Losing My Mind

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Chapter 27

After the video shoot, she made sure he was arm’s length from each other, because she deems the next time they touch each other, it would be harder to let go. Out of all the challenges she’s been in, this by far has been the hardest one, Dylan has created everything difficult challenging everyone’s moves and contribution.

In the rehearsal for the live show, a stage choreography taught them how to move on stage effortlessly and they practised with the song and it seemed to be going well. After running for the third time, it started to hurt Ryleigh’s vocals and needed to chug more water down, she attempted again and struggled sounding worse she had to quit halfway through and cough again.

‘Ok, I think we need to stop.’ Rory says into his microphone, ‘Ryleigh’s voice is starting to hurt.’

‘We can’t.’ Dylan said, ‘It’s not sounding right.’ He glares at him.

‘I agree with you man, but we should stop for a bit. Let’s take a 10 min break.’ The teacher tells him.

‘I’m sorry guys.’ Ryleigh says.

‘It’s fine, we need you to rest.’ Elliot says and pulls for a hug and walks off the stage, Aston pats her on the shoulder.

‘You should of stopped after the third time. You need to stop straining it.’ Rory tells her concerned.

‘I know but, we’ve got to get it right.’ Causing her to panic,

‘It’s fine, as long as we keep singing and enjoying the song. It wouldn’t look like it’s a mess.’ He catches a scoff from behind him.

‘Yeah right.’ Dylan passes them both but glares at her, ‘Thanks a lot Ryleigh.’ Sounding disrespectful and inconsiderate, it frustrated Rory with his fists clenched ready to get up to his face, she can detect the fury in his eyes and tries to jump in front of him to stop but he’s too quick.

‘Hey mate, you don’t talk to her like that. Who do you think you are?’ He squares up to Dylan,

‘Rory just let it go.’ Ryleigh catches up with him.

‘Jesus man, what’s you’re problem?’ Dylan got tense.

‘You can’t keep being rude to people like that, it doesn’t make you any better.’ Rory tells him. ‘I’ve had enough of it.’

‘Whatever man, sorry.’ Dylan walks away.

‘Rory, don’t.’ She grabs his arm to not chase him. ‘Go get some fresh air, come back when you’re ready.’ He can see she’s hurt from him creating a scene.

‘Will you come with me a sec? I would like to talk to you.’ She didn’t like his tone and her test tightened and her mind is overthinking.

Rory takes her out to the side stage door where it’s quiet.

‘What’s wrong?’ Ryleigh asks, she did seem worried and he leans on the wall.

‘I’m worried that I’m fucking this up before it even begins.’ He starts to worry while looking at her. ‘I feel like I’m bringing you down into my problems, you don’t need that.’

‘You’re stressed and overthinking everything. It’ll be fine.’ Ryleigh reassures him.

‘I care about you so much Ry. Anyone that says bad of you, I can’t take it. I have to step in.’

‘I’m grateful for you doing that, but there are some things that don’t need to be a battle.’ Rory places his head down to the floor staring at his feet. ‘We’ll get through it, we’re still learning about each other.’ She settles her hand on his cheek and moves his head to look at her. “Don’t hide away the pain that you have, you can’t fool me, I’m here to help you out.” Ryleigh sings her lyrics out to him from last week. He smiles at her and kisses her hand that’s on his cheek adoring her touch. ‘You know getting all heated like that, turns me on a bit.’ She wanders passed him and gives him a wink on her way back into the studio. Rory doesn’t understand what he’s done to deserve her, she should be with someone who isn’t going to cause any problem at every corner, Ryleigh shouldn’t be with someone like that.

She let them do one more rehearsal, which started to make things feel better with the group and went to go get ready for the set, Kelsie came in to catch up with her.

‘How’s things then?’

‘It’s been a tough week, not going to lie.’

‘With Rory or the song?’

‘Both, Dylan has been quite difficult.’

‘You know why though?’ She shook her head. ‘He sees you as a threat?’ She crooked one eyebrow at her, ‘You’re good at what you do. He wants to win.’

‘I never thought of it like that.’

‘Why’s it been tough with Rory?’ Ryleigh rolled her eyes.

‘What do you think?’

‘That hard eh?’ She nods, ‘Sorry girl, I won’t brag about me and Josh then.’

‘No go on, you seem to be glowing lately.’ Kelsie blushed a bit.

‘I know, I can’t help it. He’s just amazing.’ She leans in ‘And I’m not talking about just in bed.’ Ryleigh giggles with her but also feeling happy for her she’s found someone to make her happy. Two knocks on the door and Rory peeps in.

