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Preview Summer Evan is a pretty young lady, shy,eccentric, and warm, she's a girl no one notices yet, everyone longed for,Summer is 22 years old, she finished her degreeSummer five months ago in business management and still trying to get a good work, Summer comes from an average home of four being the first child before her sister Melody Evan who is 18 they were both neglected by their parents until Summer got an apartment of her own, and they decided to move out of their parents house and start a life watching each others back. Summer is bent on doing whatever she can to make sure her sister have everything she needs, Melody unlike Summer is jovial, active and a very high-spirited talkative. Summer has just few friends,Leila being her best friend,they met back at high school and clicked ever since they've been inseparable. Leila also stays with them. Summer gets up from bed at the sound of her alarm, she rushes for it to turn it off, still in her sleepy state, she grudgingly gets up, and heads for the bathroom to wash up and prepare for the day. After twenty minutes, she leaves her room dressed in a black tank top and a blue jean, she didn't really have anything to do for the day, except prepare breakfast, walk Melody to school then visit Mr and Mrs. Daniel at the bar. Mr and Mrs. Daniel are like her second parents even when her parents never cared for her and her siste

Romance / Other
Sharon Adebisi
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