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Who knew? Behind her beauty she was once a victim. Emilia Rose was involved in a fatal accident causing her to be in a coma. As soon as she returned back to the real world she remembers nothing. Left with several belongings going to unfamiliar places. Years passed by, she started to adapt to her new lifestyle. Until one favor, leads to her encounter with a man named Stephano D'Amore. Stephano D'Amore, has an aura full of mystery. Behind his aloof and cold stare, Emilia knew his gaze held a dangerously dark secrets. Not a mere man if the former gang bow to him. * Like a magnet she clings to him. Whatever he does, it felt like deja vu. Her gut feelings were right. Stephano was once a part of her life. "Why did you pretend to not know me?" - Emilia Rose "Knowing you doesn't mean that we are close. Who knows that I was once a person that you hate." - Stephano D'Amore So, who exactly is Stephano D'Amore? A person who suddenly appear after several years must have a motive? After digging down deep enough to know it all, will Emilia accept her new life?

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β€œGood Morning Emilia. How are you feeling today?” a beautiful lady dressed in a white uniform greets me with a full toothy smile.

β€œI’m doing fine nurse, just having some minor headache every now and then.” I respond with barely a smile.

β€œThat’s normal Emilia. It may be a sign of your memories trying to recover. Just remember that whenever you feel a headache is coming try to lie down or hold onto something, you might collapse and that may cause more serious injury to your brain.” I nodded, not knowing what to respond to it.

This is the third day since I woke up from a coma. I don’t really remember anything to be precise. All I remember is that the first time I open my eyes all I see is the surroundings of a hospital room and the typical smell of anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. To my curiosity, I did ask the doctor what happened to me, all I get was a shrug and they told me I have Amnesia.

Well, I thought doctors were supposed to know everything Apparently not.

For the past 3 days I’ve had several mental breakdowns and nightmares. Most of it involves in traumatizing events that I don’t even know if it happened to me previously, but I believe that its not just any nightmare, it seems too real to me.

On my second day, I woke up with a bouquet of flower placed beautifully on top of a mobile table in front of me. Near the bouquet itself has a jewelry box and a small card leaning on it.

I may have forgotten events but I still remember little details of myself but some doesn’t make sense. One of them is that I have always loved flowers. But out of all, I always fancied Roses.

I was surprised that the bouquet sent to me was Roses. This seemed suspicious to me and I assume whoever sent this knows me. My family perhaps? Do I even have a family? What if they don’t know I’m here? Was it a friend? I looked around to see if there are signs of a person. I was left disappointed.

Omg, it smells so good. I thought.

Enjoying the smell of nature, I almost forgot about the jewelry box and the card.

For some odd reason I feel like opening the box first.

Wha- oh my.

Inside the box is a set of two layered necklace. The bottom layer is occupied with a beautiful diamond wing. The top layer is occupied with a thin silver rectangle placed vertically, dangling as if its mimicking the wing. In the middle of the rectangle spelled la mia bella rosa vertically carved elegantly in gold.

While holding the necklace in my left hand and the box in my right, I turned the box around in case there are messages or something that will help me know who the sender is or at least remember if it has been with me previously. Unfortunately, its just an ordinary jewelry box.

Maybe I should try reading the card, whoever the person is they should have left some information’s there. Maybe they had an emergency coming that’s why they left it I said to myself.

I opened the white card, it said:

Mia Bella,

A gift for a beautiful woman, a wing symbolizes protection. Wear it, as it will remind you that everywhere you go, you are protected.

Continue your life as it will lead you to endless adventures, beautiful reminiscence.

Your Amore.

Again, with the Mia Bella. Why does it sound so familiar? What does it mean? Amore? Why do I need protection? Too many questions, no one to seek answers.

Tears threatened to burst as I try my hardest to remember everything. Being clueless made me feel weak, fragile even. A wave of desperation surfaced. I started to feel sweaty, knees weak, my vision started to distort I should lay down.

Not a minute pass, the darkness has already consumed me.

And blurry memories play at a slow pace.

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