Curse of the four.

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Being mated to four males is never easy, however out of nowhere there ready to kill each other. As Serene dives back into the memories of the past to fix the problem the males may just kill each other before the problem is fixed.

Romance / Other
Krissie Phillips
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A curse among men.

As I stand here looking at my four stubborn mates I wonder how everything went wrong. One day were sitting around laughing and joking the next there ready to rip each other's throats out. How did we get here? why did this happen? What do I do to fix this. As I watch my males size each other up I come to realize one thing they have been cursed.

"Stop listen to me this isn't you this isn't us. You all have been cursed. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD LISTEN TO ME."

All the males look at me like I'm fresh meat this can't be good. I would step towards them but that's how we got into this mess. One touch and poof year's of trust and honour went down the drain.

"Don't look at me like that listen to me. Your all friends and your all mine. Someone has put a curse on you and we need to figure out why."

"I do have to admit something is wrong." Stated Jared

"I to feel it our connection is broken." Said Mark.

"It was the dam fae I put money on it." Stated Stephen.

"So what do we do now." Asked Eric.

"Without our bond I cannot take the throne we need to find the people responsible and make them fix this."

"The fae will not help us willingly there is always a price." Said Jared.

"I will go it alone if I must but this needs to be fixed I guarantee the queen had something to do with this. I will not only have her head I will have my throne."

"We will come with you." Said Eric.

"I can't take that chance. If one of you touches me it will be all out war. My people, your people need us united not at each other's throats."

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