Losing My Mind

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Chapter 26

Making their way to the studio and the journey started to get quicker, the judges are there ready to explain the new challenge.

‘Ok, we all have our own career but at the same time we always want to collaborate too, so we want to know how you would all work in a team.’ Marcus takes the lead. ‘For this challenge, you will all work together to create a song not only shows off your part but how you work together too.’ They’re all thrilled to be working together but at the same time, it’s a competition and they need to fight to have a good part. They announced cut and Kelsie gave her the schedule and she gave her a look of knowing full well what the plan should have been. The idea was to have a busy schedule to get away from Rory and she’ll have to work with him.

‘This is going to harder then I thought.’ Ryleigh tells her.

They sit around the table pitching ideas around on what they could sing about, it’s such as shame because they could of talked about being at a party having it on with girls but had to respect Ryleigh being here. The other idea is to talk about how much being here has changed and thanking their fans for their support. Ashton’s good a screaming, Rory can rap, Elliot, Dylan and Ryleigh will have their singing parts, they thought hard on the chorus as this need to be their strongest part.

We are the leaders of the outcast,
We don’t need your shit and we’re not holding it back,
The American dream is our thing and we’ll drink to that,
We may be dead but not out for the count,
Come with us and let’s go insane.

Each had their verse to think about and glad they could make a start in the studio tomorrow, this would take longer to work as there are loads of them collaborating their skills.

As they record each part, Rory tries vigorously not to breathe near Ryleigh or he’ll just grab onto her and won’t let her go. She teased him a lot as her way of not showing her frustration for him, the games they played not to give into each other, they stayed friendly but secretly seducing each other. Ryleigh can see his paper with his lyrics,

‘Wow, that’s a lot of words to rap in that part?’

‘I’ll get it in.’ He says acting cocky, he hasn’t let out a part of his skill he taught himself.

‘I’m thinking of adding some screamo into my verse.’

‘Just be careful, you don’t want to damage your vocals.’ She nods.

‘I don’t know, I’m not keen on this.’ Dylan speaks up to the group.

‘What are you not keen about?’ Elliot asks him.

‘Changing the tune of this verse, so Rory can add his rap in.’

‘The idea is to surprise the listeners with the transition changes. I thought we all agreed to that?’ Ryleigh added her input.

‘I know, I think it goes on for too long.’ Dylan turns to Rory, ‘Is there any way you could cut your lyrics back?’ He raises one eyebrow at him feeling irritated.

‘Why don’t you cut back your lyrics too.’ Rory snaps.

‘You don’t have to be like-’

‘I’m not doing it, you’re taking away my verse time and we agreed to all have the same.’

‘I didn’t mean it in a nasty way.’ Dylan implied, Ryleigh can see the rage in Rory eyes there was one thing he didn’t like, people taking away his creditability.

‘No, but you wanted to find a reason to hold back production and thought I would be a weak one.’ Rory tensed.

‘Guys chill.’ Elliot steps in between them. ‘We’ll figure something out.’

‘Why don’t we take a break?’ Ryleigh jumped in.

‘Good idea.’ She grabs Rory’s arm for attention.

‘Come on.’ She tells him and follows her out of the recording studio.

She opens a fire exit door to let the cooling air to their skin, hoping it’ll calm him down.

‘I can’t believe him!’ Rory leaned on the wall still furious. ‘Cut my lyrics back how dare he!’

‘We worked in there for 4 hours straight with no break.’

‘Do you agree with Dylan?’ He asks with some force.

‘No, I never said that.’ She seemed startled.

‘But you agree with him?’

‘No, I don’t think he has the right to cut yours at all.’ Ryleigh wasn’t sure what was causing him to be uptight about it.

‘This is why I don’t like working with people, all they do is try to change something you built into theirs without considering the purpose of why you originally wrote it.’ From that, she couldn’t figure out why.

‘You were ok working with me?’ He looks at her,

‘That’s because you’re flexible, at least we came up with the idea and stuck with it. He wants to change it all and for what? To save his ass.’ Ryleigh sighed not sure what else to say to him.

‘I’m going to back inside, come back when you’re ready.’ She rubs his arms and makes her way back in. There are times he doesn’t think before he says, which lands him in a lot of trouble. The track he had built with his friends, Rory wants it to be perfect.

He comes back in and sees Ryleigh singing her verse, he seemed satisfied viewing her and knew he ought to be a team player in this, so he was about to apologise to Dylan for the way he acted until he perked up again.

‘Does she really have to hold that note that long?’ He says to Ashton.

‘What’s the problem with it?’ He replied.

‘It overlaps with my verse.’

‘Oh come on by a second.’

