Right Beside Me

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This story is about a collage girl name starr and a boy name Jake and about how they met by a locker

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Chapter 1

It was 3 am in the morning just picture it as a horrible Saturday night Starr butterfly was cry about how her childhood friend/boyfriend hurt her feeling by cheating on her that very night all there parents died on and it was all their birthday at that. But, u might be wondering why I said all two times its sort of because Jackson her boyfriend cheated on Sam both of there childhood friends so, Starr felt so terrible she took a walk bay her locker and when Starr looked up that moment she saw a boy with dark brown hair, blue eyes, light brown freckles, beautiful dimple. But to jack, he saw a light brown hair girl , with green eyes, and dark brown freckles. Hi said jack with a handsome smile.H-Hi said Starr with an adorable shy smile.

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