Losing My Mind

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Chapter 23

Now being only half the contestants left, it started to make the house look smaller, waiting for everyone to come downstairs everyone woke up the same time. The travel to the studio for their next challenge was pleasant this time and Rory felt better that Blake left.

As they all stood in the row standing opposite the judges they tell them the next step.

'We all know there are a thousand love songs out there, falling in love, heartbreak or even being the party animal player.' Marcus instructs them. 'It doesn't have to be soppy or a Ballard, we want you to do it your way. See you in a few days.'

Ryleigh thought of an idea there and then but knew it would be too easy and with the people dropping, there is no reason to be in her comfort zone. Sure everyone has been through a terrible break-up, but there are so many around that work or don’t, so she went for plan B.

Soaking the sun on the balcony and gently playing the strings, figuring out how she can get this right and thought this is going to be hard, maybe plan A is a better option. She thought again and reversed her idea of continuing with plan B as usual, besides maybe they won't figure it out.

'Come on Ry? You can't keep this one away from me?'

'I want it to be a surprise.' Ryleigh says, chewing on the end of the pen with so many scribbles, the frustration got to them.

'I want to see!' They started to give her the puppy-eyed look. 'I'll tell you mine if you tell me yours.'

'Give up Ester. I'm not telling you.' She wasn't going to give in, Ryleigh believed her spirit animal is the fox, being quite sly and cunning.

'Alright fine. It better be good.' Ester tantalising her while snacking on potato chips on the counter.

Ester left and Ryleigh plonked herself on the sofa scrolling through her phone, she sees on social media Rory posting photos of himself of his new hair colour. Wanting to make a jokey comment but the whole world would see it and maybe put that shipping tag Kelsie was telling her about, it then popped up Rory started a live video. It was odd because he's never done one before and clicked on it.

'Hey all my wonderful fans, I thought I would give you a tour of the house that I'm staying in while being on Battle of the Rockstar.' Rory says to the camera, the kindness he delivered in his voice became heart-warming. Ryleigh turned it off and went back to her notepad having an idea on what to write in her verses, too much into her world she didn't see Rory come in.

'This person here is my favourite person in the world.' Rory has the camera on and locks his other arm on her shoulder making her giggle, she can't help but look in the camera too. 'I've never met someone like her.'

'And I've never met someone like him.' She echoed back glancing at him and then back to the camera. 'But really, he's a pain in the butt.' She tells anyone who is watching and they laugh together.

'Bye Ryleigh I'm going to show the kitchen.' Rory says and moves over to the kitchen panning around more of the place.

After an hour of seeing Rory, he sits on the sofa next to her, she decided to read a book on her tablet.

'What was that all about?' She quizzes him.

'It was Josh's idea, me interacting with my fans would be a good level point for me. Hasn't Kelsie given you anything like that?' She shook her head and was about to tell him what opportunities Kelsie told her and decided not to. They are supportive of each other but what she had is bigger and felt like she was rubbing it in his face. 'You'll might get one. So what are you thinking of doing for your love song?' Rory probably had an idea on what Ryleigh would be doing, just being out of a long-term relationship there must be a lot of things that would hurt from it.

'I'm not saying.' He raises his eyebrows.

'It's not like you to keep it a secret.'

'Maybe I am like my spirit animal after all.' She teases with a smirk and he reflects.

'It's going to be like that? Fine, I'm not telling you mine then.'

'No? You're keeping secrets too?'

'Well it won't be when they hear it on the night.' He taps her knee and gets up to get a drink.

That's the recording done and there's no going back, no changes it'll have to do. She seemed nervous about this track the most and it showed when she performed her one-to-one with Marcus.

'I have to say Ryleigh, I am impressed with this. The lyrics are incredible but I'm starting to see some doubt of it. You want to tell me?' Marcus had his hands in his front pockets, the way he poses when he was on her bedroom wall, she had her eye's down to think for a second.

'I guess, I'm not sure how they would react and whether I'm doing the right thing dealing with it this way.'

'Actually, this is a romantic thing. Do they know?'

'I'm not giving anything away.'

'Then don't, they'll figure it out if it's for them or not.' She gives him a small smile not satisfied from his comment. 'Look, this song spells out your feelings towards them. You might be scared but you need to show them how much they are a big deal to you.' Ryleigh nodded starting to agree, it's now or never for this moment. It shouldn't matter much if he didn't feel the same way, they can be friends. Marcus has become a helpful advisor when she had been writing her songs even pushing her the extra mile to experiment further. To that, he opens up to all of his pupils about what he struggled with in his life, it hasn't been perfect either.

The days flash by for her to only establish that it's Saturday and she'll have to sing her song live for the world to see, that's not the problem but to him. This would change the relationship with each other with many mixed signals and is worried she has read them the wrong way. It's too late now, checking the order she is going to be second and Rory is going on forth, she wanted him on first but can’t make the changes.

Watching Ester play knowing she's next and takes a deep breath,

'Calm down Ry, it's going to be fine. The crowd love you.' Rory looks at her concerned.

'This song just means a lot to me, I've never wrote something this important for someone.'

'They'll like it because it's you.' She glows looking down trying to not give the game away. The backstage crew called her and she turned to see Rory one last time.

'I hope so too.'

She followed them side stage waiting to be instructed to go on, her hand holding onto the microphone and the lights are down and glance at the camera. This is the first song where it was just her and the piano.

Something just feels right in my heart,

When I'm not with you I fall apart,

You make me feel alive,

When you are by my side,

Touch my skin and hold me like you do,

I promise I won't hurt you,

I thought I would heal for a long time,

It feels right,

Don’t hide away the pain that you have,

You can't fool me, I'm here to help you out,

I've been let down too many times,

And I'm ready to make you mine,

Just say yes,

Don’t hesitate or look back,

My arms are open for you to fall.

I won't hurt you, I swear it now,

There's no way I'm giving up on you,

We can fight this, I can feel it,

All I gotta is make you believe it.

Don’t listen to what they say,

We have control,

I'm ready to take the risk.

Thank you for being by my side.

All the brave words that she couldn't tell him are there now, her feelings and emotion about him was out and can’t take it back, her song made the crowd go wild. She appreciated the response dearly. The judges gave their feedback and were all good criticism, that's all she wanted to hear, the one person she wanted her feedback on was the person she wrote it for and he was in the green room waiting for her to come back.

Ryleigh walked in and applauded with a group hug, she noticed Rory looking at her differently and took it as a bad thing. Maybe he wasn't into her as she thought he was. Rory has goosebumps, he listened word from word and it made his heart thump faster, he wanted her by his side and kiss her deeply. Not right now, the camera's and crew are here, it's not safe.

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