Runaway Princess Elena

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Eviana is a princess that ran away from home. Xavier is a prince who came to get her. **** Eviana's life was just the way she wanted after she ran away from her kingdom. She was invisible where no one could judge her, tell her what to wear and what to do every second of her life, especially where no one knew who she was. She was free and settled in Arrington academy that's until Xavier her childhood crush came reeling in the picture and it didn't help that he wasn't going to quit on her soon. Xavier Benjamin Charles, son of king and queen of the royal monarch of Wintingale. He found out where Eviana was and wasn't going to miss this chance, so he decided to go alone without anyone knowing the real reason as to why he went.

Romance / Drama
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Prologue ||00||

Prologue || 00 ||

This is it. Eviana can see the passage from where she will escape this grungy ghastly contemptible place. No words can describe how much she hated this place. The Royal Palace of Wintingale.

The people's mindset. The way everyone was treated. How the society worked. It was all wrong to Eviana. She thought she could change this place but the only way she can is by using her voice which always gets her in big trouble.

There young Eviana was, sitting on top of the tall hedge, gazing out to what lies beyond the kingdom. The palace was on top of everyone and looked over the whole kingdom. On the palace's grounds lies a big garden. The Ethereal Garden. The best place to see the view, see the kingdom and for Eviana, look for the best escape route.

"Hey, Ana-Diana"

The voice startled Eviana that she jumped a bit causing her to lose balance on the thin tall hedge.


The familiar loud smooth velvet laugh brought Eviana back to reality. And the face of the person laughing came into her view. The cute, handsome face of the person she doesn't want to miss not seeing. Xavier.

"Aren't princesses supposed to be graceful," Xavier exclaimed which made Eviana groan, "Here" Xavier offered his hand.

For some time Eviana just stared at it until finally she took his hand and got up using his help.

"Thanks...dork" Eviana said with a slight smile on her face.

"Hey, I just helped you" Xavier defended.

"Yeah, helped me fall". Eviana punched him lightly

"Well you got to hold my hand for it" Xavier joked making Eviana roll her eyes. Absolute dork she thought.

"So, what were you doing here?" Xavier asked and in response Eviana looked away.

Xavier tried looking at her face or more specifically her eyes. It's like he can know what she feels just by looking at her eyes. A wide-set soft stormy emerald eyes with deep sea blue lining and flecks of glistening honey gold. The only thing about her that was mesmerizing to him - he wouldn't tell her that though. People usually thought it was just a plain twinkling green, he thought otherwise. But the rest of Eviana was normal, she looked like any average 14-year-old girl to Xavier.

All of a sudden, catching Xavier off guard, Eviana hugged him. Even she was surprised in what she was doing. Deep down she knew it was probably the last time having this kind of relationship with him.

She knew after she goes away, things will never be the same.

"What happened Ana-Diana?" Xavier whispers his voice slightly muffled by Eviana's hair. he hugs her back, comforting her.

"Even though we fight and all, I still can't believe I have someone like you always there with me, just know that I don't hate you one bit"

Xavier chuckles at Eviana's words.

"Okie dokie Ana-Diana". Xavier pats Eviana's head and then wraps his arms around her more comfortably.

"Though I do hate that nickname"

Xavier tightens his hold on Eviana and leans down to whisper in her ear.

"I love you too, Ana- Diana"

Eviana chuckles and steps away from Xavier, letting go of him.

"I didn't even say, I love you, dork"

"Oh, but I clearly remember someone saying I don't hate you one bit" Xavier says the last part in a shrilly girly voice.

"You're never letting go of that one, are you?" Eviana says.

"You wish, that's like the first almost compliment I got from The Eviana Maximillian" Xavier exclaims "Now shall we go, everyone's waiting"

And that was the last day Xavier saw Eviana.

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