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Maria De Luca. Daughter of Antonio De Luca. AKA, the leader of Italy's most feared, gang. Is it possible for someone as ruthless as her to find find love. Hell, yeah. Read this thrilling romance novel, and find out how Maria falls in love with one of the most annoying, self deprived, bastards she has ever encountered. Jason Crowley. New to Attaway high. Ex-bad boy of his old school. Used to own them all, and expects to do the same here. Until someone puts him in his place.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Mornings, mornings, mor-fucking-nings. Ugh, I am not a morning person. Especially monday Mornings. I would skip school today but I already skipped twice last week. I swear if I ever met the person that declared that kids go to school five days a week I wouldn't hesitate to shoot a bullet in their head. And speaking of bullets, I'm really contemplating on shooting my alarm clock. Who, the hell set it for si-Six in the fucking morning. Well, might as well start my day early. That being said, I kick back the covers and stand to my feet, onto my soft red carpet. Red is my altime favorite color. As wierd as it sounds, I like it as a sign of respect. It stands for all those who were killed by my hands, but fought back.

Anyway, getting up I put a red halter crop top, black ripped Jean's, black combat boots and my signature black leather jacket that has my last name-De Luca- written on the back of it. Then I grab my bag and put my school supplies and gym bag in it. Then I grabbed my favorite dagger. The silver handle stood out against it's dark gems and diamonds. I ran my fingers over the dark letters on either side of it. "Risorto Dalle ombre, Bruciare come il sole. " it means, hide like the shadows, burn like the sun.

It is a very expensive dagger, it was my mum's, before she passed away. I value it with my life, and take it everywhere I go. I like to think that with this, I still have a peice of her to protect me. And believe me it has saved me on more than one occasion.

Anyway, I still have to go wake up my sister. Because my dad left and my older brother, Jake sure as hell wont. But he is taking her to school today, I only have to on Wednesday through Friday. So getting my things I head down to the kitchen, seeing my little sister scarlett already there. I nod my head in greeting before going to the fridge to grab an apple, then I sit at the counter across from her. "Did you do your homework scar?" I ask after a moment of silence. She hums in response, and I roll my eyes, smiling because she's not even paying attention to me. I get up and head to the garage, getting the keys to my red Mercedes. The only other vehicles in here are mine and Scarlett's Motorcycles and Jake's yellow Ferrari. Which means, no one else is here. I would ride my motorcycle to school but I'm not feeling the speed right now. Plus, Scarlett would kill me if she found out I went riding without her. So, hoping in my car, I play some music and speed down to star bucks. Me and my friend Kacy, always goes in the morning. That way I can drop her off at school. Kacy Is one of my many best friends. She's the one who I call when I want to have fun. Justice, is my other friend. She's the one who is always obsessed with boys, but she keeps my grades up so, I'm not complaining. My last and favorite best friend is Xavier. I do everything iij ng with him, plus when I take over the gang, he'll be my right hand. Kacy and Justice are in the gang to though. So, pulling up to Starbucks, I get out and enter the coffee shop. Kacy is sitting at a booth alone. "Kay! Come on, time to go." I yell to her before walking out to wait in the car. She comes out and jumps in my car. I switch gears, and turn up the music, 'I love this shit, by August Alsina.' Speeding down the rode, we make it to the white building of attaway high, and park in the spot reserved for us. Hopping out, I see my boy best gay friend, waiting by his green Camaro. Jumping out I jump into his arms embracing him in a tight hug. I only ever act like this with people I trust and love. "Hey, Maria. We have some new trouble makers here. Their in the office, waiting for us." He warns me. At this, I frown. New trouble makers he? I'll have to show them their place then.

Hey guys, cant wait till the next update. Please, I'll leave it up to you guys what you want happen next, so please, tell me because I will love to know. Thank you and I'll get the next chapter soon. Thanks Babes, TTYL.

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