sitting and came to stand right behind me. Now my heart was buzzing with excitement at having him so close, only the fact that he was a ruthless, dominating man stopped me from standing up and hugging him tightly.

Two strong hands encased my shoulders in their warm yet firm grip and I forgot how to eat. The feeling of Theodore’s hands on my shoulders—hell on any part of my body—had me forgetting everything but the feel of his hands; and I desperately wished that I had some power against him, but I had none.

The brush of lips on my cheek had me jumping in surprise. “Calm down, Hailey.” He whispered to my skin, and begun planting butterfly kisses all the way down to my neck.

Everything in me was begging me to close my eyes and let him take over. To succumb to his expert touch and mind blowing kisses. To let his arms encase my body, heart, mind and soul, and let him take me to cloud nine.

But thank goodness for my rational side, that kicked in just in time as his lips were making their way south. I got up from my seat causing him to stumble a little in surprise. I threw him my deadliest glare before stabbing my index finger at his chest.

“Don’t you ever dare touch me again without my permission. Is that understood, Mr. Benson?” I said in a deadly calm voice.

Theodore took hold of the finger currently poking his chest and in turn shackled his hand on my wrist and gave it a tug eliminating the little distance our bodies had by pulling me forward.

“I can do whatever I want to you, whenever I want to you, with or without your permission, Ms. Pritchett. Is that understood?” He replied in a equally deadly calm tone, making my knees turn to jelly.

I glared at him in response, not finding words to counter his statement. However, he stared right back, not blinking nor flinching. Both of us were locked in our staring contest, willing the other to blink and surrender first. For a minute there I was sure I would win this competition as I was pretty good at staring people down, however, the sound of a throat clearing had me blinking and losing. Damn it!

Theodore realizing that I blinked relaxed his rigid stance and both of us turned our heads to see the cause of the sound that had ended our staring competion—unfairly, might I add.

Ingrid stood there, trying her best not to grin at me. I was confused as to why on earth was she grinning when I was feeling anything but happy. After a few seconds I recalled my position. Theodore had his arm wrapped around my waist and the other on my wrist, and only our clothes separated our bodies from each other’s.

I quickly jumped back, causing Theodore’s arm to loosen and release me. I exhaled a deep sigh of relief, which didn’t go unnoticed by either of them. So in turn I glared first at Theodore, then at Ingrid, to which she just laughed like I did something funny. Hate you Ingrid.

“I just came to remind you Mr. Benson, that your flight would be leaving soon.” Ingrid informed him while making me wanna slap her senseless.

Theodore strode over to her and offered her his hand to shake, which Ingrid immediately took. “Please call me Theodore, and thanks for reminding me,” he turned to face me, “as Ms. Pritchett here has a knack for making me forget things.” He stated, causing a blush to color my cheeks.

“You and me both.” Ingrid agreed and this time the redness of my cheeks had everything to do with anger towards Ingrid.

“Well we should get going, you got a nice place by the way, Ingrid. Let’s go Hailey, our flight leaves in an hour.” Theodore said and walked out of the house.

I quickly made my way over to my room to grab my suitcase but didn’t find them in my room. Panicked, I rushed over to Ingrid and asked her where my suitcase was, and she told me that Theodore had his driver take my suitcase while I was busy with Theodore. The sad thing was I didn’t have that much time, or else I would’ve smacked Ingrid with a wooden rod for all she did to me in front of Theodore. But I guess God loved her, because I was just about to yell at her, but the honking of the car had me shutting my mouth; and instead of cold, brutal words, came out words of goodbye, and plenty of hugs.

After five minutes I walked out Ingrid’s house to see the same black Range Rover sitting in the driveway. The driver got out and opened the backdoor of the car for me. I felt weird, and slightly uncomfortable at him having to open the door for me. But I let it slide as it was a one time thing.

Theodore sat inside and was busy talking to someone on this phone. I quietly slipped inside—even though I wanted run the opposite direction—and the driver shut door, which caused my heart to twist. I didn’t know why, but the closing of the door made me feel as if I was trapped now—forever. The driver slid inside his designated seat and drove us to the airport.

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