Imperfect Strangers

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Underhanded Tactics

Kylo’s POV

My crew had stopped over in Brussels temporarily so the jet could get refueled and to get it checked or something along those lines. I took the opportunity to chill in my hotel room and kept myself busy with Oaklynn’s phone of course.

I’m not ashamed to say I launched a full investigation on my mystery girl and I was well versed with every tiny detail that concerned her. Right down to which kindergarten she went to. I’m a stalker? I’m obsessed? But before you judge me too harshly how about you try this on for size? I’m in love dammit.

How is that even remotely possible you might ask? Search me, but if you ever find out why then I’ll give you my teeth.

Oaklynn Turner. Oaklynn Turner...Oaklynn Turner...

How many times have I repeated that name over and over in my head. How many times has it rolled on my tongue as I tried it on for size. But I’ve thought of something even better...Oaklynn King... Now that has a nice ring to it...

Crazy right?!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I still need to reveal my true identity and I’m really hoping she won’t freak out. Who am I kidding? She’s going to flip through the roof once I tell her the truth.

Maybe I should get her back here and spend more time with her, just to see where her head is at. As if on cue her boss Madison called on her phone and my face lit up as a brilliant plan started shaping in my head.


“Oh, I’m so sorry-I must have dialled the wrong number-”

“Oh I’m pretty sure you didn’t. You’re looking for kitt-Oaklynn right?”


“She kinda forgot her phone in my hotel room-”

“Sorry, not to be rude or anything but who are you?”

“Oh excuse my bad manners ma’am. This is Kylo-”

I heard her shriek and the handset dropped to the floor with a loud thud before it went dead.

I gave her about five minutes to compose herself and called her back.


“I’m so sorry for hanging up on you... You were the last person I ever expected to answer Lynn’s phone.”

“Really? I bet you have to fight guys off just so she can work in peace.”

“Oaklynn...isn’t like that..she’s really sweet.”

“I might have noticed...”

“I hoped you would,” Madison laughed.

“So if you're calling about your legal issue? Like I told Oaklynn earlier, it’s all sorted and I apologise for my overzealous team.”

“Thank you so much Mr-”

“Kylo please.”

“Kylo then. I’m so grateful for your intervention.”

“You actually should thank Oaklynn for that. She’s very resourceful and extremely persuasive...”

Madison laughed again. “I’m sorry if she used underhanded tactics to get through to you.”

“Oh the said tactics were anything but,” my mind wandered to her in the maid’s uniform and suddenly the room was too hot.

“I can only imagine...Our Oaklynn can be very creative when she puts her mind to it...”

Our Oaklynn... I like the sound of that...

“So Madison... I was thinking..”


“I was wondering if you could let me hold onto her a little bit longer? I'm currently in Brussels. think you could swing her my way?”

“With pleasure...I’ll call Pam and let them know. What did you have in mind?”

“Madison, I thought you’d never ask...”


After a very fruitful conversation with Oaklynn’s super cool boss-although they secretly called her Te Fiti. I made arrangements for both her and Pamela to fly down to Brussels for the week I’d be stuck here. Making hay while the sun is shining and all that. Madison had already told them it was work-related in order to reel her in.

I hadn’t told Madison the full story but she was wise enough to read in between the lines and know I was completely smitten. So after threatening to dissect my crowned jewels if I ever hurt Oaklynn, she gave her consent and made the call that could ultimately change my life.

When the driver went to pick her up from the airport, I was both nervous and excited to see her and felt like a kid on his very first day of school. I felt like ants were dancing in my midsection and my body was all sweaty. I had to go and take a shower again.

I must have changed my clothes like a thousand times, until I gave up and called my stylist Trent. He took less than five minutes picking out my outfit by the way.

He chose a simple pair of blue distressed jeans that made my legs bigger than what the really were, a plain white tee that accentuated my taut torso and matching converse sneakers of cos. He finished off the look with a biker jean jacket. I didn’t want to wear black today because it gave this sense of foreboding. I wanted to come across as warm, friendly, approachable maybe? But I still wanted her to look at me like she usually did... like I was man-candy that she wanted to devour with nothing left over.

“Why you’re so wound up KK?” Trent asked as he tousled my hair and kept it in place with a blast of hairspray. “This is just a simple house party to welcome you to the city but it seems like you want to make an impression... What’s her name?”

“Thanks for all your help Tee. You can show yourself out.”

“Hmmm...its like that, huh?”

“Exactly. Now go before you get fired.”

He chuckled as he made his way to the door. “Right...”

After taking one last look in the mirror and telling myself I got this although I knew I really didn’t, I went over to the bar for my dose of liquid courage and drank the vodka straight from the bottle.

I shook my head and winced before I screwed the cap back on and waited for Mason to come, so we could go and pick up my girl from her hotel room. Mason was supposed to keep Mel company so she didn’t third wheel. Truth be told I wanted my little furball all to myself. I wanted to be her primary, no I wanted to be her only focus.

Mason rapped on my door and poked his head in the door. “Ready lover boy?”

I nodded and swallowed hard. “Let’s do this.”

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