Incandescence (Part I)

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And So It Begins

Being my first day in this role, I chose to wear a pant suit coupled with my favorite silk cami that was a gorgeous shade of dusk pink. I placed my hair into a bun and made sure my makeup was subtle, yet striking. I wanted my presence known and I didn’t want anyone underestimating me. My role was important to this company and I wanted to make a great first impression, I needed to stand out from the crowd.

There I was, Day One at BL Corp. I made my way to the Reception Desk and patiently waited for someone to greet me and show me my new office.

Mr Salvatore met me and escorted me to the boardroom. I entered to be met by all Directors and the Executive Management Team. Mr Salvatore opened the meeting by introducing me to everyone. Being involved with the study of people, it was evident that the dynamics in this meeting were strange. I watched as Bradley acted as though I wasn’t in the room and Leonard acted the same way towards the Director of Marketing. All three Directors appeared to only just tolerate the Chief Financial Officer. Leonard seemed to get on with the Sales Manager and Bradley appeared to work well with the IT Manager.

I sat through the meeting, quietly observing how the Directors interacted with each of their managers. On the surface, it appeared as though all three Directors had key staff they all liked and disliked. If this really was the case, how on earth was I going to be able to successfully carry out my role when the Directors couldn’t see eye to eye on their Executive Management Team.

After the meeting, I was shown around the building before being taken to my office.

Mr Salvatore was on the top level of the building. This level was limited to Mr Salvatore, his Executive Assistant and the Boardroom.

Below that level was level 8, this was to be my level. My office was beautiful, it had harbor views and an abundance of natural light. This level also housed the Accounts Department and Bradley’s Office.

Level 7: housed Marketing and Public Relations Departments as well as Leonard’s office.

Level 6: was solely for the Sales Division

Level 5: was dedicated to the IT department. This level housed the servers and IT equipment

Level 4: had an array of meeting and interview rooms

Level 3: is where the cafeteria was located, this was a busy floor as all staff would congregate during lunch and tea breaks.

Level 2: housed the mailroom, photocopiers, scanners, stationary office

Level 1: was the Showroom which proudly displayed all the Awards, Accolades and Achievements of BL Corp

Ground Level: Looked like the lobby of a grand hotel. This floor was the first area guests would see when visiting BL Corp; and the Reception Desk was indeed an elaborate centerpiece

Basement Levels: Staff Carpark

This building was grand and belonged to BL Corp. Mr Salvatore was proud of his accomplishments and used this building to showcase his empit.

By the time I finally made it to my office I was ready for lunch; this day was flying by at quiet the rate, but I was determined to get to work ASAP. I made my way to the cafeteria grabbing a latte with lasagna and salad. Not knowing anyone, I found a table and chair and promptly settled down for lunch. To my surprise, I looked up to find I had company. I recognized him as the Chief Financial Officer from the Executive Meeting earlier that morning, but couldn’t remember his name.

‘Hello’ I greeted, not wanting to sound rude.

‘Jackson’ he stated, extending his hand.

‘Tori’ I said smiling, shaking his hand in return. We chatted briefly about work and the business, and before I knew it, 45minutes had passed. I thanked Jackson for his time before making my way back to my office to start on work.

Making my way back up to the 8th Floor, I couldn’t help but feel relieved at how well my first day was going. I made my way to my office only to find Bradley standing there with his arms crossed, looking extremely annoyed.

‘Bradley, had I known you needed to see me I would have been straight up’ I immediately said. I really wanted to start on a positive note.

‘It’s Mr Salvatore to you’ was his reply.

‘Sorry Mr Salvatore, is there anything I can help you with?’ I asked, trying to remain professional, though I was becoming increasingly frustrated with his antics.

‘Yes, I’d like you get working on strategies to improve staff morale’.

‘Certainly Sir’ I replied, logging into my computer. I kept my eyes on my computer refusing to look at Bradley as he exited my office.

I had a feeling I knew exactly why staff morale was down; Bradley Salvatore!

How could I gracefully tackle this without accusing Bradley of being inept at communicating with his staff?

How could I successfully carry-out this role and come out unscathed? After all, I took on this role to further my career, not destroy it.

I logged on to my computer and started generating reports. Before I could work on ways to improve staff morale I needed to know how many people had left the Company in the last year and more importantly why.

I looked at the time and it was 6:00pm. I was busy all afternoon and had managed to generate reports from each department listing staff turnover. I had contact details for each person that left and my next step was to go through their personnel file to see what additional details I could find.

Turning off my PC and locking my office door, I looked across the office to see everyone on the floor had left. The only light that was left on was at the other end of the floor. Not knowing what was possessing me, I walked over to Bradley’s office and said goodbye. Bradley seemed somewhat surprised by my action; clearly his employees didn’t bother greeting him often. Bradley looked up at me, nodded his head then went back to his work.

I left the office, made my way to the staff car park before driving home. I knew I had my work cut out for me and needed to understand Bradley, the dynamics of the Executive Team and figure out why staff turnover was ridiculously high.

Knowing I couldn’t solve BL Corp’s issues in a day, I decided to switch on my TV and enjoy a peaceful evening on my own.

Just as I was starting to finally relax, my phone rang. It was my ex whom I really didn’t want to deal with. I’d met Jacob after graduating University we’d been friends for 3-years before we started dating. Things were going well, almost too well. We’d been dating for two years and Jacob was always talking about the future, settling down and starting a family. Most women would have loved to be with someone like Jacob, someone who was handsome and loyal, someone who wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life with his love. But I didn’t want to settle down and commit. I had so many things I wanted to do and being Jacob’s wife wasn’t a part of my plan. So a few months ago I broke up with him and ever since, he’d been contacting me trying to get back together.

As I’d done with all his previous calls, I hit reject and let his call go to voicemail. But tonight Jacob didn’t leave a voice message. It just appeared as 1 missed call and then my phone beeped

1 Unread Message from Jacob
‘I can’t live without you’

These words sent a shiver down my spine. I always thought Jacob would move on, but this message found me instantly dialing his number and before I knew it, I was talking to the man I had spent 3-months avoiding.

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