The Harvest

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My name is Nnenne,I was born to die I have fallen in love knowing fully well,I may not survive my seventeenth birthday.My heart will not listen why can't I have a normal life. My name is Nnenne and I am the harvest sacrifice

Romance / Fantasy
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Have been sure of one thing and that was the love I have for my people,they may not be the best bunch out there but I can't help that feeling. it's the year of igwe okanga, his royal Highness the king of ofala. It's has been a hundred year since the blood moon and the last harvest sacrifice,The ofala people consist of the nde amusú and the normal people.

It was said that ofala people with their differences are as a result of a union between a goddess and a mortal man.. Children of the nde amusú part develop their Powers when the come to the age of sixteen, which can be extensive depending on your clan. The nde amusú is divided into ten clan,the clan in turn provide one harvest sacrifice.

The Time is drawing near and Tonight the will birth the ten harvest sacrifice., Who will appeal when the time comes for a fruitful years ahead, replenish our power and strengthen the link to the ancestors,the harvest can not fail or we are doom

"The nde amusú" the coven head calls and the replied

"Aye Aye Aye aye

The time has come, tonight we hear the cries of the next generation,we hear as the gods bless us the harvest sacrifices.we will nurture them,show them our ways, make them into strong intermediary between us and the gods. We are going to nurture them for next sixteen years of their life before the goddess choose her elemental.each of the clan by their coven head will take the harvest in your clan as own, treat her like a princess and...

"The first harvest has been born Ufechi interrupted Ogechi the leader of the coven, eyes looking ahead but not seeing anything.

Ogechi stands and calls "nde amusú eeeeee

And the replied "Aye Aye Aye

"Nde amusú eeeeee

"Aye Aye Aye"

And the chant continue to the morning.........

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