Imperfect Strangers

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Call Me



Mel shrieked as she burst through the door and dived on my bed. “Wake up!!”

“Go away...” I croaked and buried my head under a continental pillow.

But that only made her more persistent. “You need to see this! You’re trending on social media!”

That got my attention.

“What?! Lemme see??!” I brushed wisps of my dyed hair from my face before she placed her iPad in my shaking hands.

“Well they don’t know who you are and the picture wasn’t very clear-plus the blonde hair-”

“Why did I listen to you that blondes have more fun?”

“But you had a blast, didn’t you? I wasn’t wrong?” she winked as I began to scroll through Kylo’s Twitter handle.

'To my emerald-eyed drinking buddy that matched me shot for shot. You made my night. I have never met a more worthy opponent. Cheers to you baby.′

“986 000 likes and 413 745 comments!” I gushed.

“And counting...” she grinned. “But I did you a real solid. You owe me for this-big time!” she plucked the phone out of my hands and flipped through the gallery. “I kinda took a short clip of you and your crush but I had to put my phone away because you know phones were not allowed.”

“How did you..?” I was dumbfounded but a thrill shot through my body as I watched a replay of Kylo and me gyrating on the dance floor. “Thanks so much for this.”

“So...what was he whispering to you at exactly 2 minutes and 16 seconds?”

I replied in a deadpan voice. “Really Mel??”

“Was just curious because that look on your face says it all...” she wiggled her eyebrows suggestively.

“You know what? I was so drunk-I don’t even remember?” I lied.

I remembered everything he said to me. Every single word. The way his hands felt as they traveled up and down my body, the way his cologne invaded and teased my nostrils... his hot breath against my neck-

“Oh,” Mel frowned. “We have a message from Madison,” she puckered her brows as she read the text. “She wants us to report back to work asap.”

“Really?” My face fell. “I was hoping we could go on the tour bus at least?” I checked the clock on the nightstand, it was already mid-afternoon.

“Me too, but fat chance,” she muttered as she slid off the bed. “Let’s get ready. I’ll check if we can get a flight out today instead of tomorrow as planned.”

“Can we at least order brunch first? I’m starving!” I moaned.

“Sounds like a swell idea,” she agreed. “You order lunch and I’ll see about our flight.”


As soon as we landed we flagged down a cab and hightailed it to Madison’s penthouse on Central Park. It was a luxurious corner home that sat atop the city with breathtaking panoramic views, from three open exposures showcasing the entire span of Central Park, the Hudson River, and the NYC skyline and beyond.

Located at the southwest corner of the Park, the home’s unparalleled view had a jaw-dropping seasonal perspective like no other. The spectacular vantage point was instantly realized through floor-to-ceiling windows from every room, drawing in beautiful natural light throughout the apartment and stunning sunrises from the east and sunsets from the west were guaranteed. Madison was living the dream of a powerful, successful woman. I just hoped that one day I would be able to own an apartment like this.

She led us into the living room and offered us refreshments but we declined. We were stuffed. Traveling first-class definitely had its perks.

Madison was dressed in a tank top and yoga pants and her hair tied back in a ponytail. “I”m sorry I just came from the gym,” she apologized unnecessarily because she looked fabulous, without a single strand of hair out of place and her face flawless. “And I’m sorry for dragging you all the way back here but when you told me you got the interview I knew we had to move fast. We need to beat the deadline and I’m afraid we don’t have time to waste.”

“It’s okay. We understand,” I said as I fished my phone out of my backpack. “I can send you the whole interview or do you want to listen to it first.”

“Let me get my MacBook. I think I would rather upload it there,” she rose to her feet and padded over to her desk and retrieved her laptop and a cable to transfer the video.

“Excellent work by the way. Well done girls,” she gave us a rare smile of approval.

“I’d love to sit here and take all the credit,” Mel glanced at me briefly. “But this was all Oaklynn," pride sparked in my friend’s gaze. “She got us to LA and back. I don’t know how she did it but she wheedled an interview out of one of the most difficult stars; after she spent the night throwing back shots with him.”

“But Pam was with me the whole way-” I interjected.

“Oh stop being so modest Lynn,” Mel said with a wave of her hand before she continued with her narration. “She even got him to not only make the drinks, but he served them to her as well. Oh, did I mention they danced to a chain of songs? Props to you Oaklynn Turner.”

Madison turned to me as her lips curved in a pleased smile. “Way to go Oaklynn...” she looked up at me, her expression one of delighted amazement. “I think this calls for a celebration. Champagne?”

For a moment Mel and I were too stunned to respond. “Yes!” Mel finally breathed out. “That sounds great!”

“You don’t have to-” I tried to protest but Madison was having none of it.

“I insist. You just made history Oaklynn Turner and we have to acknowledge that,” was her firm response.

After we toasted to our success, well my success, Madison got her driver to take us home. I had him drop Pamela off first then me after. I was dead on my feet as I shuffled through my door-all I wanted to do was sleep. As I was just about to doze off my phone chimed and it jerked me awake.

REN: Hey...

LYNN: Hey yourself.

REN: You didn’t tell me if you liked my song or not?

LYNN: You mean the poem that you copied word for word from Kylo King’s song?

REN: You got me...

LYNN: I loved it-whether you wrote it or not. It’s now my favorite actually.

REN: Can I ask you something?

LYNN: Anything. But just know I will not have sex of any kind with you. (just thought I’d put that out there-for free).

REN: I wouldn’t be so quick to rule it out babe. We both don’t know what the future holds-I may be your future husband and the father of your twin babies.

LYNN: I love your sense of humor commander. Very funny! I’m laughing so hard right now! Oh my gosh!

REN: I’m glad that I can invoke that emotion in you, babe.

LYNN: You wanted to ask me something?

REN: If I call you now, will you promise to answer?

REN: Oaktree? Are you there? I’m sorry I never meant to freak you out. Forget I said anything okay?

My heart leaped to my throat and I felt giddy with anticipation or was it excitement? I hesitated for a moment and before I started to overthink it I typed a simple response.

LYNN: Call me.

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