Losing My Mind

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Chapter 24

The look Rory give startled Ryleigh, that was not the response she wanted, he looked at her like he was about to tell her “I love you like a sister” style. Ryleigh knew this was a bad idea, she should of known it made her look like a fool and knew their friendship is going to be awkward. Dylan went on next and she couldn’t look at him at all, so Rory didn’t either and watched the screen. Rory heart continued to pound fast, the feeling he had for her started to become real, he wanted to hold her close but with a crowd around he had to resist and that’s why he couldn’t look at her. His name was called and out of the blue, he gave Ryleigh a kiss on the cheek which made her jump and confused.
‘Just listen.’ He whispered to her and followed the backstage crew, she looked over at Ester, Elliot and Ashton with a smirk on their faces.
‘What?’ Ryleigh looked at them.
‘I hope you like it.’ Elliot responded and Ester pointed at the TV.

The stage went quiet and he would sing as soon the first chord strummed,

Hey girl, tell me the truth,
Am I the one you think of too,
Tell me so, I want to know,
Lie next to me and feel me so,
Feel the pounding of my hurt heart,
These tattoos that hide my scars,

Don’t listen to a word they say,
That used to be me and I’ve changed today,
Music gave me the reason to escape,
Until I met you, I love you girl,

I’m losing my mind, When I’m with you,

And somehow I just trust you,
Not to hurt me, as everyone does,
Kiss me again, and hold my heart,
Take my hand,

Hey girl, run away with me,
No looking back, let’s get out of here,
Just me and you, no reason to lose,
Being with each other is the option to choose

This type of song isn’t what Rory would do, even his last song caught everyone by surprise and this one meant something to him because she’s listening. Ryleigh wanted to cry, it made her feel happy and felt a love she ever has been in before. His caring words about having a future with her gave her belief he loved her the same way. This started to feel like home and he’ll be with her even if she doesn’t win, she wants a future with him.

He went back to the green room and the only person he wanted to see is her and see how she felt, as Ryleigh looked at him wiping the tears away from her face smiling. He’s glad of the reaction he wanted, she ran up to him and hugged him tight. They held in the embrace for a long time but had to let go and look at each other at some point, they only wanted to do one thing and they couldn’t, not right now.

For the results it upset Ryleigh as Ester became the next one to leave, she didn’t want her to go but it’s what the public voted her. Going back to the house, it brought her down but Ester cheered her up and said “To the last girl standing.” toast. Ryleigh’s phones buzzed with a message from Rory.

“We should talk, meet outside after everyone goes to bed? xxx”

She sees him in the corner of the room looking at her, making sure she got the message. Ryleigh looks back at her phone with a smile and texts back,
“Sure, can’t wait xxx” He smiles while reading her text.

When the party was over, she waited for Ester to be fully asleep and sends a text telling him she’s on her way. She couldn’t figure it out what Rory had planned but understood to be low key, she slipped on a scoop neck black dress falling mid-thigh, with her back fully exposed and let her hair fall loosely. She opens the front door and looks around.
‘Rory?’ She whispered.
‘Over here.’ He whispered back and can see him around the corner of the house and creeps up to him.
‘What are we doing then?’ She asks getting closer to him.
‘Come on, we’re going for a drive.’ He takes her hand and steers her into his car, he turns the engine on and drive out of the gate as it opens automatically and no guard on site.
‘Where are we going then?’ He keeps his eyes on the wheel and smiles.
‘I know you think the view from the balcony is beautiful, but I know a better one.’ She sees his eyes looking out to the road but she can sense his love for her deeply.
As they drive around LA at night, Ryleigh gazing out of her side of the window. They knew they aren’t supposed to be out, but they shouldn’t get caught either.

He parks up on a mountain cliff top, he thought of this place would be the best to get some privacy and tell her how he feels about her. They get out of the car with her jaw dropped and eyes popping out taking in the glorious view of looking down at LA brightening beautifully. Rory can’t help but look at her from her amazement and leans back on the front of his car, she follows and sits on the front bonnet with her feet dangling.
‘You’re right, this view is much better.’ She smiles still gazing.
‘Yeah, I keep forgetting that this is my home.’ They giggle, after that he looked down to think and gazed at her. ‘I meant every word.’ Ryleigh looks at him. ‘I wrote that for you.’ Her heart skipping away from the song to him telling her.
‘I did too.’ She responded, he got up and leaned in facing her while being comfortable in between her legs.
‘I’m crazy about you Ry, I’ve never stopped since I kissed you.’
‘Me too.’ She couldn’t help but be quiet as he is close to her face, he placed one hand on the side of her cheek.
‘I thought I knew it all and the only thing I needed was music. Music gave me the reason to escape, that was until I met you. You make me feel so alive Ryleigh.’ He touched her forehead with his and started to get breathless. She recalls those words in his song that he sang tonight just for her and returned it.
‘I promise I won’t hurt you, I’m ready to take that risk, Rory.’ They look at each other one more time and gently places his lips onto hers, she gently kisses him back and cups her face with his hands. He goes deeper into her mouth and she follows him starting to feel like their in heaven, the love they feel when they kiss, he moves his hands and wraps around her waist hugging her close while still kissing her deeply she grabs the back of his hair with one of her hands and one on his neck.
They both wanted to take this further and wished he could have her on the top of his car right now, but he wanted to love her the right way make her feel safe and protected between some sheets. Rory would of done this years ago but with her, this wasn’t just another relationship, this is love to him. He release’s himself from her mouth, Ryleigh couldn’t help but blush and smile, he uses his hand to lift her chin.
‘When this competition is all over, I want you to stay here.’
‘I’ve already decided that I’ll stay. This is my home now.’ They smile at each other and hug tightly.

The journey back was quiet but it wasn’t awkward she had is hand locked into his in her lap while his other hand is on the steering wheel. Rory parks the car up and they sneakily went back to the house. As they closed the front door quietly, he was making his way back but she tugged on his arm dragging him onto her while she leans on the wall. Ryleigh pulled on his shirt making him come closer and kissed him on the lips deeply, she wanted more than a kiss now it got her craving for more. He can feel her rush and excitement and begged for it too, but they can’t. They don’t want this relationship to start while their in the competition, it’ll change the way they act towards each other and put Ryleigh in a difficult part with the media concluding this relationship started too soon and accuse of her cheating on her ex-fiancée, when they both know it’s not true. He pulls back touching nose to nose.
‘I’ll see you in the morning.’ He whispers to her and let’s go while Ryleigh is breathing deeply taking it in all and craves for him again. She makes her way back into her room finally calmed down of the rush she was getting.

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