Imperfect Strangers

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Fat Chance

Oaklynn’s POV

“So it turns out Ren has a girlfriend.” I announced sadly to Hailey as we sat watching some random show on Netflix.

“Please pass me the Pringles,” she said as she surfed through shows. “And you know this for a fact? It seemed like he was into you.”

“Story of my life..” I mumbled before I stuffed crisps in my mouth. “I’m the almost girl.”

“Don’t look so glum chum. Want to talk about it?” she frowned and tucked her foot under her, giving me her undivided attention. “Let it out-wait let me get the ice-cream so we can really kick off this pity party.

She dashed to the kitchen and returned, She gave me my own tub before she settled back on the couch. “Ready when you are kitten,” she wiggled her brows and dug her spoon into the frozen goodness.

“It’s just that I was talking to Ren yesterday and I was telling him about my drama with Kylo and Tristan. Then I asked him if he had a similar story to share..then he went on about some girl..Like he went on about how intense his feelings for her were. He really likes her and-why am I even jealous Hails? I don’t even know what the guy’s feet look like.” I groaned and knocked my forehead with my spoon. “You must think I’m crazy..”

“A little...” she giggled. “But he still wants to meet up right? Maybe there’s still hope.”

“Yeah but most probably as a friend. He even said I’m a very good friend.. I’ve been delegated to the friend zone! Gosh...” I stared at my ice-cream before taking another scoop.

“Maybe you’re reading too much into this..” Hailey gently pointed out. “Just meet him and take it from there. I mean you were engaged then now you’re single.” She laughed.

“I know. You’re right.. I barely know the guy and yet I’m getting jealous because he has his eye on another girl.” I put the container aside and grabbed a pack of gummy bears instead. “I need a life Hails..”

“So when is the big rendezvous?” she grinned.

“I have some college stuff I need to sort out tomorrow, before I go back, so Madison gave me the morning off,” I expounded. “I’m going to see Ren first-in case it doesn’t go as planned, I have a valid excuse to ditch.”

“Where? What time? Do you need me to tag along in case he’s a serial killer?” she fired a succession of questions.

“Slow down Detective Bones,” I laughed. “He suggested Shakespeare’s Garden.”

“Central Park? Awww.. How romantic!” she gushed.

“He has a love interest remember..?”

“Have you heard from Kylo again?”

“Not after that whole humiliating incident with Tris..” I covered my face and groaned loudly. “I hate my life...”

Hailey bit her bottom lip and cleared her throat. “There’s something you need to know..”

“I’m not going to like this am I?”

“Kylo invited me and Mel to his uh-house party on Friday night..he said we can bring a plus one..You can come but-”

“I’m not going Hailey but have fun.”

“Please don’t be mad,” she squeezed my hand. “I’ve always wanted to go to one of his dos and you’ve been to so many. An invitation to them is coveted like a black diamond. I also heard Jordan Carter and Nick Jonas are going to be there. I have to go-”

“No need to explain,” I held up my hand. “I understand.”

“Really?!” she squealed and hugged me. “I’ve gotta go and call my honeybunch and give him the good news. He’s going to be so excited!”

She stood and went to her room, where she could call her boyfriend.

I got up shortly after and called it a night. Sleep eluded me and I decided to go and check what’s happening on social media.

Firstly, I deleted all photos of Tristan and I from all my accounts, rather successfully. Then moved on to stalk Kylo of course. I shamelessly drooled over his topless pics and saved a few. (don’t judge me.) If something is swoon worthy it deserves to be savored and kept for future reference. Eye-candy is just as important as all the other nutrients.

"I touched those abs," I whispered to myself and giggled as I clicked through his gallery. I had really lost the plot. Gosh..

Suddenly a notification popped up. It was a friend request from Kylo. He probably sensed me ogling his pics- he must have a sixth sense or something. I checked if it was a verified account before accepting. No harm in being friends right.

I got another request on my IG and Twitter, Snapchat and other accounts and I accepted all of them.

Immediately he posted and tagged me on a photo of us he had just posted. He captioned it as, My Ride Or Die Shot Girl. In a matter of seconds hundreds of people had liked and commented. I laughed and liked the photo and added a comment. I mean how could I not? I couldn’t leave the guy hanging. So I wrote the first thing that cane to my mind before I started to over-think it.

Fun was had Your Highness.

My phone lit up and I reached out for it. It was Kylo.

‘I miss you...’

My heart leapt and my stomach doubled over when I read the message over and over.

Do I answer? If I do what do I say? And if I don’t-

I switched off my phone, computer and dove under the covers.

Yeah, I’m a coward like that.

My heart was racing and I had broken into a sweat. But I persisted and tried to get some shuteye.

Kylo’s simple three-worded sentence had me in a twist. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Three little words where keeping me awake. As few as they were they sure packed a punch.

Why didn’t I just reply?

But what was my response going to be?

I miss you too? That would have reopened Pandora’s Box and I wanted it to remain closed...But did I really.

If I’m being honest..

I missed Kylo. I missed him a lot.

There I said it. I finally admitted it.

But what good would that do?

Either way, I wasn’t going to act on my feelings and it didn’t look like he would either.

Question is.. did I want him to?

And if he did, what then?

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