‘You shouldn’t be here you know.’ Kelsie tells him.

‘I can’t say hi to the most wonderful person in the world.’ He says and kisses Ryleigh on the forehead, she couldn’t help but go “aww” and he leans on the back of her chair and she turns to look at him.

‘You say that a lot.’ She taunts him.

‘I can’t help it if it’s true.’ He smirks at her.

‘My god, you both are frustrated. I can tell.’ They get embarrassed from her comment.

Before she went to the green room, they are all asked to have a 5-minute video about why they deserve to be in this competition, she sits down on the seat and looks at the camera.

‘Being here has changed everything and I can’t thank you enough for all the support and votes from everyone that has believed in me. I’m looking forward to making it to the final and writing the proudest song that I can’t wait for everyone to hear.’

They make their way to the stage to perform their song together, the crowd went wild and enjoyed the song they all worked together on. Ryleigh enjoyed every minute and gave a few glances at Rory sometimes when he walked passed her. Elliot song the first verse, then Rory with his rap;

Running from trouble, isn’t the way I want to be,

I shouldn’t hurt myself, I shouldn’t be doubting me,

You give me a reason to keep the music in me and I’m doing this for you,

I thank you very much, and my payments have been due,

I learnt my lesson sitting behind those bars, the love my life is killing me,

My little one is far away and I’ll the man to be in my arms one day.

I’m changing my life for the better, she stay with me and become part of my destiny.

They joined in on the chorus and Ryleigh sang her part,

Fighting the enemy,

Is leading to a tragedy,

Be brave on what you are, it gains respectively,

I try my best, without showing the bitch fest,

Yeah, it’s a write-off.

Dylan enters in and goes back to the chorus then Ashton with a killer ending, fire goes off and firework effects for the stage. The element of the whole track got her heart racing and wanted to do another song. Everything finished and Ryleigh breathed heavily from all the jumping around she did and felt Rory grabbing her waist and Elliot put his arm by her shoulder making a group hug. The judges started to make their comments,

‘Well, guys....and girls, that was a surprise.’ Bruce commented.′ The way that it all transitioned to show off your talent and skills without it being a mess.′ The crowd cheered and applaud from his comment. ‘Now, I’ve got to say the bad stuff, I know it wasn’t easy for all of you working together, it did show. I hope you all take this as a learning curve because what you showed on camera while doing it this week, could make and break your career from now.’ Ryleigh smile wiped off a little bit and wonders if Rory might have cost his chance of being here, having a go at Dylan for his behaviour.

‘Yeah I agree a few things what Bruce said.’ Aimee said sounding serious ‘Overall the song was fantastic, some very strong vocals from you all. ’ She looks down at the panel and then looks up. ‘Rory and Dylan, we noticed some friction between the two of you and it concerns me a little bit on what this would lead you both when not just working with a hired band but with other musicians that might want to work with you.’ It didn’t surprise her to bring this up as Dylan is on her team, so she’ll mostly defend for him. ‘I get from you Rory, you have an emotional connection with music very deeply and care very much of the people around you. I do respect that, but at the same time, you need to be careful where it leads to. And I think what Ryleigh has done to help you calm through it, but you can’t rely on her being there all the time. Also, Ryleigh again I see much care in you and always put others first before yourself, but you need to be selfish once in a while. I am being tough on you, I know, but I think it’s time you heard it.’ The crowd gave a little clap from her feedback agreeing. Rory gripped on her waist tight, not to let it get to him or her, she tries not to look at him.

‘First of all, I think what Rory has done is stand up for himself and others as I think Dylan didn’t help the way he behaved too.’ Marcus defends him and the crowd cheers were much louder. ‘I don’t think what you did was horrible, I would do the same if I think a friend of mine or myself is having difficulty with someone. Don’t think that what you did is wrong at all.’ The crowd cheered again taking Marcus side while that was happening Aimee defended again but no one could hear and it turned into a conflict. The host told the judges that it’s time to ask the contestants what they thought about the whole experience, Ashton took charge and hoped it settled his question.

‘So Rory, do you think the judges were being fair with that?’ The host asks and directs the microphone for him to speak, she held onto his waist and squeezed it gently to show she is supportive.

‘You know what, I understand where they are coming from, but I can’t help it when people are trying to hurt others just so they can get their attention or their way. They don’t deserve to be treated like that.’ Rory said with some tension and she did look at him feeling happy that he didn’t get too angry about it. The host ended the show and they walked off stage.

The mixed feelings from the feedback got her worried and tried to push them out of her mind and try to enjoy the evening on a high, but she had a gut feeling and they tend to be right.

One of them will be eliminated tonight.

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