Incandescence (Part I)

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The First Date

Mum arrived shortly after Bradley left for work and we really did have a lovely morning together. We sat outside and chatted about everything.

I spoke candidly with mum, telling her about my feelings towards Bradley as well as my reservations; what I loved most was that she was never judgmental. I spent my life analyzing everything, whereas mum would always encourage me to leap in and have faith.

After lunch mum decided to spend some time cleaning the apartment; so I followed her around from room to room talking her ear off. It was so good to be able to talk to someone that I trusted – having mum here meant the world to me.

When mum finished cleaning she ran me a bath and while I was relaxing, she kept herself busy by preparing a roast for dinner. After almost half an hour, I made my way out of the bath and wrapped a towel around me.

Mum helped cleanse my wound and carefully re-dressed it, before helping me in to a gorgeous black cocktail dress.

‘Mum, this dress is a little over the top. Couldn't you have grabbed something a little more comfortable' I insisted; wondering why she was dressing me in a cocktail dress when I wouldn’t be leaving the house.

Mum sat me down and started combing my hair while talking ‘Sweetheart, I know you and you never take the plunge. I’m surprised you moved in with Bradley as quickly as you have, but I know you’re still holding back. You and Bradley are made for one another, I’ve seen the way you two look at each other, even your father could see it and he’s clueless when it comes to romance. Bradley hasn’t left your side, he wants to protect you, he’s told you outright how he feels; Tori, the guy has even given you his bed; yet all you’re worried about is your career. For once, don’t try and assess this, just follow your heart and stop overthinking’.

Mum paused before continuing ‘I have dinner in the oven, you and Bradley are about to have your first date.’ By this stage mum had finished styling my hair into a low bun and I gave her a hug before leaving room.

As I was walking out of the bedroom Bradley entered the apartment ‘You look ravishing’ he all but gasped before continuing ‘how can I control myself around you?’ and with that, he pulled me in for a kiss.

‘Bradley, it’s so nice to see you’ Mum had overheard us from the bedroom and thankfully waited for our kiss to end before stepping out to greet Bradley.

’Kaitlin, how are you?’ he asked greeting mum with a kiss on her cheek before continuing ‘did you ladies have a nice day?’

‘It was lovely and your apartment is just beautiful’. Mum’s answer was full of honesty, we really did have a lovely day together. ‘You’ll need to excuse me, I’d love to stay and chat but I need to get home to Robert, we have made plans for tonight’. Mum gave me a hug and told me she’d be back on Friday before quickly leaving. I knew exactly what she was up to and for once I was going to take her advice.

‘Something smells good’ Bradley said after mum left.

‘Mum made a roast’ I started before continuing ‘Tonight we’re having our First Date, so if you’d like to shower and get changed; dinner will be ready in half an hour’. Bradley looked at me, evidently surprised by my response and the evenings plans. I laughed as he all but ran to his room to get ready.

I found a few candles, dimmed the lights and set the table. This was my moment to do something special for Bradley and I wanted everything to be perfect. When Bradley came into the kitchen, he helped carry the roast from the oven and placed it on the table, he then poured us each a glass of wine.

‘You look delectable’ Bradley smiled looking devilishly handsome which made me blush.

‘And you, Mr Salvatore, are jaw-droppingly handsome’ I replied, taking him by surprise.

‘So, what prompted all of this’ Bradley asked pointing around the dining room.

‘Honestly, mum helped me see sense’ I smiled before continuing ‘I realized I’m so focused on analyzing every situation; I like to plan and then worry about every outcome. I was more concerned with honoring company policy on workplace relationships than following my heart. We’re living together but I don’t really know you. I’d like to get to know the real Bradley Salvatore; your likes and dislikes, what are your hobbies? do you enjoy travel? when’s your birthday?’

'September 15th, 5 days before your birthday’ he answered smiling

‘How is it you know my birthday, yet I didn’t know yours?’ intrigue getting the better of me

‘It was on your Job Application and I remembered’ Bradley’s reply was simple but made complete sense, but I couldn't help roll my eyes and laugh ‘that Application Form, I’ll never live it down will I?’ and with that we laughed and chatted for the rest of our meal.

We sat for hours talking about ourselves and getting to know each other. The more we spoke, the more I realized how much we actually had in common.

Bradley was nothing like the rude and socially inept Director I thought I knew. He was a smart, fun, genuine and thoughtful man; someone I found myself falling for. What I couldn’t grasp was just how quickly this was happening.

After dinner I helped Bradley clear the table ‘you don’t do dishes on your first date’ Bradley scolded me as I tried cleaning up. ‘These can wait, let’s sit outside’ he said as we made our way outside.

Before I could sit on the lounge, he pulled me in so that I was on his lap ‘You realise I can sit on the lounge’ I teased, but I didn’t move. I was more than happy on Bradley’s lap and sat in the same position for over an hour, we watched the sun set and chatted some more about ourselves and each other.

It was getting late and I was feeling tired, but I didn’t want the night to end. I was enjoying our first date way too much.

‘You need sleep Angel, let’s get you to bed’ Bradley said as he carried me bridal style to the bedroom.

‘Do you need me to stay and watch over you tonight?’ Bradley asked, rather hopeful.

‘I don’t need you watching over me’ I smiled and I could see Bradley somewhat deflated as he leaned forward to kiss me goodnight.

‘Let me rephrase that, I don’t need you watching over me, but I would love for you to spend the night with me’ I said as I looked longingly into his eyes before our lips met.

Bradley slowly unzipped my dress and helped me slip out of it. Being restricted to one arm, I tried unbuttoning Bradley’s shirt, but was unsuccessful. Sensing my frustration Bradley ripped off his shorts and shirt before picking me up and gently placing me on the bed.

Having Bradley on top of me, with me, was all I wanted and more. He wasn’t my first, but he very well could have been, no one had ever made me feel the bliss that was currently consuming me. My body had never felt this way before; every touch ignited me.

Not only was he the most sensual lover I’d had, he was also the gentlest. That night, I fell asleep in his arms.

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