Losing My Mind

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Chapter 11

A new day and ready for the next challenge, they start to get curious about what it will be. Her appearance to these weren’t anything special, jeans and a t-shirt was enough. The judges stood there and none of them see it coming.

‘We need you to do a song that involves some screamo. It can be up to ten to thirty seconds or a whole song.’ Marcus told them, “Damn, this is Blakes street” Ryleigh thought as he does it in his songs.

‘For those who can’t do it, we have some training in place.’ Bruce said. ‘This is to make the competition fair.’ She wasn’t certain if the camera was on her, but panic struck through her.

After filming she met Kelsie and her new schedule with rehearsals.

‘I’m going to be sent home this week - I just know it.’ She said to Kelsie.

‘Relax, that’s why they have these lessons.’

‘What if I’m no good?’

‘You’ll be fine, just listen to what they say and if you can only do ten seconds then so be it.’ Ryleigh moans.

‘Great job with the schedule K.’ A guy walks past patting Kelsie’s arm and recalls him talking to Rory, he must be Josh. His dark hair and comb over emo fringe and some tattoo sleeves got Kelsie blushing.

‘Thanks Josh.’ She responds, Ryleigh looks as her.

‘Did you tell him about the “idea” the other night?’ She asked to take her mind off the task.

‘I did and he thanked us for it.’ Ryleigh nodded.

‘Just ask him on a date, Kel, it’s the 21st century.’ She shook her head, starting to get all shy thinking about it.

‘Nice try with the distractions but you have a new schedule to go by.’ And passes her a new one. From the schedule for the screamo practice, they’ll be in groups by their teams, which means she’s with Rory, Ashton and Blake and they already can do it.

Back at the house, they agreed to have a night out with the producers approval. It gave the girls excuses to get ready all day. Rory got a little bit down he couldn’t spend time with Ryleigh although he had Elliot and the rest of the lads to keep him company. Elliot is the opposite to Rory but they have created a great friendship that he would like to keep with him, the boy-ish banter and dark humour makes them have a strong bond. Elliot doesn’t tell him but can sense Rory has feelings for Ryleigh and wonder if he’ll do anything about it. He secretly tries not to show how much he misses Ryleigh and doesn’t want to get clingy either, but she makes him feel comfortable of who he is and treats him like a normal person should and not some ex-criminal. He started to propose his song.

Upstairs while the girls were picking and choosing from their wardrobe, Ryleigh decided to sit on her bed and start strumming away with her guitar for a song. She knew this song needed to have a big impact, some soul with anger and decided to talk about how trapped she felt in herself by people stopping her being who she wanted to be.

‘Put the guitar down girl.’ Ester said to her, ‘You’ve got to get ready.’

‘We’re not leaving for another 5 hours.’ She stated.

‘Have you decided on what to wear?’

‘I’ll find something.’ Ester became irritated and launched a pillow at her and they laughed. Kelsie made her buy one risqué dress, it’s a sundress and she wanted it in a dark colour but Kelsie advised her to get red. It snuggled her body well, making her chest bigger and falls midthigh with spaghetti straps. As she put it on an hour before the girls saw some transformation like she’s becoming a Rockstar, it’s not something Ryleigh would go for but she trusted Kelsie as she’s helping her out.

‘The red lipstick has got to go on.’ Ester told her, as she wore her pastel yellow playsuit contrasting with her purple hair.

‘I think that’s a bit much.’

‘Alright fine, but please let me do something with your hair?’ She nodded for her approval and demanded her to wear the wedges that matched.

Downstairs the lads where ready wearing their leather jackets with black high-tops and their hair all messy.

‘Come on girls! The car will be here in a sec.’ Ashton calls them. Harper runs out and leans on the bannister, her tight green bodycon dress exposing her middle slightly.

‘Chill out, we’re almost done!’ She makes her way downstairs followed by Kaylin with her black PVC dress with her boobs slightly hanging out. Tessa came down with her navy blue crop top and skirt just covering her bum.

‘Come on, the car’s here for us.’ Ester calling Ryleigh outside the bedroom door. She picked up her bag ready to walk out and Ryleigh stopped looking worried.

‘What’s wrong?’

‘Maybe I should change, this is too much.’ As she’s about to turn round Ester grabbed her arm and pulled her back.

