Designer's Concealed Lover ABS # 3

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Unedited! Spin of PTB & LBB Sean Wayne...... Unfortunate famous designer....... Irrevocably in love Lisa Waynes! People say Love is all about being patient..... Wait for the right moment. Tirelessly waiting is what he is doing....... For his Love. But until when? Will he be able to get his Love or not? Journey begins!

Romance / Humor
Sonam Gokhru
Age Rating:

Introduction to Characters

Sean Wayne - Main lead

Lisa Waynes - Sean's love interest

Lydia Waynes - Lisa's twin

Liam Waynes - Lisa's elder brother

Amelia / Lia Waynes - Liam's wife and sister of Kian amd Richard Martin

Siana / Sia / Si Martin - Sean's twin and Richard Martin's wife

Lexi / Alexis Martin - Kian's wife and Sean's sister.

Kian Martin - Sean's Brother-in-law

Richard Martin - Sean's Brother-in-law

Kevin and Maria Martin - Parents of Martins.

Rest of the characters will be introduced as the story progresses.

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