Losing My Mind

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Chapter 25

She dreams of having him in her arms and strives hard not to create any more of him in a sexual fantasise. He wakes up curious if he can sneak out and crawl into her bed now she’ll be on her own after today, he misses her deeply and sends a text message. Ryleigh stirs to the vibrating noise on her bedside and sees his message.

“Morning, I can’t stop thinking about you. xxx”

She smiles at his text and decides to take a photo of herself lying on her pillow with a message back,

“I wish you where here Xxx”

He’s keen to leap out of bed and be with her right now, the way she smiles at the camera grasping he could wake up to her every morning like that. Rory decides to do the same and takes a picture and sends it,

“I can’t wait xxx”

The photo she gawked at got her hot with one of his arm exposed of his tattoos cosying to his bedsheets, she had an idea.

“Is your phone on silent? Xxx”

“Yes it is, why? xxx”

Rory sees his phone of Ryleigh requesting for a video chat and he answers, she’s there with her finger over her mouth to indicate to be quiet. She can’t help but smile and he does the same, staring at each other dreaming one day they’ll be able to do this properly. Ryleigh overheard Ester stirring and laid her phone down and ended the call, it confused Rory but she sent a texted explaining and will see him downstairs.

After eating up and watching back the show, it didn’t give away anything is going on between them but they can’t help give a look of hungriness for each other.

Ryleigh assisted Ester to pack her stuff and ask her what her next step is going to be,

‘I’m not sure, but I defiantly want to work with a band and go on tour. I don’t mind not being the centre of the attention, as long as I get to play live every night.’

‘With your keyboard skills, they will be desperate to have a great asset like you.’ Ester smiled from her compliment.

‘Good luck with it Ry, you’re going to kill it.’

‘I’ll try my best.’ Ryleigh helped with her bags and hugged her goodbye when she made her way to the car.

‘Last girl standing.’ Elliot called out to Ryleigh.

‘I know, it’s scary.’

They decided to go and have a relaxed pool day, before Rory and Ryleigh went to go and get ready, the producers summoned them over for a chat. As they went into the studio room, Kelsie and Josh were in there.

‘We need to talk to you two.’ The producer says, they looked at each other quickly and they knew why, Rory shrugged.

‘Sure.’ He played it cool.

‘We know you two snuck out last night, your car was gone and CCTV caught you two in it.’


‘You’re not supposed to leave the grounds without our permission. Where did you go?’ Josh asked, Ryleigh had her eyes down to the floor thankful that he’s taking charge.

‘Just went for a drive, nothing else, we came back.’ He told them.

‘Why did you leave?’

‘We just wanted some privacy. No camera’s, no microphones just us two having a conversation.’ Rory started to get frustrated, Kelsie can see Ryleigh’s thinking.

‘You’re quite Ryleigh?’ Kelsie spoke which made Ryleigh look at her.

‘It’s true. We just wanted some privacy.’

‘You two didn’t set this up did you?’ The producer asks Kelsie and Josh which presented them a startled look.

‘No, they didn’t know.’ Ryleigh went right in to defend them, they didn’t want them to be fired like Blakes PA was. ‘It was all our idea.’

‘Well don’t do it again. You can leave.’ They gave a small smile and left the studio after he shut the door Ryleigh sighed.

‘That was awful.’

‘But it was worth it.’ Rory smirked at her and followed him to go upstairs.

‘Hey Ryleigh!’ Kelsie called making them turn around, ‘I knew you were going to do something reckless.’ She teases and Ryleigh blushes from her comment. ‘So lunch today?’ Ryleigh shifts to him and see’s he’s sad for her going. ‘Or have I interrupted something?’ Rory nudges his head telling her to go.

‘Yep, I can do that.’

‘Great let’s go.’ Kelsie spins around while Ryleigh picks up her bag and looks a him.

‘I’ll be back soon.’

‘Can’t wait.’ He gives a peck on her cheek, Kelsie saw it and couldn’t help but smile for her.

Ryleigh was craving for a pizza and she took her to a family business pizza place, known to be the best in town.

‘So, tell me what happened?’ Ryleigh stops halfway through sipping on her drink.

‘Like we already told you.’

‘You’re a bad liar Ryleigh, I can tell.’ She rolled her eyes. ‘Come on, did it happen?’ She looked a her confused. ‘Did you do it in his car?’ Shocked from her response she became speechless. ‘I knew it! Didn’t think it was your sort of thing, you naughty minx you!’

‘No! We didn’t. We just kissed a little.’ She went bright red thinking about it.

‘Just kissed?’ She lifts one eyebrow at her.

‘Yes, that’s it. We don’t want to push things too far while we’re in this.’

‘Wow, that’s a brave move.’

‘It’s a step more than you are with Josh?’ Ryleigh teased her.

‘That’s not strictly true.’ Kelsie replied, ‘Josh may have stayed over last night….in my bed….naked.’ They giggle and smile from it.

‘Oh my gosh, finally!’ Ryleigh says while Kelsie sits there reminiscing about it.

‘Yeah, it just felt right.’

‘What made you both decide to take it to the next step?’

‘You and Rory.’ Ryleigh looks at her perplexed, ‘The way you both sung about your songs to each other, it felt like we both wanted to tell each other how we feel. You both doing that made us realise what are we waiting for?’ Kelsie scratches the back of her neck getting a hot flush from thinking about it. ‘That’s why we got called in, because we weren’t answering our phones last night.’

