LOVE- In-between two different hearts

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It's a story about a beautiful love story between two beautiful souls. Boy from upper class and an orphan girl, waitress how they love each other and fight all society and social taboos to be with each other.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1. The beginning of an epic tale

Matthew POV:-

That was the day I first tasted the sweet flavour of love and it's so hilarious to say that was the day of my break up also. I was sad, heartbroken with shattered thoughts and wrecked mind. I was thinking like the apocalypse has arrived and it was the end of the world. It was a 5-year old relationship that broke just in few flashes. I was disgruntled and I was losing my faith in life.

To gather myself, I entered a cafe and grab a seat in the last row corner. I was lost in my thoughts and suddenly a sweet voice approached my ears and it shut down all those thoughts. My heart and brain collaboratively started to concentrate on that voice.As my ears were trying to analyze the voice, my eyes were chasing the source. The ultimate chase put to an end when my eyes met with a simply beautiful and adorable girl. That event stopped my heart as well as the brain. I was thinking like a boy who is in his first crush phase. I was so sad before but a sudden smile appeared on my face unknowingly as our eyes met the first time. I was surprised that I was smiling and at that moment I had already forgotten about my break up and honestly I wanna say that I was more happy and cheerful that day ever.

Again I looked at the girl and started to xerox her in my mind. She was a waitress as she was wearing the waiter apron. She was a blonde and fair with a oval face. She was always smiling that was the great complement for her face. As I was busy looking every part of her she noticed me and started to step forward me. First I was horrified then I calmed down myself. She appeared before me and asked-"what's your order Sir?". Her voice began to repeat itself in my mind as if it was a continuous melody. I was so lost in her voice and in her deep, expressive eyes that I forgot that she was asking about my order. She was shocked at my behavior and my continuous staring at her. She left me and started taking orders from others.

After sometime I called her and gave my order. When she came with my order and served me I asked her name. "Emma"- she said With a very beautiful smile. She went to her work leaving me at my table as I was so lost in my thoughts. The name of her was continuously ringing in my brain and it gave me a calmness which I needed the most.

I was thinking and looking at her all day sitting at my table and I didn't notice when I slept thinking about her. "Sir, wake up wake up sir"- a waiter waked me up. I waked up and I noticed that it was already evening. I hurriedly got up from the chair and started looking for that girl Emma, but she was not there. I got sad and cursed myself for the sleep. I asked that waiter about Emma. "She is not regular waiter, came today to help"- he said. He said he doesn't know her. I got more sad, "don't know if I ever meet you again"- I said to myself.After leaving the cafe I went straight to my mansion.

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