Alpha Female

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Aldrich Branson of the Nightshade pack thought he didn't have a mate. He had taken over as alpha at sixteen, when his father began going crazy due to the loss of his mate. The pack was beginning to crumble, and Aldrich couldn't bare the sight of the once strong back that was now weakened. He fought his father, easily winning, and that same night took over the pack. Since then, the pack had been running strong for 20 years. But they were always missing something, a Luna. Nicole Danielson is the new Alpha of Silent Ash pack. Her father was one of the best and most respected alphas in the country, that is, until he got sick. Nobody knew why the famously known alpha's health had began deteriorating at such a young age. All they had been focused on was who was to run the pack. Alphas had placed bets, made offers, and some even went as far as to try and marry the unmated daughter of the alpha. But Andrew Danielson had bigger plans. He had been teaching his daughter the ways of being an alpha since we she was a little girl. His late Luna used to think it was ridiculous, but he always knew in his heart that she would be the perfect fit to run the pack. So, on the night of her twenty-first birthday, Nicole Danielson was named Alpha of Silent Ash pack.

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Prologue/Chapter 1

The sounds of panting bounced off the walls of the cold, steel room as the sounds of bones breaking and shifting caused a shiver to run down Alpha Andrew's back. He clenched his eyes shut as his daughters scream once again filled the room.

"Please! Dad, make it stop! Please!" She screamed from her spot on the floor, the bulletproof window and steel walls slightly muffling her voice from Andrew's decaying hearing. Her body had already began contorting in unnatural ways as her wolf continued to push to the surface of her humanity. They were becoming two-in-one.

It will soon be over Dear, I promise.

Andrew mind-linked to his daughter, hoping to somewhat soothe the young soon to be shewolf.

His daughters eyes met his as tears ran down her red, sweaty face. Her face contorted in pain as another bone shifted within her, causing her to release another blood curdling scream. Andrew's eyes slammed shut once again, his wolf whining inside him at the pain of his child.

His wolf continued to whine , wanting nothing more then to run to his daughter.

"Hush with the whining. Our health is slowly declining. The pack will need her." Andrew said harshly to his wolf. He hated this just as much as he did, but there was nothing they could do.

He felt his wolf sink back farther into his mind, leaving him to his own thoughts.

"Alpha." Beta Richard, Andrew's closest and most trusted friend said, drawing Andrew's attention back to the steel cased room. Where his daughters human body once lay was a gorgeous black and white wolf. Just by looking at the magnificent body of the animal, you could easily tell this was an alpha. Her paws were larger than the average wolf, long, sharp claws attempting to dig into the steel floor. Her body was strong and muscular, the muscles on her back legs tensing and releasing as she stood up to walk around. But what caught Andrew the most was her face. It was solid white, along with its two front legs. The rest black as night. Blue eyes pierced into Andrew's brown ones, reminding him of the eyes his Luna once had.

"Oh my God.." mumbled Richard, staring intently at the beautiful beast.

Power radiated from the wolf as she slowly began to take small steps towards the glass. Andrew watched in amazement as his daughters wolf came to stand before him. He didn't flinch or blink as she pulled her lips back, a deep and intimidating growl rumbling through her chest as she bared her large canines at him. If it had been any other wolf, Andrew would have killed them the second that snarl left their mouth. But her being an alpha such as himself, her reaction was expected. Her newly awakened wolf was in full control, his daughter not yet able to control her. She knew he was an alpha and wanted to challenge him, her alpha genes already heightened.

Andrew smiled proudly as the wolf began slamming against the glass, her power hungry rage uncontrollable. In that moment he knew that great things were to come to his pack. The fear and anxiety he had been feeling weeks before his daughters shift seemed to dissolve away. His health no longer mattered, he knew he was a goner. But as he stared into the power-hungry eyes of his pack's future alpha, it all seemed to be okay.

5 years later.

Paws slammed against the ground as the wolves ran, the majestic black and white wolf leading in the front. No matter how fast the other wolves ran, none of them could even match the speed of the beast ahead of them. Her breath came out in pants, foggy air coming out of her snout like white puffs of smoke as she released the air from her lungs. Her head was angled downward, her black ears flat to her head as she dodged trees that blurred as she passed by. Her eyes never left the brown matted fur of the rogue that ran ahead of her, his legs desperately pushing him on.

