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A young girl decides to write a letter...put it in a bottle and throws it into the sea....she doesn't expect much of it...but what happens when she receives a letter back? Read to find out...

Romance / Humor
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1. A letter to Mr. John Doe

Charlie’s pov:

May 2020,
Charlie: 8 years old

“You can never catch me..lil princess” Mr. Pegasus screamed.

“Halt in the name of the Princess of candy land.” I said as I chased after that obnoxious pegasus,“I shall ride you to the gummy worm ice cream river.”

“You will never catch me the prettiest princess of candy land” Mr. Pegasus laughed.

I waved my wand around. A pink bunny jumped out of thin air. Woah.

“Catch the pegasus Mr. HunBun”

Mr. HunBun attacked the pegasus and I jumped on its back.

After a few minutes, Mr. Pegasus was taking me and Mr. HunBun to the chocolate ice cream wormie river.

I jumped into the river and so did Mr. HunBun. I kicked him out. That’s right. Nobody hogs my chocolate river.

“All hail the princess of candy land” I laughed a hyena laugh

“We love you, the great princess Charlotte” They sang in sync.

“Wake up!“, A rainbow colored panda screamed in my face

“What?” I tilted my head to the side.

“Wake up Charlie!” Ms. PanPan screamed again.

“What are you saying Ms. PanPan.... We’ve got so much yummy yummy ice cream. You scream, I scream, We all scream for ice cream!” I jumped up.

“Wake up, you fathead!” She yells into my face.

“This ice cream tastes funny” I mumbled as I bit into the ice cream.

“Wake up!” Ms. PanPan jumped up and down,“Wake up!”

“I want chocolate-vanilla super icy icecream with extra skittles and choco chips.” I jumped out of the bed.

My eyes met a pair of brown ones,“What are you doing in my room, Popsicle?!”

She rolled her eyes at me as she pushed her glasses up,“This is my room, dummy” I look around to see a pink desk and pink bunk bed.

“Ok then what are you doing in your room?!” I shouted at her.

She hit my head. Hard. Owie.

“Because this is my room! And you got drool all over my good pillow.” She shouts and I look over to see a sticky pillow with bite marks all over it, feeling guilty for ruining the pillow.

“We had a sleepover...last night, remember skittles?” She said slowly.



I jumped up from the bed and weaseled my way to the kitchen,“What do you have for this princess to eat?“,I asked as I jumped into the fridge.

Benji, Mia’s older brother came out of the bathroom, brushing his teeth”What are you doing in our fridge? And why are you eating our food?!” He yelled, splattering paste everywhere.

Ohk. Ewww

“So you don’t get fatter. See, this is why you don’t get know what I am doing you a favour.” I scream back, wiping the toothpaste off my face and making my way towards the kitchen counter.

“I am so glad you’re not my sister,” he barks,“I may as well dig my own grave and roll right into it”

He turns around and makes his way back to the bathroom while I stuck my tongue at him.

“Can you pwease make me some breakfast? I ask Mia’s mom, batting my eyelashes and pouring out my bottom lips.

She rolls her eyes and starts making waffles and pancakes.

Yippe!! Those darn puppy dog eyes always work.

She places the food in front of me and I start eating,“Hot, hot, hot”, I shout as I throw the pancake back into the plate and place my burnt fingers over my ears. Mia shakes her head at me and pours a bowl of cereal for herself while I gulp down the pancakes.

“Just like me,” Alice, Mia’s older sister flips her hair as she walks down tthe stairs in slo-mo

“Why are you walking like a donkey who tripped on a cat and fell down on his head?”

She rolls her eyes and joins us. We continue eating as more of Mia’s family files in.

Mia grew up in a very big family. She has two older brothers, an elder sister and four younger siblings where she wishes she was a single child like me. She doesn’t realize how great she has it. I’ve always wished I had a big family like her. I mean, don’t get me wrong I love my family but sometimes I wish I had someone to share my feelings with, someone to fight with and stuff like that. I love my mom and dad but sometimes it gets lonely at home when they’re at work. When I grow up, I want a big warm, loud and cheerful family like Mia’s.

“I love your mom’s food...Can I take her to my home?” I rubbed my belly.

“For the umpteenth time, the answer to that is no!” She shouted,“Now, let’s get ready or else we will be late to school, again.”

Twenty minutes later we reached the door and put on our matching pink shoes.

“Let’s go, Benji. You can daydream about having a girlfriend another time.” Mia called as Benji snapped out of it and wiped the drool off his face.

“Jackets!” He shouted, reaching for the car keys.

We put on our coats and jumped into the backseat of his car.

School went unceremoniously, as usual.
Except Miss Evans told us to do one good thing today.

“What are you gonna do, Popsicle?“, I asked Mia as we walked side by side.

She rubbed her chin, pretending to think, “Huh, maybe not throw you in the water?”

We were at the beach, walking beside the sea, thinking about what good can we do for somebody and that’s what she thinks of?

“ could just pick up the trash and put in the dustbin. Oh and while you’re at it, I’ll push you in the dumpster, completing my work.”

“How’s throwing me in the dumpster equals one good thing in your fathead?”

“You see, if I throw you in the dumpster, you won’t be annoying me or your siblings or your parents....they wouldn’t have to pay for the food you eat which will save tonnes of money. See, I am happy, your siblings are happy and your parents are happy!! That would be such a good thing to do.” I pat myself on the back.

She rolls her eyes. She does it so much I’m surprised her eyes are not stuck to the back of her head.

“Oh! Oh! I know! I can be nice to everyone.”

“Yeah like that’s ever gonna happen”

“Enough about me, what are you gonna do?” She asked with a raised eyebrow.

" I was thinking...”

“You think!!!!” She gasped with placed a hand on her chest.

“Shut up and listen. I am going to....pause for dramatic effect.....write a letter!” I announce with jazz hands.

Mia stared at me.

I stared back.

Half a minute

One minute

She blinks

I win

Charlie:1, Mia:0

“A letter? To who? The only person you’re supposed to write a letter to is Santa Claus and that is in north pole”

But I’ve been sending all of mine to south pole. Well then how did I get my gifts? I’ll ask mommy and daddy.

“Mr. John Doe”


“A stranger. Someone I don’t know.”

“Oh yeah. And where does the doing a good thing fit here exactly.”

“You see I’ll write a letter to someone and put a smile on their face.”

“Ok. What about the address. You have to put a receiver’s address or else your letter will be sent to Dead Letter Office.”

“So my letter will die?!”

“No, dummy. It means nobody will read it.”

“Oh” I said, still not understanding,“But I don’t have to worry about that cause I am not going to post my letter.”

“Then how are you gonna send it?”

“I am going to put it in this bottle and throw it across the sea. I’ve seen people doing it in movies.” I said showing the bottle in my hand that I stole from Dad’s wine collection.

“And you really think this is gonna work.”

“I sure hope so.” I said as I gave one last look to the letter an threw it into the sea with all my might.

Please...let Mr. John Doe find it.

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