Revenge Love for The Mafia Boss

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[Lexi Alexei] All this started by one nightmare. My parents were killed by a Mafia gang. The most feared mafia in this town. And I know why they did what they did. I've met him. I've met the leader, and it made me felt bitter to no end. I hated him. When a while ago, my heart still beats for him. My ruthless and heartless uncle, Jordan Alexei and his wife, Mia Anderson, owe them a lot of money. And well, killing my rich parent, made our money becomes theirs. They're hungry for drugs. They love gambling. My parents were the opposite. They were wonderful parents. But, my uncle made it his mission to take my parent away from me by hiring the mafia. Well, me and my brother, who is fifteen-years-old and me turning up nineteen the day they were shot. We were left with nothing but the little money I made from work. We were kicked out of our mansion and forced to leave in a small cheap apartment. I vowed to avenge my parent and avenge them, I will. I don't care how because I will do everything and crushed the dirt, staining my family's name.

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Lexi Alexei POV

I watch in horror as my parent’s body went limp after they were shots right in their forehead.

“Nooo!!!” I screamed in agony.

I screamed repeatedly and struggled to push the man who's holding me away.

The vein on my forehead throbbed as tears of agony slid down my cheeks rapidly.

"No! Please, no!"

I screamed when their bodies fall on the ground. Lifeless.

My voice faded away when the rains fell harder on our body.

Gritting my teeth, I kicked the man who’s currently holding me. Hard.

He grunted before letting go of me.

I sprinted forward to my parent’s lifeless body on the cold wet ground and stumbled.

Ignoring the pain of my flesh tearing up on my knees, I crawled towards them.

Hot tears continued to stream down my cheeks.


“ isn’t happening...this can’t be happening!”

I gasped hard when I felt that my breath got stuck in my throat a few times.

I kneeled between them and shook their body violently.

"Mummy...don't leave me..."

Trying to wake my parent’s up with futile attempts.


Touching my parent’s bloodied cheek, my hand's trembles.

Putting my hands over their face to close their eyes.

My lips trembles when I felt the cold skin on my fingertips.

I moaned in pain. My heart bleeds as I close my eyes.

I sobbed.

I wailed.

And the rain kept pouring over our body, and the wind howled harshly as if it was sympathizing us.

By now, the rain already made my parent's blood spreads on the wet ground.

Gripping the clothes on my chest, I rubbed and hit the spot several times to ease the searing pain but fail.

My heart hurts so much, it's killing me.

It hurts.

I sat on my legs on the ground as my body curled forward.

“Mom...Dad...W...wake haven’ haven’t...wish me...for my” I wailed.

It hurts.

It's hurts so much.

“’t leave us...”

I wiped my tears.

But, it just rolled down as fast as I wiped them off with my trembling hands.

After what felt like a lifetime, I forced a small smile to my parents bloodied body.

Today is my birthday, and we were planning to celebrate it at our favourite restaurant.

Who knows we will be stopped in the middle of the road?

Our parent only gave us a reassuring smile before they got shot.

I couldn’t even do anything to stop what was happening.

I couldn’t even move to closed my little brother’s eyes from seeing the scene.

The huge muscled man holds me tight on his arms, ignoring my screams and struggles.

“It’s gonna be okay, right? We’re gonna be okay,”

Taking their hands, intertwined them and put my heads on it. Tears streamed down my cheeks once more as I rocked back and forth.

I can feel the guns pointing behind me.

But I don’t care.

And I wish they will pull the triggers so I can die together with my parent’s.

“Mommy!! Daddy!!”

My brother’s hoarse voice snaps me out of my vague mind.

I whisper to my parent’s for the last time,

“Don’t worry, mom, dad. I swear, I’ll avenge you. Also, I’ll protect my brother.” I kiss their forehead.

“Goodbye, mom, dad.”

I whisper before I felt a stinging pain at the back of my head.

The impact of it made my head felt dizzy and my sights turn black.

At the same time, I felt something hot dripped down my back.

“Shit! What did you do?!”

That was the last thing I heard before darkness fell upon me.

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