Imperfect Strangers

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I’m in love...

And I’ve never even met the girl.

Crazy right?

I never thought I’d care about her before, but since the first night we started talking, my fantasies have gone wild. But the sad thing is, my greatest fantasy about her is probably the least erotic thing I’ve ever thought about-it’s hearing her voice...seeing her for the first time... I’ve got this vision of her sitting across from me in a coffee shop while I just hold her hand. The sight of her smiling at me gets me every time. Her angelic smile, her soft voice. That’s all I want. And it’s all it takes to send me over the edge.

Whenever I close my eyes I always imagine what she would look like-feel like... What would she be wearing the first time we finally meet? I see her holding a cup of coffee, her plump pink lips part and she smiles at me. Her whole face lights up, and she looks as if she’s so in love with me. She’s looking at me from across the table, her gaze radiating the emotions I feel for her, and the moment is too perfect. I reach out and place my hand on the table, palm up, and she tentatively puts hers in mine. She looks down at where our fingers are joined, and then for just a second, I think she won’t look up at me. But she finally does, and when her beautiful green eyes find mine, my whole world is complete.

We have been chatting for weeks now-almost every night. She’s like my drug. I can’t get enough of her-I’m totally addicted to the enigma that is Oaklynn Turner.

Hearing her voice for the first time was the best feeling ever-I literally had goosebumps all over my body. I felt like I hadn’t started living until I heard her speak-like I was drowning and somebody threw me a life-jacket.

I was determined to see her. Now, more than ever.

The only problem was getting her to be on the same page as me. It was going to be a major challenge because I don’t think she was ready yet. I mean it took me a while to get her to get used to the idea of actually calling each other-I was floored when she made the first move the other day.

I was thinking of maybe ambushing her, but Mason advised against it- that’s why I ended up not stalking her at the concert. The last thing I wanted to do was scare her away. But patience isn’t a virtue as far as I’m concerned. Patience has never been my strongest trait. I always like things to happen quick and fast, with no delays.

Oaklynn should be on her way home from work right now and I’ve arranged for dinner to be delivered to her apartment as soon as she gets there. It’s from her favorite restaurant and she always raves about how good the food is-but it’s also pricey.

I can’t wait until she gets the surprise delivery-it puts a stupid goofy-grin on my face as I think about it. That’s what she does to me-she makes me feel mushy and all gooey inside all at once-and I love it. I love the way she makes me feel. I find myself wanting to do things for her. Things that make her happy and smile ceaselessly. I want to be the one that puts a smile on her face and the one that she turns to. The one to share her joys, her sorrows, her hopes and fears. I want to be the one she can share her life with.

I don’t know how I can feel so strongly about a girl that I’ve never even met? What is wrong with me??

This weekend I had booked a spa day for her and her best friend Hailey. It was another surprise of cos. I thought she needed it because she worked so hard and she still had college. I wanted to do so much more for her but I didn’t want to freak her out. I was so tempted to pay her rent for the rest of the year. Buy her a penthouse. Pay her college fees even-but I knew she wouldn’t want that. She was too independent. And that was one of the things I liked about her.

Finally, my private line beeped with a notification. It was Oaklynn.

LYNN: Commander... What did you do??

REN: I’d love to do you? But then a man can only dream, right?

LYNN: And there he is ladies and gents... Didn’t take you long-you dove right into it, didn’t you?

REN: Oh, I would love to dive straight into you. No time like the present kit-kat. I trust the food is to your liking?

LYNN: Ren you have to stop spoiling me like this. It’s bad enough you have Starbucks deliver breakfast to me every morning. Everyone at work thinks I have some secret boyfriend that dotes on me.

REN: I like doing things for you Oaktree. Please don’t deprive me of life’s little pleasures?

LYNN: I just feel bad that you’ve already done so much for me... and I haven’t done anything for you.

REN: Oooh, I can tell you how to fix that babe...easy

LYNN: As long as it’s not of a sexual nature then I’m open to negotiations.

REN: It’s very simple really. No debauchery involved-unless you want to of cos-I’ll never say no to that.

LYNN: Get to the point Jedi.

REN: Meet with me. I want to see you.

She went quiet and I got worried thinking she didn’t like the idea and was thinking of a way to let me down gently. I decided to call her because this conversation would sound better that way. I would also get to hear the telltale signs in her voice.

The problem was her line was busy, so I waited and tried again. It rang for a while and just when I’d decided to hang up a breathless male voice answered the phone.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” he repeated and I was too stunned to respond.

“Oh-yeah-Uhm-I wanted to speak to Oaklynn?”

“She’s still in the shower-should I go and get her for you? Or I can take the phone to her?” he asked confidently.

No way!

Where did he get the nerve to be in her room and even have the audacity to suggest-

“ No worries man. I’ll call her back later I guess.”

“She might not be available later. We’re going out-it’s her birthday this weekend and I won’t be around so-”

“Sorry, are you a friend of hers?”

“Boyfriend. I’m actually her boyfriend.” He asserted.

“Tristan?” I held my breath as I waited for the dreaded response.

“Yeah-whose this?”


“Ah.” He uttered a simple response that spoke volumes.

“Anyway tell Oaklynn I called and- you guys have fun tonight. Goodnight.”

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