Imperfect Strangers

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Perfect Strangers


This was my chance.

My golden opportunity.

If I pulled this off it would go down in the history books of fame. It would glow on my resume like the sun on a summer afternoon. So I took a deep breath and moved in for the kill.

We were at Kylo King’s exclusive after-party. Strictly by invitation and it gave all the invited guests a chance to have a meet and greet with the mega-star and maybe even share a drink or two with him. Pamela and I were fortunate enough to have a spot in the VIP section, where Kylo and his band members were also seated. My heart was in my mouth and I was a bag of nerves-what was I even going to say to him? Just be yourself you might be saying?? Nooo! I can’t! So let’s move on to plan B? No plan B?? Gosh, I’m screwed...

Breathe Oaklynn, breathe...

I looked around for Mel and when I couldn’t find her I resorted to liquid courage. I knocked back three shots of tequila consecutively until I heard someone chuckling behind me.

“Slow down blondie...your night can’t be that bad now can it??”

I whipped my head around ready with a snide comeback but my jaw dropped to the ground.

OMG!! Kylo King! It’s Kylo King!! What do I do? What do I do???!


But he called me blondie? I’m not-oh yeah, about that... Pamela convinced me to go blonde and-it’s a long story. Can we pick this up later maybe?

Without speaking, he went to the bar, poured two drinks, set one down on the counter in front of me and sat in one of the barstools. “This will be more effective. Trust me,” he held his glass up. “Bottoms-up sweet cheeks.”

“Cheers.” We tossed the alcohol back and gulped it down, then slapped the glass on the bar before wincing.

“Urgh! What did you put in that?! Horse piss?” I grimaced as I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.

“Believe me-you don’t want to know...” He laughed. His laugh was the most beautiful sound I’d ever heard. Or maybe I was getting drunk. “Are you ready to go again?”

“I..uh-” I blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl.

“Get you mind out the gutter sweetheart....” he shook his head and his lips twitched. “I was talking about getting you another drink??” He watched me with an amused expression as he raised his empty glass.

I wiped sweaty palms on my jean shorts and swallowed a lump in my throat. “Yeah..of cos..that’s what I thought.”

“What’s your poison? Or do you want me to surprise you?”

“Surprise me...” I shrugged and turned my hands up in resignation.

“You’re sure about that sweetheart?” He flashed a conspiratorial grin. “You just might end up waking in my bed with not only a monster hangover but...” he mixed drinks like a pro.

“But....?” I prompted.

“You could wake up naked as the day you were born...” his eyes twinkled with desire and humor. “And I have a feeling I’d like that look on you...” His passion-filled gaze came back to my face, pacing from my eyes to and then landing on my lips.

“Kylo King... Are you flirting with me?”

His chuckle was soft and my dark gaze mocked him.

“You know, you kinda remind me of someone...” When he fell silent, he appeared thoughtful rather than surprised. “Drink up sweetheart. It’s going to be a long night.”

I spent the next hour in the enjoyable company of Kylo King and it was probably the best night of my life. He was such a clown and easy to talk to. I was pleasantly surprised and amused by this side of him.

I even managed to get him to do an impromptu interview and he allowed me to record the whole thing. Gosh! Madison was going to give me a piggyback ride for this!

“Now that’s out of the way can we enjoy ourselves?” Kylo said as he leaned back on the sofa. We had abandoned the uncomfortable stools and moved to a semi-quiet corner, where we had minimum interruptions.

“I thought we already were?” I laughed as he handed me a manhattan. “What’s wrong? You seem distant?”

“I was supposed to meet someone. But they didn’t show,” he shrugged.

I felt my heart sinking and reprimanded myself. I had no claim to him. “Maybe they’re on their way?”

“’s freakin’ three in the morning...” he managed a faint smile. “What are the odds sweetheart?”

“I’m sorry-”

“Don’t be. It gives me more time with you.” He winked and grabbed my hand. “Why do I feel like we’ve met before? Like I’ve known know what forget it. I don’t want to freak you out.” He stood up and held out his hand. “Dance with me.”

Jonas Blue’s Perfect Strangers blared out of the speakers as Kylo King led ME to the dance floor. Did you get that??? Kylo King??! He was a great dancer-no surprises there-and our bodies were moving together as one. Blame it on the booze but my hands were all over him as we swayed along to the beat.

OMG! OMG!! My tush was backed up in Kylo’s very ample package. OMG! Kill me now! I could die a happy woman...

“She can move too...” He whispered in my ear as he turned me around. I pressed my back into him as he placed his hands on my hips as he sang along. To me? Maybe...? I wish!

Who knows the secret tomorrow will hold?

We don’t really need to know

’Cause you’re here with me now, I don’t want you to go

You’re here with me now, I don’t want you to go

Maybe we’re perfect strangers

Maybe it’s not forever

Maybe intellect will change us

Maybe we’ll stay together

Maybe we’ll walk away

Maybe we’ll realize

We’re only human

The air was filled with smoke and the scent of bodies sweating as people danced, drank or huddled with friends. Kylo and I danced through a string of songs until his friend came and whispered something in his ear.

“I’m sorry...I’ve gotta go...” Was that regret I saw in his eyes? Naah... It couldn’t be. Could it?

“It’s okay. I understand.”

No, I don’t. Don’t go Kylo stay with me. Please??

But what I really said was- “I’ve kept you too long anyway.”

“You didn’t hear me complaining...” he flashed his knee-jerking smile. “I had a really good time. I didn’t even get your name-”

“King let’s roll! I already told you what’s at stake man-” his friend interrupted us again.

“Go. It’s okay. Really...” I put on a brave smile.

He leaned forward and pressed a lingering kiss on my cheek before his friend yanked his arm and dragged him away.

“See you around?”

“You betcha,” I winked as he was whisked away from me and I didn’t know if I’d ever see him again.

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