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Y/N is a shy and introvert girl (a nerd actualy) . Her presence hardly effectes anyone , resulting in no friendship and being regularly bullied. Afterall this was all because of your mother's death when you were at 8 standard . Your father got married to a woman , you never liked . Since dad stayed away mostly, your stepmother deals with you in a very cold way( beats you up) and your days end up by getting bruises all over your legs and hands which is why you never wear short clothing . After passing 9 standard with loneliness your dad transferred you to a very prestigious high school at Seoul . This is when everything changes. _____________________ Authors notes Hey everybody. I hope u all like the content . I promise to bring up the best highschool love _ romantic story to you

Romance / Drama
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I am faking out

Y/n's POV:

Sun came beaming into my eyes and I woke , grabing things around . "It's the basement again" I sighed while looking at the crappy vibe. As I tried getting up I saw bruises all over my skin and dark marks with little few red."so usual huh" I mumbled as I shaked my head trying to remember what happened last night but then I stopped thinking as bad memories are made to be erased. It was now common for me to be beaten by zeze ( my step mom) for apparently something I didn't bother to remember now. My state at very present was of a timid and weak person. 1 year had passed away with my mother's death . I still cry and spend weeks without eating . Zeze married my dad just for a good fame , she was a fashion designer and my dad was the director of one of the world's leading fashion company. My father stayed overseas mostly so my eyes always died to see him .

Author's pov
The basement door opened and you gazed at it , still struggling to get up at a condition where it even hurted when you slightly turned. It was zizi, she headed to you with a fake sympathetic face . "Oh little Y/n , you are not strong . Oh well get up quickly daddy is coming to see" she said. After hearing the word 'daddy ' you looked up to her and exclaimed "really zeze!". She holded your hair tight ,pulling it strongly and showing her evil colours . "My sweet Y/n , if you even utter a word against my will I bet I will bring you to a condition where you are even not able to drag"she proclaimed and pushed you away. You start to cry and felt all the pain and cruelty she imposed on you. Just then she grabbed your chin and said"dress up prettily and don't forget to put proper makeup". Saying this she dropped your chin roughly. You could not do anything but assure her by your nod . You started to walk which was not a walk, it seemed even painful to put a step further. This was though expected from a person who had been continuously bullied at school and daily beaten by a stepmother. You sighed with every
step. And went in to the door of your room and closed it, well this so called room was just a room for you but you barely remember yourself spend night sleeping like an ordinary girl here. Either zeze took you to the basement or you would cry at this place looking at mom and your family's photo. Youwore a long gown which was full sleeved and than started to put an old used foundation over your neck and face and the lipbalm to secure your bleeding lip. Well the old foundation and lip balm was the only you had. Just then you heard a voice from hall and rushed to see . You ran as fast as you could inspite of the unbearable pain .

Y/n's POV:
It was dad! I came and hugged him . "I never knew that my little Y/n would grow up and beautiful so quick"he added to my hug. Even it pained so bad at my bruised shoulder I couldn't avoid a single moment. Zeze stared at me and I pulled my hands back . He started"Well zhenzoe how were you my dear, have you packed?"and kissed zeze(I called her zeze because her name was quite difficult to pronounced on daily basis). Wait _what? Packing? Well no one even bothered to tell me . The expression of confusion was at my face which my dad and giggled at. "Oh well my princess , I and zhenzoe are moving to Italy tomorrow , I need her help in few designing projects and for you my dear......." He wanted to continue but was interrupted by zeze. "Hey now don't say me that you will directly leave now, we have a lot time to discuss this and my cute y/n is so understanding , honey lets have dinner" as zeze completed it she grabbed my hand and took me to the kitchen . I wondered what I did wrong?I mean i have been acting fake all right. Just then she took a butcher knife and scrapped it all over my hands. "Where are your gloves, repeat this mistake and I will cut your fingers off"she yelled. I cried badly but of course dad was here so yes I was freaking faking out.
_______At dinner hall__________

"Y/n I wonder what on earth are these gloves on your pretty hands"my father giggled as he questioned . I saw zeze stare at me like a hungry owl and then I finally uttered"I got my nails done,they are not done yet,it still need finishing touches so the stylist said me to wear it in order not to ruin it". I fake smiled once again, crying loud deep inside. Next what dad said made my heart to stop.

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