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Journey of two lovers First story i have written in years.... need lots of help ,Criticism and support Decided on a romantic journey .. ignore the punctuation errors i will definitely straighten them up when i get my footing Hope my story is intriguing enough 😘

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1

At the moment of my conception . the universe knows me.. its ready for me....

There in the cocoon of my mother's belly.. nestled from the world .. the world with its cold icy fingers reaching out for an embrace.. reaching out for my face... it knows me.. but i have no idea of its existence... it regards me with a knowing look.." what am i to do with this one?" it sighs..

It is in these moments after i am conceived... nothing but a bundle of growing cells ..before my mother is even aware of my existence that my fate is utterly decided.. by some higher powers or by some kind of religious deity... i cannot know for sure

I came on a thunder storm... kicking and screaming... killed my mother. And my father's answers to the numerous questions that surrounded my birth.. oh how my father loathed me.. my very existence was a shame... I wasn't his.. sea green eyes from my supposed father man I never knew...

My mother had an affair that was clear...

My thick ebony mass of curls in contrast to my father's blonde and mother's brown was another thing.

I couldnt agree more that.. waking up anytime before i want to is not the time to wake up.. i am grumpy

His side if the bed is empty... like its been for the past few years.. but still i reach out for him

I am not over it....he took everything that I once was

I stretch and force myself out of bed.. despite my messy start out in life i turned out good. So where do we start...

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