Imperfect Strangers

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Webster’s dictionary definition:

:marked by a feeling of great happiness and excitement: characterized by, based on, or producing euphoria euphoric mood feeling euphoric.

That’s my word of the day.

In a nutshell that’s how I’ve been feeling since last night.

After I dropped Oaklynn off I called her as soon as I got home and jumped into bed.

We talked until way past three in the morning. Don’t ask what we talked about because I have no clue. All I know is that it was a bunch of sweet nothings.

I found a pad and pen on my desk and got to work. I’ve been in my studio trying to pen a song that can describe the intensity of my feelings when Oaklynn surrendered her sweet, soft, warm lips to mine. That wide-eyed innocent look and those full lips reminded me of a fairytale princess. She was breathtakingly beautiful, with her delicate features, long, flowing hair that was the color of dark chocolate. A heart-shaped face. A creamy, picture-perfect skin that made you want to just touch it ever so gently...

“Earth to Kylo...” Mason waved his hand in my face as he tilted his head, grinning like a dork.

I dropped the pen and jerk back, suddenly aware of his presence “Get out of my face,” I muttered, pushing him away.

“Where did you go man?" he chuckled as he straightened up. “You were miles away.”

“He’s probably thinking about a certain green-eyed brunette,” Cash smiled as he leaned his hip on my desk. “They locked lips for the first time last night.”

“Nooooo waay!” Mason gushed, slapping me on the back and ruffling my hair. “Is that why he’s looking like the cat that got the cream?” He asked, his eyes going from me to Cash.

“Oh, he got it alright! Straight from his kitten's mouth too,” Cash laughed.

“Bet he lapped it up,” Mason snickered at the intentional pun and I threw my pen at him but missed.

“I got no time for this,” I pushed back my chair and rose from the table, grabbing my camera. “See you loser’s later. I got a hot date.” I said, a smug smile on my lips.

“Dude, it’s barely lunchtime,” Mason said as he glanced at his watch.

“Says the guy with no girlfriend,” I grunted. “I’ve got to fly out to London tomorrow morning so I won’t be able to see her until next weekend. Got to optimize on the time.” We stepped into the elevator and descended to the underground parking area.

“So this is really happening huh?” Mason smiled. “Are you two official now?”

“Yeah. Exclusive.” I confirmed. “We’re all in.”

“I’m sure you can’t wait to get in,”

"Shut up."

“So where are you going to take her? You don’t want the paps to scare here away just when you got her back.”

“I was thinking of taking her to the Craft for lunch and then on a photography walking tour? Is that too much?” I asked as Mason and I crossed over to the bay where my cars were parked.

“You’re taking the Aston Martin?” Mason let out a low whistle. He straightens and gives me a surprised look, almost as if he’s restructuring how he sees me. “You’re really going big.” He smirked.

“She’s worth it.,” I huffed out a laugh before I jumped into the driver’s seat. “Later loser.” I waved to Mason as I drove off.

I ran up to Oaklynn’s apartment and pressed the buzzer.

Would I sound ridiculous if I told you that I was nervous? Well I was.

My heart was pounding against my ribcage and I had to keep wiping my moist palms on my blue cargo jogger jeans. At the same time, I was really anxious to feast my eyes-and lips-on her.

The door swung open and my heart stopped when I saw her.

“Hey, Commander. You’re early,” she smiled as she leaned on the doorjamb.

“You know what they say about the early bird my little furball.” My eyes travel from her graceful neck and back to her perfectly formed mouth. I stepped closer until I was a breath away from her. Every breath I take is filled with her scent. She is wearing a light fragrance, something like jasmine and roses. I inhale until her scent fills my lungs, until every breath I take is mixed with the smell of her. The smell makes me want to seal my lips to hers.

Her beauty is ethereal and otherworldly. Up close, it’s unreal enough to render one speechless. Her golden skin, piercing emerald eyes, and the body of a goddess. She was dressed casually in a white off-shoulder knitted sweater and black skinny jeans. Her hair was flowing freely and her cheeks flushed. It was all I could do not to-

Oh, what the heck!

In the blink of an eye, I’m on her, pinning her to the wall, my tongue brushing her bottom lip. My mouth reacquainting itself with hers. Her hands tightened around my forearms, not pulling me away, but hanging on as if she’s being swept away by a roaring wave and I’m the only beacon of safety. But I’m not steady either. Her passionate response, her delectable submission is all so unexpected.

I reluctantly break away from the kiss and rest my forehead against hers. “We had better get out of here before we both do something I definitely won’t regret.”

She blushed and glanced at me shyly. “Let me get my bag.”

Today promised to be a good day.

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