‘Oh no you don’t, you look good.’ Ester was too strong for her and followed her downstairs. Focusing on getting to the bottom floor she didn’t see Rory looking at her, he continually recognised how beautiful she is but strives carefully not to think about her in that way. Some nights he has to stop thinking about her like that. Once she reached the bottom Ryleigh glanced up to see him stand in front of him, his black graphic t-shirt and leather jacket made her bite her bottom lip.

‘You look nice by the way.’ Rory says to her.

‘Thanks, so do you.’ She blushes a bit and lets her walk ahead.

As Ryleigh got onto the minibus, she sat in the window seat and Rory sat next to her, she attempts to adjust her dress so she doesn’t show anymore and reaches for her seatbelt but it was trapped while she kept tugging it.

‘Here let me help.’ He reaches over and grabs her seatbelt, he inhales her perfume and almost close to her face feeling her breath against him. An adrenaline rush hits her chest and tries to keeps her lungs under control, he puts her seatbelt on and tucks her hair behind one ear.

‘Thanks.’ She said quietly.

‘Anytime.’ And smiles back at her.

‘Let’s get this party started!’ Blake cries out and the driver pulls away and they’re cheering.

With the film crew having permission to be filmed in the club, they made their way in and started getting drinks at the bar, Ryleigh stuck to her usual beer and chucked it down. It looked like a usual club she would go to at home, the music appeared slightly different then she would usually hear but it didn’t bother her. She stood around the guys and saw the girls make their way to the dance floor.

‘You’re not joining them?’ Rory asked her.

‘Not my thing.’ He told her.

‘It’s not my thing either, come on.’ He grabbed her hand drawing her to the dance floor, she couldn’t help but smile. He spun around to look at her and she rolled her eyes.

‘You don’t understand no do you?’ Ryleigh had to shout as the music got really loud, he went close to her ear.

‘Not with you I don’t.’ She pinched the inside of her cheek in her mouth trying to contain his flirtatious charm, they understood it’s only cheeky remarks as their friendship has grown since living together, nothing more they kept telling themselves. Rory wasn’t a great dancer but he did make her laugh with some silly moves, she wasn’t the best but the way she moved to him got his heart thumping and attempted to explore this lust towards her under control.

After dancing together and finishing their drinks, Blake decided to get the second round and passed her drink. Rory and Ryleigh kept to themselves and started talking about the next challenge and she told him how worried about the whole screamo part. He calmed her down by telling her that it’s a simple trick and she’ll be fine, Rory liked the idea of her song she’s thinking of making and thought that it’s a great approach with it. Rory explained his and thought about doing the same about the people who he thought was friends with. Not long after their conversation, she finished her drink.

‘You’re going pretty fast with them aren’t you?’ He laughs at her.

‘I know. I think I am going to slow down on the next one.’

‘I’ll get this round. I’ll be back.’ Rory leaves to get her a drink to keep herself occupied, she listens into Elliot and Ashton’s discussion about a band and rating their album from best to worst. It sounded quite interesting but talking to Rory was far better, not long the music started to sound unusual in her ears appearing intense for her and her breathing started to get heavy and becoming hot and bothered too.

‘Here you go.’ Rory came back and snapped her out of her thought.

‘Thank you.’

‘So I’m thinking of dying my hair darker. What do you think?’

‘Why do you want to?’ She questions him.

‘I’m sick of bleaching it now and its starting to damage my hair.’

‘You still look good regardless.’ He smirks at her and suddenly something catches Ryleigh’s eye.

‘Hey look at that, that’s cute.’ She points over and what she can see is some neon road in the distance, he turns to look.

‘I don’t see anything.’ He says back to her.

‘Is it me or is it really hot in here?’ And drips the sweat off her face, she sprang to hear some ringing noises in her ears and covers them up.

‘Ryleigh?’ He looks at her confused.

‘Don’t shout at me.’ She removes her hands out of her ears and laughs to herself, Rory saw somethings wrong and started to see some symptoms.

‘Ryleigh look at me.’ He uses his hands to keep her head straight and sees her pupils a dilated.

‘This feels really weird….am I dying?’ Her vision started to blur.

‘No, I think it’s something else.’ He sounded concerned and lets go of her. Ryleigh panicked.

‘I think I’m going to be sick.’ And she started to lose balance and he grabbed her.

‘Ok, let’s go outside.’ Rory holds her trying to get her to walk stable and steered her outside the club and let her lean on the wall.

‘I can hear them again, tell them to stop.’ She tells him and started to get more worried.

‘Ryleigh, there’s nothing here.’ Rory attempts to calm her down, she shut her eyes and blacked out.

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