Imperfect Strangers

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Life Skills


“This is an unexpected surprise Commander,” I swiveled in the barstool and tilted my head slightly as I gazed at the masterpiece in front of me. He was a real work of art.

“But a good one,” Kylo affirmed as a statement, not a question.

His shoulders shift, the movement was barely perceptible yet giving off a visceral impression of suppressed power. The fresh aquatic fragrance of his distinctive Versace cologne teased my senses, I almost melted into a puddle. His soft lips felt warm as he kissed me on my bare shoulder.

“Maybe..” I wrinkled my nose and swirled the ice cubes around in my martini glass.

“Wise choice Miss Turner..” he stared down at my strapless cocktail dress appreciatively. He touched my face and trailed a finger down my neck, arm, and lightly rested his hand on my thigh. “But I’m not sure I’m comfortable with other guys looking at my legs.”

“Your legs?“I jerked back and twisted my mouth. “In case you didn’t notice, they’re on my body.”

“In case you didn’t know-that’s mine too.” He flicked his gaze at me, his smile revealing even white teeth.

Alex cleared his throat. I had forgotten about him. At that moment, everyone else ceased to exist, save for me and Kylo.

“Alex-Kylo. Kylo Alex.” I hurriedly made the intros.

“Nice to meet you, Alex,” he shook the proffered hand. “Thank you for taking care of my girl but you can leave now.”

“No need to be rude pudding-pie,” I scowled.

“No hard feelings man,” he winked at Alex.

All Alex could do was gulp and bob his head up and down.

Just then Pamela made an appearance and was overjoyed to see Kylo.

“Just the man I wanted to see,” she said dragging his arm. “Everyone is asking to meet you so they can thank you personally for setting this whole thing up and footing the bill. They’re also asking for a song and a few photos after.”

“Mel-” he tried to protest but she wasn’t hearing him. He looked at me, his eyes pleading for help but all I did was shrug my shoulders and smile before he got swallowed in the crowd.

There was a live band during the night so it made it easier for him to do the one song that they had pressed him for. He sat behind the grand piano and adjusted the mic. There was a buzz of excitement all around as we all anticipated his performance. Mel had dragged me to the front and could barely keep still.

“This song goes out to my special furball. You know who you are,” Kylo’s baritone voice drifted across the room and our eyes met.

“We all know he’s talking about you,” Mel whispered.

Kylo sang Can I be Him by James Arthur and I felt-

Gosh! the guy didn’t play fair.

Let’s just say at that moment he could have got me to do, well-pretty much anything.

He had me feeling some all warm and fuzzy inside, and it was all I could do to keep myself from flying over to him and kissing him until our jaws ached.

When the song ended there was a resounding call for one more song and he complied graciously. He did two more of his own songs, that were upbeat and had people dancing. When he was done he nodded to the DJ to take over before he took a bow and left the stage, as people chanted Hail to the King, like they usually did at his concerts.

He found me sitting at the bar again and we knocked back shots as had become our custom. We danced to a couple of songs after and then decided to call it a night.

“Let’s get out of here,” he stepped back and looked around the crowded room. People were beginning to stop and stare. “Come on,” he helped me off the barstool and took my hand.

“Can I at least say bye to my friends?” I pouted.

“Ok, I’ll be waiting in the car,” he kissed my cheek and left with Cash before he got ambushed.

I said my goodbyes and left but got waylaid by Pamela. “Someone’s going to get lucky tonight...” she grinned and bounced her eyebrows.

“We’re not there yet. You know that for a fact,” I laughed as she walked with me to the door.

“I’m going to miss you, Lynn,” she stopped and hugged me tightly.

“Hey, I’m just going back to college then I’ll be back before you know it,” I told her when we broke apart. “We’re still going to hang out right?”

“You can count on it,” she smiled. “You'd better go. He’s waiting..” she glanced at Kylo, who was waiting outside the car. “Some girls have all the luck..” Mel sighed before she went back in.

Kylo gazed at me intently, as I strode over to him. He looked at me in awe, like I was the most beautiful thing he had ever laid his eyes on. He hesitated slightly then he stepped closer, so close that I could see the varying shades of blue around his pupils.

Taking my face in my hands like it was fragile, his thumbs stroked the flushed skin on cheeks.“You’re exquisite Oaklynn Turner.”

I lifted my head and meet piercing blue-gray eyes that make me go hot all over. Clear and warm, they had a hint of silver around the iris, giving them a steely look. He was all hard muscle and strength, with washboard abs and shoulders that make you swoon. He was looking delicious as usual. Tight jeans, Chelsea boots, and a tight Burberry shirt that accentuated every indentation in his chest. He blinked as he took me in, raking his eyes over my wavy hair, little black dress, and sky-high heels. I am dressed to impress, my makeup flawless, like I had stepped out of a magazine cover. He tucked a strand of my dark hair behind my ear, groaning inwardly.

“I know we’re doing this take it slow thing but uh..I want to kiss you so badly...” he closed his eyes as if he was in immense pain and the butterflies in my stomach fluttered around.

“Told you..all talk and no action...” I teased him, my voice low but my body was already leaning toward him, wanting it too.

“Now you’re just asking for it..” he said softly, his eyes gleaming with something like excitement, something like joy, something that I didn’t know how to identify. His gaze drifted over me, claiming me, owning me. Heat flashed through my body like a gift. My mouth fell open and then I saw the lines by his mouth deepen and realized with a giddy wave of pleasure that he was feeling what I felt.

Cupping my face in his hands-and I was more than ready this time-and melted toward him. He licked my lips, as if I was deliciously sweet, before he savored me like I was a cool, smooth cocktail.

“Before I do this, I have a question to ask you..” he dug his hand in his pocket and pulled out a small heart-shaped key ring. It was gold and was encrusted with emeralds, with the words ‘Be Mine’ engraved across it. He pressed it into my palm and smiled.

“Oaklynn Turner, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?”

I laughed and replied with a short, “Yes.”

“Correct answer.”

He pulled me against him and his tongue curled into my mouth at the same moment. He kissed me, an almost imperceptible touch as he brushed his full lips against mine. The contact of our mouths was electric, assparks of fire skated along my skin. Sensations raced through my body as his tongue played a lazy game with mine. He was tasting me.

The kiss was so sweet that I trembled. It was the kind of kiss that’s done with tongues and wet mouths and intimacy. That kiss had me singing in my bones-I wanted to dance. It raced through my blood and made me want to shout from the hilltops. There had never been anything like the fierce desire that burned in me at this very moment. It’s like time stood still.

That night I learned a very valuable lesson, a lesson that should have been an integral part of my Life Skills classes. I learned that you have never been kissed until you’ve been kissed by Kylo King.

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