‘A second too long in my eyes.’ Rory clenched his teeth striving not to react, he retracted his apology and disliked Dylan.

As she came out of the studio she saw Rory appearing guilty.

‘You alright?’ She asked him.

‘I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to place that shit on you.’

‘It’s fine, you got to let out some steam there and then.’

‘But I shouldn’t of accuse you of agreeing about something that I was pissed at.’ She shrugs.

‘We all do it.’
‘I can’t believe you’re being so calm about it.’

‘I have no reason to get mad, all I want is you to be fine and I know you prefer to be on your own with your thoughts for a while.’ The anticipation to hold her and kiss her runs in Rory’s mind too much, she can see he craves to touch her so bad. The sound guy tells them to wrap it up for the day.

They had one more day in the studio, which had some back and forth conflicts from Dylan, it did start to annoy everyone, even Ryleigh as she doesn’t get agitated too often.

The next part was the music video, Ryleigh had her dressing room and had two outfits to change into, she had one of them singing into a microphone with the band playing behind and one in a crop top and high waist leggings, with her little middle on show. The director had an idea of them being in a dark background with laser lights around on them like in a disco, the guys all would be wearing just black joggers, she’s glad it’s more like a crop top than a bra. The make-up and hair team worked their magic, she sits with her phone checking things while waiting to be called. Spending on her phone, the battery started to drain and went to get her charger when she hears a knock on the door. She looks through the mirror to see it’s Rory with his black vest top on and joggers.

‘What are you doing here?’ She says to him while looking through the mirror,

‘Thought you might want some company.’ He pouts at her then looks her over, she smirks at him.

‘You’re too kind.’ He hovers over her still studying at each other through the mirror.

‘You look amazing.’ She can’t help but blush and he rests his chin on her right shoulder while moving his hands on each side of Ryleigh closing her into the make-up table. She can sense he’s aroused and sticks her bum out thrusting against his front causing him to shift slightly from liking it.

‘I’m not giving in.’ She taunts him, ‘I know you’re desperate.’

‘What makes you think that? What if I’m doing this to tease you?’ He teases back, she lifts one eyebrow and presses her bum a bit more, creating him moan lightly.

‘It’s not me you should be worried about?’ Ryleigh hid her frustration well, of course, she’s desperate to have him, she flirts to hide.

‘Damn it Ryleigh.’ He whispers.

‘Damn it Rory.’ She mimics him back, biting her bottom lip.

‘How long is it until we go on set?’ She grabs her phone to check the time.

‘About 5 minutes or less, why?’

‘We got some time.’ He responds and moves her hair onto the other side of her left shoulder. He uses his index finger to let her strap falls off her right shoulder and grabs her waist with both hands while kissing her neck. Ryleigh watches him in the mirror sensing a shiver from head to toe of pleasure she’s been waiting for, he couldn’t hold it in much longer he needed a rush of satisfaction.

‘Rory...’ She says softly.

‘Please let me.’ He gazes at her back in the mirror enjoying his impact on her, she watches him as he moves his hand to cup one of her breasts. The thin material he clasps onto almost feeling her skin. Ryleigh couldn’t hold on and grinds into his crutch again heavier and he thrusts in. ‘You’re so beautiful.’ He spins her over to face him wanting to kiss.

‘I have lipstick on.’ She stops him, while holding onto his hair with one hand his waist on another.

‘I can still kiss you here.’ He goes back to her neck as she lifts her head for more exposure, while she gently moves her hand down to the front of his joggers, grabbing onto his hard on making him moan.

‘God Ryleigh.’ He cries silently, she doesn’t hold on any longer and let’s go making him look at her.

‘I think that’s enough.’ She says and moves herself off him, he grins while glowing from the foreplay she delivered him, it may have been a small amount but it did lead off some steam. ‘Let’s go.’

The director position them on the set on how they want to display some small shots, she can’t help but look at Rory topless and drool. He puts them in an upside-down V shape with Ryleigh being the front point with Elliot on her right side, Rory on the left, Ashton behind and Dylan the opposite, once he does that the director check on his screen to see it’s right.

‘Why does Ryleigh get to go in the middle?’ Dylan said.

‘She’s the only girl, it makes sense.’ Rory glances back at him with tension.

‘She’s mostly been in the front of these shots today.’ He became more annoyed.

‘I can switch, it’s no problem.’ Ryleigh says seeking to please everyone.

‘No stay there.’ Rory tells her, ‘This is the director’s choice, not yours.’ He says to Dylan scowling at him to be quiet.

‘Ok, Ryleigh look forward.’ The director says, she turns back round to look at the camera, ‘Perfect. Let’s put the track on.’ They followed all the directions they were given and Dylan didn’t speak up anymore.

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