Forgotten Love

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Zoelle Weisst. The eldest of six siblings. Lucille, Ignatz, Wylee, Wylde, and Nellie. Sergio Weisst is their father, and Raquelle Flores is their mother. Mom and dad live in Denver, Colorado. Both of them are working as an entrepreneur. Zoelle and her siblings live in Madrid, Spain. She's a lawyer in which she met people from her past. Either from her childhood, high school or college past. They come and go like the court is their second home. Her career is risky and dangerous for she is known widely as a The Death Lawyer. She wins, in every case, she's taken and never loses. Rich people usually wanted to hire her for her expertise. She looks at the case in front of her like a hammer above the nails. Friends, foes, family, fans, haters, you call it, she'll do it. Sending terror to the bad guys, for she knows what they don't. Facing her is like facing a death sentence, a knife to their throat or a gun to their head. Her ruthlessness comes with a price, eventually. Her brutal way of dealing with her case endangers her families, her friends or her neighbours. Then comes her forgotten love from the past and chaos run wild like never before. The past had made her a dictator to her present. It cost every aspect of her life, starting from her own family. Her lover from the past, will he change her for the better, or will he become her worse chaos? UPDATE: Every Thursday

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Zoelle Wheisst POV

I have waited for a very long time to become a lawyer and finally got an offer to become one. However, I have to think about my siblings too. I have to think about this very carefully.

“Lucille, Ignatz, Wylie, Wylde, Nellie! Where are you guys? Come here for a second!”

I called out for my siblings after leaving a message to my friends at the fashion store and bakery. It’s time for me to leave these two businesses in my siblings care.


They responded before several footsteps approached me from wherever they are in the house.

Our spacious house has several bodyguards and maids. The place is known as a house with a happy family. Unbeknownst to them, it was all a facade of what’s really happening in the house.

Sure, we are siblings, and we protect each other. But, that doesn’t mean the house can’t be a battlefield for all of us. Life is not always candy and rainbows.

I looked at my siblings who’re now seated on the big plush couch. They look at me with a blank, serious expression. They know which calls means, “This is serious,” and which calls means, “Let’s party!“.

“Where’s Wylie?” I looked at the faces in front of me with the same cold, serious expression.

Wylie is known for being rebellious and stubborn as always. A troublemaker.

Hearing my question made their faces gone pale.

“Where is he?!” I raised an octave of my voice.

“Uh-Wyl...He-uh...” Lucille went silent when the other three glares at her.

“We don’t know,” Wylde answered.

I turned my head to look at him. He looks anywhere but me. Acting as if he doesn’t know anything. Protecting his twin brother.

I think I already know where Wylie is and what he’s doing. I’ve hired a bodyguard dressed in formal clothes to follow their every move without them knowing, of course. I’ve known some bad activities my siblings have done. But, I wanted to see it for myself.

Guess that day has finally come.

I gritted my teeth.

‘Wylie, you are so dead! Let’s see how I’ll deal with you later,’

“Elle, why are we here?” Nellie asked, breaking me from my thoughts of punishment for Wylie.

“It’s something you should know,”

“Elle, hurry up. My Anime is waiting for me,” Ignatz, the big brother for them all has finally spoken.

I rolled my eyes mentally seeing him squirming uncomfortably at the heated situation.

“No,” I glared at him.

He huffed. He knows they will face disaster, shortly.

I wanted to wait for Wylie.

It wasn’t long before we heard the sound of a car entering the garage. I waited for him to enter with my arms crossed across my chest.

The door burst open, and Wylie walked in with a girl who looks like she only had a few clothes in a closet. I mean, is that even clothes?

Her top is too low showing her cleavage and her shorts, well, it’s short.

Patience Elle...patience.


“Wylie,” I called his name in a low voice.

Wylie looks up in shock upon hearing my voice. He must think I will not be home for the day, and it’s still afternoon, which means I am supposed to be at work right now. My blood boiled.

“Sis-I...” He stopped his stammer short as he runs his finger across his face as he looks down on the floor. Cursing in his head. Guilty.

He only calls me sis whenever he feels defeated and wanted to be spared from my wrath.

“Leave us!” I looked at my other siblings.

I didn’t even have to ask twice as they ran for their life, going upstairs.

I sat on the sofa huffing, feeling tired. I looked at the couples in front of me, coldly.

“So, this is what you’ve been doing all along, huh?” I asked, giving him a harsh glare.

“I just wanted to go out with my friends,” Wylie tried to defend himself, poorly.

His answer only drives my anger further.

“I never stopped you from going out with your friends, Wylie. But, we agreed on that with conditions, right? And this, hooking up isn’t included in the agreement. What will become of you, Wylie?” I nagged, rubbing my forehead.

“I’m sorry, Elle,” Is all Wylie could say.

“Wyl...” The girl beside him pouted and nudged him, feeling bored with the sibling’s banter. If it isn’t because of her, he wouldn’t be in this mess right now. She insisted on going to his home.

“You need to leave,” Wylie ignored her.


“Who are you?” I looked at the girl.

“I’m Flossy, and I’m his girlfriend,” The girl rolled her eyes.

“So, you are that Flossy Howard. Such a shame! Your father is a well-known businessman, but it seems like you don’t fit well in the family, don’t you? Your choice of clothes is outdated,” I smirked, seeing her face turning pale.

“Wylie, you disappointed me big time, brother. I want you to get out from this house and don’t you dare come back if you’re still with her,”

“But, Elle...” His faces were stricken in panic.

“I’m cutting off all of your credit cards,”

I turn towards Flossy.

“And you, don’t you dare show your face in front of me again. Leave Wylie. Or your father and I will talk,”

“Elle, no! Please, I’m sorry! I won’t do it again! Don’t kick me out, please!”

I usher them towards the door, ignoring Wylie’s pleading voice.

Once they were outside, I closed the door and locked it before I walked back to the couch and sat.

My body trembled in panic as I bit my pinky repeatedly. My breath becomes irregular at the conjured thoughts of what will happen to Wylie.

I kept telling myself that he’s a big boy and he can take care of himself. That he needs to be taught a lesson. But, I can’t hide the fear that I might lose him at this rate.

Closing my eyes, I inhaled before exhaling slowly. The damage is done. I might as well swallowed the bitterness of it.

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