Imperfect Strangers

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From The Beginning


My mystery guy and I drew close and chatted every other day. I found myself actually looking forward to his texts and just seeing his name pop-up on my phone lit up my face. He was so easy to talk to and we had talked a lot over the week-college, dreams, aspirations, family, friends, food, favorite movies, relationships-well let’s just say everything and anything basically.

He was a really good listener and offered sound advice too. He always wanted to know what I was up to, what was on my mind, how was work and life in general. I had finally told him about my disastrous date with Alex and he still teased me about it endlessly. He hadn’t pushed the issue of calling me again but I was getting more and more anxious to not only hear his voice but to see him in person as well. I still hadn’t told him my name and was still clueless about his. Guess that was the beauty of our so-called relationship, there was no pressure or expectations. We were just two imperfect strangers, that enjoyed talking-well texting each other. Hailey called it a textationship. She’s so extra, right?

It felt good to have someone to share all these things with, well besides Hailey of cos. She was back by the way and livid... She went to Tristan’s apartment and bust the windows of his car. Did I mention it was his most prized possession??

I stepped inside our building and as I entered the other occupant of the elevator glanced at me.

“Hey, Lynn.”

I responded with a curt nod. “Alex.”

Alex tried to explain or rather apologize for his obsessive girlfriend’s behavior but I gave him the speak to the hand kinda thing. I really wasn’t interested in his drama neither did I want to be caught up in the middle of it.

I retrieved my phone and smiled as I read the message.

MYSTERY MAN: Good morning my kinky sex kitten. I hope you dreamed about me giving it to you last night? (please say yes-even if you didn’t). Just so you know, I did and it was better than I imagined.

I giggled and Alex scowled but I ignored him as my fingers danced over my keypad at lightning speed.

LYNN: Even if that was remotely don’t even know what I look like my special perv.

MYSTERY MAN: If you haven’t noticed, I am in possession of a veerrry active imagination sweet cheeks.

LYNN: It’s hard not to notice-it sticks out like a sore thumb.

MYSTERY MAN: Are you sure thumb is the right word to use here?

LYNN: And there he is ladies and gentlemen!

MYSTERY MAN: You’re cute babe. Really cute.

LYNN: *blushing*

MYSTERY MAN: Oh I’m just getting warmed up sweetheart. So are you going to answer my question? Or do I have to beg?

LYNN: I think I like that option.

MYSTERY MAN: One day I’m going to make you beg for it kitten...

LYNN: I see you’re still asleep.

MYSTERY MAN: As a matter of fact I’m still in bed. It would be so much nicer if you were here with me.

LYNN: I can only imagine.

MYSTERY MAN: No need for that sweetheart. I can make it kitten. So answer me, please?

LYNN: Or what pudding pie? You’ll die?

MYSTERY MAN: You never know sweetheart. It could be a dying man’s last wish?

LYNN: I’ll need more convincing then.


LYNN: It’s a date, Mystery Man.

MYSTERY MAN: Can’t wait sweet cheeks xx

Alex trotted after me in an effort to get my attention. “Lynn, at least let me explain-”

“Explain what? That you had a sweet but psycho chick that was about to beat me up because of your infidelity? I don’t think so.” I retorted as I picked up the pace.

“It’s not like that-”

“Is she your girlfriend Alex?”

“Yes but-”

“But nothing. Just drop it Alex.”

He sighed. “Can I just-”

“No.” I firmly stated as I turned the corner and went over to my desk.

“Pamela and Oaklynn!” Came the authoritative voice of our editor-in-chief as she stood at her door. “Get in here.”

Mel and I scrambled to our feet and followed her into her office.

As soon as we entered the boss got straight down to business. She sat down in the plush chair and crossed her legs. “Any progress with King?” Her tone was terse, her fingers laced on top of her desk.

“We managed to get a hold of his agent but he says they’re on tour right now,” Pamela reported, her voice calm and deliberate.

“Which is perfect for us. It means he has time in between shows to see us,” she replied. “The last time we were at his party we missed him. We can’t make that same mistake twice.” She rested her chin on her palm, elbow on the table, and stared at us.

Mel and I exchanged confused glances.

“The gist of it is to snag an interview and use a guideline similar to Vogue’s 73 questions. You’ll be done in under ten minutes tops.” She expounded upon the idea further. “So I want you to draft the questions and have them on my desk in the next hour. Meanwhile, I’ll see about getting you two VIP tickets to his next concert with possibly, backstage passes and an invitation to an after-party, then the rest is up to you. Let’s get to work.” She dismissed us unceremoniously as she turned her focus back to her MacBook.

“What’s the plan of action boss?” I asked Mel as we brainstormed at our work-station. Everyone else had left the office and it was just us, our cold pizza and Starbucks coffee.

“At least Madison approves of the list so now we have to try and get the King to talk,” she tried to focus on the bright side.

I sighed and massaged my neck. “That’s where our challenge lies....”

“I’ve left another voice message with his agent. Let’s hope he’ll finally cave in.”

I took a sip of my coffee, searching for inspiration. “Or we could just chance it at the concert?”

“That’s taking a huge gamble....we have a lot riding on this...”

“Yeah but it looks like it might be our only option.” My iPhone vibrated noisily on the desk and I swiped over the screen, smiling instantly.

“Oooh...someone is in looove!” my colleague teased. “Seems like you’re all set for Valentines...” she bounced her eyebrows and grinned.

“It’s not what you think Mel...” I smiled as I replied to the text.

MYSTERY MAN: Hey princess! I thought we had a hot date tonight?

LYNN: Hey pudding pie...I’m sorry I had to work late. Will shoot you a msg when I get home.

MYSTERY MAN: Will be ready for you my kinky kitten xx

LYNN: All talk and no action...

MYSTERY MAN: Careful what you wish for sweetcheeks...

“Lyn! Hello!” Mel waved her hand in front of my face and I jumped up, dropping my phone on the table.

“Sorry-you were saying??”

Mel laughed as she shook her head. “You’ve got it, bad girl!”

We had developed an easy-going friendship and she was a really nice person. A bit blunt sometimes but I liked her. She was several years older than me and we hung out whenever we could.

“Do not!” I refuted furiously. “Besides, it’s not what you think-he’s just someone that I chat with-occasionally....” I tried to sound casual about it.

“Riiight...I believe you, honey,” she eyed me doubtfully and popped crisps into her mouth.

“You really don’t get it-”

She sat up on her seat, with her legs tucked under her as she got comfortable. “Then explain...we’ve got time...”

And so I told her how it all began.

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