Imperfect Strangers

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Name Calling


The next morning Mel and I woke up early and ordered breakfast while we soaked in the tub.

I dressed as the sun was sending its first rays through the bathroom window. The beginning glow of the morning summer sun broke through the low clouds, signaling an end to the rain.

Hello, summer...

COMMANDER: Good morning oaktree... Happy shopping. There will be a driver waiting in the lobby to take you all over town. I’ve specifically told him not to take you back home until you make a stop at my favorite store... You guessed it... Vicky’s Secrets...

LYNN: Good morning to you too Commander. I trust you are well rested because you are simply bursting with energy. Why do you have the driver’s number btw?

COMMANDER: From the organizers. Standard procedure kitten. Now he has yours, but I’ve warned him that this is strictly business.

LYNN: Whatever you say, my caveman.

COMMANDER: I love it when you say that.

LYNN: You like being called a caveman???

COMMANDER: I like the word you put before that.

LYNN: Are you feeling okay? Should I send over an ambulance?

COMMANDER: Hahahaha! I like you, Lynn Turner. You’re funny.

LYNN: Hmmm, that word again...

COMMANDER: I’m going to be a bit busy today so don’t think I’m ignoring you okay?′

LYNN: Busy?? Doing who?

COMMANDER: I can see I taught you well my kitty-kat...keep it coming, babe...

LYNN: You’re a bad influence commander.

COMMANDER: Nahh...just a good teacher babe. Anyway, I gotta go. Text me if you need anything or if you run into any problems.

LYNN: Yes sir!

COMMANDER: Chat later yeah?

LYNN: Sure xx

We had breakfast fit for a king then left the hotel for the mall. The front desk handed over a shopping voucher card and informed us the driver was waiting patiently for us and would take us wherever we needed to go.

There was so much nice stuff in all the shops we went to and I wished I could have taken almost everything. But Mel suggested we have casual outfits and a classy cocktail dress or something trendy for the after-party. Working for a fashion magazine had its perks because we were always up to date with the latest trends and had developed an excellent sense of style.

It was almost lunchtime when we had finally decided to call it quits after we had maxed out the card. Hungry and slightly fatigued we stumbled into a busy Italian restaurant and fell into a corner booth. The driver had disposed of our bags and told us he would be waiting outside when we were ready to leave.

After we had garlic-cheese bread, a caesar salad and the best chicken Alfredo pasta I had ever tasted, we had an exquisite serving of tiramisu and washed it down with a bottle of white wine.

Mel delicately wiped her face and leaned back, stuffed but beyond pleased with herself for finishing her food to the last morsel. “I think I died and went to food heaven...” Her sigh was a mixture of satisfaction and relief.

“ too...” I agreed in perfect contentment. "I think I just had a food-gasm."

“I don’t know about you-but I really want to meet Ren now,” she glanced over at me.

“I’m way ahead of you Mel. Way, way ahead...” My mind over to the mysterious Ren King and I wondered how I could be in love with a fantasy.

“So? What’s the hold-up?”

I slumped against the wall, propping up my elbows and on the top of the seat. “I don’t know...I guess I’m waiting for him to make the first move.”

“He already did and you didn’t answer the phone!” She threw her napkin in my face and we laughed.

“Let’s settle the bill and get out of here. We’ve got to go back to the hotel and get ready,” I waved at our waiter and he came over. “Check please?”

“Your bill has already been settled,” he said.

“By whom?” Mel and I voiced in unison.

He seemed uncomfortable at the inquisition. “Not sure but my manager told me it was paid for.”

“That’s okay, don’t worry about it,” I smiled. “No harm done right?”

“Are you sure Ren didn’t have anything to do with it?” Pam questioned.

“Maybe it was part of the package?” I shrugged as I reached for my handbag and slid out of the booth.

We had Kylo King’s music psyching us up as we got ready for his concert. Mel and I danced around her room as we got dressed and took turns doing each other’s hair and makeup, while we guzzled the expensive booze from the minibar.

My phone beeped and I smiled when Ren’s name popped up.

COMMANDER: Hey sweet cheeks! I wrote you a song... Tell me what you think? Honest opinion yeah?

LYNN: Me? Didn’t know you were a songwriter?

COMMANDER: Sorry meant a poem. I wrote you a poem. I write poetry sometimes when I have a burst of inspiration and it’s kinda a secret indulgence.

LYNN: Then lay it on me, Commander Secret Poet!

COMMANDER: You’re tipsy aren’t you? I’d pay good money to witness that. Hahaha.

LYNN: Maybe... but just a tiny, tinsy-wee bit...

COMMANDER: Gosh! Why am I never there when the good stuff is going down??

LYNN: You’d like that wouldn’t you?

COMMANDER: What’s that sweetheart? Are you really talking dirty to daddy?!

LYNN: Just send the song pudding-pie. I’ve got a concert to attend.

COMMANDER: Oh yeah... I’ll send it in a bit. Enjoy yourself oaktree and you'd better do what I wouldn’t do...

LYNN: Sorry to disappoint you my special perv but these legs are staying closed tonight.

COMMANDER: Ahhh man! And here I was getting all excited over nothing.

LYNN: Have fun with your girlfriend or whatever you call her.

COMMANDER: I call her oaktree, babycakes, sweetcheeks-kinky kitten, kit-kat but I prefer calling her by her real name....Oaklynn Turner-but-soon to be King.

LYNN: That’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me...

COMMANDER: Guess you bring out the sappy in me oaktree. Have fun babe xx

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