He was slowing, this Nicole could obviously see. If she had wanted too, she could have easily pounced on him, snapping his neck and ending his pathetic life with only one bite from her extended canines. The Hunters behind her knew this also, them all snickering to themselves as they let their Alpha have her fun.

After one to many minutes of chasing the pathetic mutt in front of her, Nicole and her wolf grew bored. Her wolf roared inside her mind, excitement and adrenaline pumping through their veins. Nicole's wolf lived for this- the hunt.

"When I pounce, you all circle around. Do not let him go."

There were many submissive 'Yes Alpha's' from the Hunters through their mind link as they pressed on. A dangerous snarl ripped from the females chest, saliva dripping from her canines as she leaped into the air, claws out at full length, and latched onto the rogue. His body tumbled to the ground bringing Nicole down with him, her claws never leaving the flesh between his shoulder blades. The Hunters circled around as they were ordered, forming a circular wall around the two wolves.

The rogue growled as he struggled beneath Nicole's body, fighting desperately to escape her hold.

"Come, grab him Lance."

"Sure thing, Alpha." Lance, her beta, happily linked back, his wolf letting out a growl of amusement as Nicole rolled her blue eyes at the cheerful voice he used.

He padded forward, his rusty brown wolf latching his jaw onto the neck of the struggling rogue. The rogue immediately stopped moving, knowing that any second Lance's jaws could snap closed, ending his life for good.

Nicole's fur began to slowly dissolve away as her body shifted from wolf to human. She stood, naked, dead center in the circle formed by her team of hunters. A smirk made its way to her face as she stared at the shaking rogue.

"Well, boys, looks like we found our 'ghost'." she tauntingly announced to The Hunters.

They snickered, growls and howls filling the clearing where they stood. The rogue, who was obviously trying his absolute hardest to hide his fear, growled loudly at all the snickering. Lance bared down on the rogue's neck, breaking the flesh and causing a small trickle of blood to wet his fur. The rogue whined in discomfort as his growling stopped.

"Alpha, what should we do to him?" asked Nicole's gamma, James, who had shifted moments before.

Nicole stared deeply into the black eyes of the rogue, taking her time deciding what they should do.

"Kill him." she simply said after a minute of thinking.

Lance growled excitedly as the rogue began to bark and growl, his desperate attempts at breaking free stirring up again.

"Make it quick Lance. I'm ready to go home." Nicole said dismissively as she shifted back to her wolf, letting her take completely over. A snap and final whine was heard as a heavy thump sounded through the clearing, signaling the end of another filthy rogues life.

Lance appeared beside Nicole, nudging her shoulder with his head. She turned to look at him, growling in playful annoyance at her overly happy bets. James took his place at her right, barking out his happiness to the two wolves beside him as they led the team of hunters back home.

Pack members stood at the pack house , howling happily as they saw The Hunters had finally made it home. The body of the dead rogue, who turned out to be a young boy who had just shifted, was laid down in front of the bonfire some pack members had built. Nicole shifted and walked to stand in front of her pack, looking out at all the proud faces of her people.

"We return to you with the body of the so called 'ghost'. He had us chasing him for quite some time, but once again, our team of hunters were one step ahead. Tonight, we feast in their honor!"

Cheers erupted from the whole pack, even Nicole's father who stood off to the side howled in celebration.

The pack slowly spread out, some going to the table to eat, some straight to the bar, and others to their mates. Nicole stood still in her spot, her heart aching as her wolf whined at a young mated couple.

"Oh hush. We don't need a mate. All he would want is to become Alpha Male and make us his housewife."

She growled in annoyance at her wolf, ashamed at her behavior.

"But Nic, do you not want that feeling of love you get when you know that they are yours? Do you not want to feel your canines sink into a man, hear him moan underneath you as-"

"Stop! Don't even finish that! You are an Alpha for Goddess sakes! Act like one instead of a love sick puppy!"

Her wolf huffed in anger as she sunk back farther into Nicole's mind than usual, no doubt pouting.

"Daughter." The deep masculine voice of Nicole's father reached her ears as she turned to face him, taking the robe from him that he held out for her.

"Father." she replied back as she slipped on the satin robe, tying it in the front to cover her nudeness.

