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'You promised no touching' she tensed up as he laid his hand on her waist leaning his chin on her shoulder 'No, I didn't' 'Nikolai' she breathed out 'I love when you say my name' he kissed her neck 'Nikolai' 'Baby' he moaned 'tell me is Nicole my child' Nikolai Giovanni is a handsome billionaire who has it all, fame, wealth, expensive cars and a beautiful woman as his wife to go on the side but what happens when a little picture changes it all Coral Giovanni a Latina who went from rags to riches immediately Nikolai set his eyes on her. After two years of a childless marriage, a scandal takes place which blinds Nikolai with so much anger that he divorces coral What will be the story when she has a baby to contend with and no matrimonial home

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chapter 1

In a vast lawn in LA there stood about twenty sycamore trees and an equal amount of apricot plants. Beyond this garden there stood a huge mansion which was named Giovanni because of its inhabitants, Giovanni was guarded by twenty guards who held on to their security tasers in case of intruders these guards also carried pistols in their belt buckle in case of the more aggressive burglars. There also stood a garage that could easily be mistaken as a house as well it contained a thousand different cars of different assortments. The palace looking mansion was owned by Nikolai Giovanni the owner of a multi-million company called Giovanni co he ruled this beautiful mansion with a beautiful 21 years old called Coral Giovanni although she was a housewife she often made her way to various magazines and newspapers and she often won many awards so at least to say the massive wealth came from both sides some more than the others.

After the addictive breakfast, they just had from one of the best chefs in the world who was currently residing in their house as the private cook with a monthly payment of $1000 Coral and Nikolai Giovanni headed back to their room it was a beautiful Monday morning yet Coral was refusing to let Nikolai get ready for work.

"Coral I have a meeting today and if you keep sulking I won’t make I won’t make it to work in time"

Coral pouted and sat on the huge bed covered with white sheets and every other thing on it white sure the cover colors were pure but they were anything but! That reminded her that she needed to change the sheets anyway. Her brain went back to the previous night of lovemaking she and Nikolai had he always knew the spots.


He had been so slow and sensual but yet so erotic he made her beg for him she bit her lips and sighed softly her imagination running wild.

"Babe" Nikolai called out yet again but she was still in her reverie he instantly knew what she was thinking about when she moved uncomfortably and bit her lips Nikolai rolled his eyes and smirked. He found himself amused but she still wasn’t responding this woman had him looking at the mirror differently. He pulled on his Giorgio Armani suit then grabbed the new designer shoes she bought for him the previous day.

"Babe" he called out again as he sat down and started pulling up his socks.

"Coral Giovanni!" he yelled out bringing her back to earth "What were you thinking about?" he asked giving her a quizzical look he knew but he wanted his woman to say it.

"Oh, nothing" she replied blushing a little and hiding her face.

"Damn mi amour, I know the sex was good but you don’t have to keep thinking about I’m all yours to have forever okay" he stroked her cheek and looked into her cookie dough colored eyes that had him tripping. He pulled on his shoes as she stared the side of his face for a long time.

"What now my queen, why are you looking at me like that"

"I want a job"

"No" Nikolai answered directly looking away from her so he wouldn’t see the look of betrayal in her eyes as he answered.

"No?" she asked surprised


"But you never say no to me why now".

"Because baby you know that it’s dangerous why do you insist on getting a kick out of me"

"I’m not trying to get a kick out of you it’s just a job and all my friends are doing it why can’t I"

"do you remember the poor life I pulled out of, your friends are from that life that’s why they are poor and they need to struggle to get by every day whereas you baby I give you everything and you can’t do this one thing for come on now I’m late for work and we cannot have this conversation right now"

"Nikolai did you just insult my friends" she narrowed her eyes at him.

"I’m sorry it slipped out okay"

"Nikolai jodete" (fuck you)


"Fuck you" Nikolai chuckled lowly and looked at her angry eyes glaring daggers at him. Nikolai stood up after placing a soft kiss on her lips

"I’m off to work"

"What about a baby?" she asked as he grabbed his phone from the charging port he froze and looked at her with shock in his eyes.

"Where is all this coming from?"

"Nikolai, I’m bored out of my mind at home I can’t just sit idly and keep thinking about sex until you come home every day and give me another session to think about"

"Coral I have told you this repeatedly I am not ready for a child Coral I am not ready for a child if you don’t understand English fine let me speak in Spanish Coral no Estoy Listo para un Bebe’

Tears filled her eyes at his rough come back "hell how do I know you have not gone behind my back and stopped taking your pills just so you can conceive"

"Excuse me," she said, her voice shaking a little.

"Bring your pills"


"Don’t make me repeat myself"

Coral scurried to the bathroom and grabbed the prescription box. When she entered the room again she threw the box at his head then stormed out of the room to the kitchen to cry her eyes out.

"Mrs. Giovanni" someone touched her lightly on the shoulder and she looked up to see one of the maids looking at her with a worried look on her face.

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