‘So they thought you planned us to go out?’ Kelsie nodded. ‘Sorry we dragged you down with that.’

‘It’s fine. You should of told me though.’

‘It was a heat of the moment.’ The pizza and fries arrived, making Ryleigh drool with excitement.

‘So, you and Rory are going to go through keeping your hands off each other. Is that what you want?’

‘Of course not, I’m desperate for him.’ That’s all she’s been thinking about.

‘Well be careful, if you don’t want the media sniffing around about your relationship. They’ll be all over you like wildfire. Fans go crazy when celebs get together too, it can go good or bad.’ Ryleigh nodded.

‘That’s what we want to avoid.’

‘Ok, myself and Josh will make sure nothing gets spilled.’

‘Thank you, I really appreciate that.’ Kelsie bites into her second slice. ‘Thank you for everything Kels, without you, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue. You’ve been there for me right from the start. You’ve always been there for me and I wanted to give something back.’ Ryleigh got her rucksack, opened to display a shopping bag and passed it to her. She rummaged through it and saw a blue sequin dress. ‘I noticed you liked it and I brought it for you to wear on you’re date with Josh, but I’m too late now.’ She looked at her and Kelsie eyes started to water. ‘Did I say something?’ She nodded her head and grabbed her hand.

‘Nobody has been so thankful for me helping them on a TV show, this means a lot to me. Thank you.’

‘I’ve also made a decision and I am going to stay here.’

‘That’s great! I’m so happy for you. You’re growing up.’ Kelsie gets up from her chair and hugs Ryleigh.

After her lunch, she sees all the boys by the pool and makes her way down in her bikini, no cover-up. Even though she needed to be careful, it’s their day off but didn’t want to give too much away with the crew still around. She struts her way to the edge of the pool at sits with her feet in the water, she can see in the corner of her eye Rory glancing at her from the sun lounger. Her curves and bare skin on show makes his lips curl up, he jumps off and sits next to her.

‘You can’t be doing that.’ He says closely to her ear.

‘I can do what I want.’ She teases him biting her lip.

‘I’ll throw you in.’

‘You wouldn’t dare.’ Rory pushes her, luckily being in the shallow end she could stand up quickly.

‘Rory!’ She shouted and he laughed, she swam to him and grabbed his arm tugging him down but he’s too strong lifting her with one arm and he pushed her away again.

‘Is he being nasty?’ Elliot said while standing next to him.

‘Yes, he is.’ She smirks at him.

‘We’re not having that, boys!’ Dylan and Ashton came over and they all lifted Rory and he couldn’t fight them all and they chucked him in the deep end, she’s laughing hysterically.

Rory swims back to her and looks deeply into her eyes being sucked in and desiring to hold her.

‘I told Kelsie by the way, about us.’ Ryleigh said quietly, ‘She said she and Josh will do as much as they can to keep the press from sniffing anything about us, but she also wants us to play our part.’ Rory nodded.

‘Is that why you went to lunch with her?’

‘That and Josh stayed over hers last night.’ She wiggles her eyebrows.

‘They did huh?’ She nodded. ‘At least he won’t be moping around anymore.’ He laughs.

Dinner was ordered and Ryleigh was the first one ready to be changed and downstairs, she leans on the island scrolling through her phone with her back towards the stairs.

‘You should have stayed in your bikini longer, I would of love to take it off you.’ Rory says to her wrapping his hands around his waist, making her smile and dropping her phone.

‘We need to behave you know.’ She turns around telling him, even if she liked the idea too, he has his arms and each side of the counter closing her in.

‘I know, but I like teasing you.’ He winks at her and he can see it’s bothering her a lot. ‘You look amazing you do.’

‘I’m in my lazy pants and a tank top?’ Maybe he’s winding her up.

‘You look so good in it.’ The doorbell went indicating the food is here, she escapes from his arms looking back at him.

‘Wait until you see me naked.’ She tells him walking towards the door, damn that’s all he started to think about.

After feeling stuffed they all sat down to watch a film, it’s one that the boys picked so Ryleigh had no say in it and already started to fall asleep next to Rory. He can’t help but look at her sleeping softly next to her.

‘Never met someone who crashes like that.’ Elliot says to him, ‘At least she’ll be easy to watch films with.’ He laughs.

‘Yeah, I guess so.’ And he looks over at her again, Elliot saw a change in him in a good way.

‘I’m glad you both found each other.’

‘She really means something to me.’ He smiles feeling happy for him, ‘But we want it to keep it a secret after this is all done.’ Elliot nods.

‘I understand. So, you’re not going in her bed tonight then?’ He mocks him.

‘I wish.’

‘Why don’t you?’

‘We need to show that we aren’t together. People are going to get mad over it. ’

‘Damn, you’re going to try and keep it a secret?’

‘If it means not crawling into her bed tonight.’

The film finished and Rory gently shook her to wake up, telling her to go to bed.

‘I slept through the whole thing didn’t I?’ She felt groggy and he giggles are her.

‘Yes but you still looked cute.’ She makes her way upstairs and he followed her to the top and ready to go right to his room,

‘Aren’t you coming?’ She teases him as she walks to her room, he shook his head.

‘As much as I want to. Night.’ He goes to his room and closes the door. The temptation was there but is glad he’s taken it seriously too.

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