"You did well, I'm very proud."

A smile made its way onto her face as she hugged her father, a feeling of warmth and happiness making its way into her chest.

"Thank you dad. But it's the Hunters you should congratulate. All I did was order them around." she jokingly said, her smile never leaving her face.

Andrew chuckled, a deep sound coming from the depths of his chest as he replied, "Well you are an alpha."

"And a pretty fine one at that." said Lance, who placed his arm around Nicole as he walked up.

Nicole blushed at the compliments, her face heating up as Lance squeezed her shoulder. "Some of the elder wives requested for you to eat at their table tonight Alpha." Lance whispered into Nicole's ear, an amused smirk on his face.

An annoyed growl left her lips as Lance told their request. She hated sitting with the elder wives. They always had something to say about her being Alpha. If it weren't for them being elders, she would show them just why she was Alpha.

"Tell them maybe another time. I have things to do." she whispered back, smiling to a young pup that accidentally ran into her leg.

"I-I'm sorry Alpha." she nervously apologized, relieved when Nicole smiled and replied with a 'It's okay'.

Lance waited until the little girl bounded off before nodding his head, turning to relay the message back to the wives. He stopped in his tracks as his eyes glazed over, the nervous voice of James ringing through his mind.

"The Beta and Gamma from Nightshade Cave Pack are at the east border."

A growl rang through Lance's head as he focused in on James.

"What the hell are they doing on our border?" he linked back angrily.

"They say they need to speak to Alpha."

Lance sighed and turned to Nicole, relaying the messages through link to her.

Her eye brows furrowed as confusion filled her mind. "They couldn't have called before coming? How rude." she said, turning to look at Andrew. "Dad, I have to meet with another alpha at our border. I'll be back soon."

Andrew nodded, gesturing for her to go as he picked up another drink. She smiled and turned with Lance, running to the border where James was.

When she finally reached where James had said to go, Nicole shifted and calmly walked up to the two men that stood at her border, her blue eyes clouded over with anger.

"Alpha." the two men greeted her, bowing their heads in acknowledgement to the woman standing before them.

"Why the hell are you on my land?" she demanded, ignoring the men's bows, her voice cold and collected as she glared at the two wolves.

The wolf in front, the man she recognized as being the beta glared back at her. "We aren't on your land. The land we are stepping on is neutral. Don't act ignorant, Alpha."

The gamma smirked as he saw Nicole look down at the land, sighing as she realized he was right. "You are at my border, requesting to speak with me uninvited; and to make it worse, during a pack celebration. I have a problem with that, Beta."

Lance stepped up beside Nicole, sneering at the blatant disrespect coming from the wolves. He handed her a long shirt he had been carrying with him while he spoke. "My alpha has asked you already, why are you here Nightshade?"

The two wolves shared a look as the beta took a step up, his eyes meeting Nicole's glare. "Alpha, you have the best team of hunters that this side of the country has seen. Our Alpha has requested that you help him in finding a certain group of rogues causing havoc in our territory. He-"

"Why didn't your alpha come and ask me himself?" she interrupted, folding her arms and shifting her weight to her left leg. "He doesn't have enough respect for me and my pack to come ask in person? Huh." she scoffed, turning to share an offended look with Lance and James.

"Well, Alpha, he had other things to do than meet with a self-centered female that thinks she knows what she is doing." said the gamma, his eyes glaring into Nicole's as he sneered at her.

Lance and James snarled at the disrespect their alpha was receiving from the neighboring pack's leaders. Lance's claws lengthened as his canines extended, another snarl ripping through his chest as her crouched down.

The two visitors crouched defensively as the two pair of betas and gammas stared each other down, waiting on one another to attack.

"Boys!" snapped Nicole, glaring at her beta and gamma. "Stand down."

James's eyes widened as he stop glaring at the two wolves to look at Nicole. "But, Ni-"

"I said, stand down." she growled, her Alpha voice ringing through the trees.

Lance and James immediately stood up right, obeying her command, while the two opposing wolves slowly raised up, their eyes still wild by the almost fight.

"Tell your alpha that if he wants my help to come and ask personally." Nicole said to the beta and gamma, turning around and making her way back to the pack house. Lance followed suit, not before growling dangerously at the opposing beta, as James stayed back, making sure the two wolves left.

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