The Story of my Life.

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Tessa has had a rough past. From a toxic relationship to the loss of a family member. She thinks she is finally free from all the trauma but doesn't know what's coming. Oh honey, it's just starting. Starting with a trip to Wildwood.

Romance / Adventure
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Chapter one: “ more like a boyfriend”

“ ROAD TRIPPPPP!!!” Blakely bursts open the door of my bedroom. It’s not like i was doing anything so I really don’t care. I kind of got used to it by now and usually return the favor and do it all the time to her.

“ What.” I groaned

“ oh did I wake you sleeping beauty”

“ Yes you did”

“ Well time to get up,” She says while going through my closet taking out clothes she likes. “ Katelyn invited us and the girls and pete to the beach house for an end of the summer getaway”

“ When” I rubbed my eye

“ Now tess, so c’mon let’s go and put this on” She throws a black off the shoulder romper at me “ Me and Pete are downstairs waiting for you in the car. Pack for a week and go. I already talked to your mom and she said it’s fine” She walks out the room and shuts my door. Okay, I guess I’m packing and getting ready for a road trip.

I take the clothes off my bed that Blakely took out and put them into my duffel bag. There are only four outfits so I picked out three more and put them in the bag. Then i pack pj’s, comfy clothes, bathing suits and toilet tries. After 20 minutes im done packing and getting ready. I walk down the stairs and out the door. I quickly say goodbye to my mom and get in the back seat of Pete’s car.

“ What took you so long” Blakely asked

“ I had to pack for a week that I just found out about 30 minutes ago”

“ Well, let’s get on with this ROAD TRIPP” Blakely cheers

Pete looks at her and grins. I want someone who looks at me that way. We stopped at Vanessa’s house to pick her up for the ride. I’m happy I’m not a third wheeler and I have nessa to talk to. In another car is Katelyn, her boyfriend (James) , Riley, and Brielle. Wildwood is only 3 hours from Karest (town where we live). Pete followed James to the beach house. When we got there everyone rushed out of the car and went straight upstairs to claim our beds. There were 5 bedrooms including 1 master suit. I know that Katelyn and James really wanted that bedroom. I got my own room with a queen sized bed and a pretty big bathroom. Next room over was Riley who’s room is basically just like mine. Blakely and Pete got to the master suit first but they let Katelyn and James have it because it was Katelyn’s family’s house. So Blakely ended up in a bedroom that was on the other side of me. That’s just great. Vaness and Brielle got the room with two twin beds. After claiming our rooms we got all of our stuff and started unpacking. It was 4 o’clock when we were all done. Katelyn had planned to go on the boardwalk at around 7 and go to a party that she heard was going on from one of her friends that lived here. So in the meantime Nessa, Bri, Riley and I went to the store to get food for the rest of the week.

Riley drove to the supermarket. We got out of the car and grabbed a cart. There was a pretty cute guy that was outside the store but Nessa already made a move before I could. So Riley, Bri and I went into the store and got what we needed. We got eggos for the morning, ice cream, salad kits, fruit, orange juice, cereal, milk and some chips. We all split the money. When we came out of the market Nessa was sitting on the curb with her elbows on her knees and a big frown on her face. I joined her and Riley and Bri went to the car.

“ What’s wrong, he had a girlfriend?”

“ More like a boyfriend”

I had to keep myself from laughing.

“ He was cute, i’ll admit that and to be honest your not the only one who didnt think he was gay”

“ I made a fool of myself”

“ I would’ve done the same thing if you wouldn’t have gotten to him first”

“ That makes me feel so much better” Nessa says sarcastically

“ I know what would make you feel better”

“ Harry styles is at the beach house”

“ No but we are going to a party tonight and if you want you can do my hair and makeup and you’ll be able to meet plenty of straight guys at the party”

“ Promise?”

“ Promise.”

I stand up and reach out my hand for her to grab and help her get up. I hook arms with her and we walk our way back to the car. I get in the back seat.

“ What was that all about” Riley asked

“ I don’t want to talk about it”

In the rear-view mirror I mouth tell you later and Riley smiles back.

When we get home we take all the groceries out of the car and bring them to the kitchen. By now it’s 5 o’clock. I have a little something to eat. Then I walk in my room to see Nessa on my bed with my makeup laid out.

“ Read for makeup” She asked eagerly

“ I guess” I joined her on the bed. She starts priming my face. She does a whole glam makeup that matches the red dress I’m wearing tonight and the gold heels. She gave me a smokey eye with a gold lid and a red lip. Nessa is in Vo-tech and is studying to be a beautician. So when she gets to do someone’s makeup then she gets really happy. When I was done with my makeup she curled my hair and did a little half up half down hairstyle. By the time I was done with hair and makeup it was 5:45. SO nessa got ready and i put my dress and heels on. My dress was a bodycon slip on dress.

I paired it with gold hoop earrings and gold bangle bracelets. After everyone was ready we all took pictures in front of the house and out on the balcony. Blakely, Pete, Katelyn and James took a couple pictures and then all the girls took group pictures and pictures by themselves for instagram. When we finished taking pictures it was a little before 7 so we got in our cars and drove to the boardwalk. Even though the boardwalk is only 10 minutes away there is no way I’m walking around in these heels. So it took us 15 minutes to find a parking spot but when we got to the boardwalk it was all worth it.

Hi! I’m new to this so I’m sorry if this is really bad. I’m still trying to figure all this out. I would love to have your feedback so I can make my work better! -Gabi xo
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