Losing My Mind

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Chapter 29

‘Hey beautiful.’

‘Hey you.’ She says.

‘I’m missing you like crazy.’

‘I miss you more.’

This is her only free time this week to speak to Rory and he understood, it’s going to get wild when it proceeds to the final. During their video chat, he revealed his place, it’s high up in the mountains with a large pool. It looked beautiful, she loved the place already before stepping foot in it. The living room had a black leather sofa with a medium grey painted walls with a rug in the middle and floor to ceiling windows looking out over the mountains. The kitchen was the same size as the one in the house she’s been in, and showed over the balcony view from his bedroom seeing the pool and some other houses.

‘I also have something to tell you.’ Rory says. ‘Another label has been in touch with me and wants to do an album and tour with them.’

‘That’s great. I’m so happy for you.’ He smiles.

‘Thank you. I have to wait for a year for it all to be released, but it’s a start. I can’t wait to get going.’

‘I bet you can’t.’

‘I can’t wait for you to be here.’

‘Me too.’ It went quiet but in a good way, those three words placed on her lips and wanted to tell him but she held back.

‘I’ll see you at the final.’ Rory had the same thought and did the same too.

‘See ya.’

Finally producing all the sections together, she has her one to one with Marcus for the last time and can’t help becoming upset about it.

‘Ryleigh, would you say this had been an unusual change in your life?’ She nods.

‘I think this has been the best thing that has ever happened to me.’ Even if it took her a long time to realise almost in her 20′s she didn’t want the life she wanted and thought it’s the only life she just knew. Not since she landed in LA, it all changed when she got here. ‘I mean it’s been difficult but all I can do is keep moving forward and not look back.’ She continued.

‘You’ve come a long way for someone who never performed at all to now being in the final, it’s been great working with you.’ Marcus says and she felt like crying.

‘Thank you for everything, I’m glad you have chosen me to be on your team.’ He started to become more of a friend to her than just being a big fan of his band and music.

The video, the song is all done with the rehearsal going well, it started to become unreal that this is ending. Kelsie popped by her dressing room wearing the dress she got her.

‘Wow look at you.’ Ryleigh commented,

‘It’s the final for a special occasion.’

‘You look good in it.’

‘I’m calling it my lucky dress.’ Kelsie smiles with her and she plays with the string of her jacket.

‘I’m really nervous.’ She wished Rory was here to calm her down, it never occurred to her without him being here how much she needed him. Kelsie grabbed her hands.

‘You’ll be amazing.’ Ryleigh squeezes her for a hug.

When she was left alone with her thoughts, she realised that Rory hasn’t contacted her or even give her a good luck text, then she heard a knock on a door.

‘Can I come in?’ Elliot said and Ashton followed behind, she nodded. ‘I thought we’d wish you luck for the final.’

‘Thank guys, and best of luck to you too.’

‘I admit you all surprised us.’ Ashton says, ‘Isn’t it all an act?’ He mocked her.

‘Cheeky sod, no!’ And they laughed, once they stopped she thought she asked. ‘Daft question, but have any of you heard from Rory?’

‘No, but I do need to tell you they want you side stage for soundcheck again. We’ve already been.’ Elliot tells her.

‘Oh Ok.’ She got off her chair and made her way to side stage.

She looked around trying to find the assistant who sorts the microphones.

‘Psst.’ She heard and sees a guy with a black cap and leather jacket covering his eyes.

‘Me.’ She answers and he nods to tell her to come over, she gets closer and still can’t recognise him.

‘I couldn’t wish you good luck by text.’ He gazed at her and she recognized his eyes, Ryleigh gasps and practically jumped into his arms, Rory’s right, texting and calling isn’t the same with him being here.

‘How did you get here?’

‘Josh and Kelsie let me in.’ She grinned happily ‘I’ve heard your songs, they’re amazing.’

‘Thanks. I’m glad you’re here. I’ve been pretty nervous about the video, the songs-.’

‘Hey, you’re going to do great.’ Rory interrupts her, she looks around to see if the area is clear.

‘Are you going to give me a good luck kiss. I think I deserve one?’ He does a corner smile.

‘I would, but I brought your number one fan.’ He steps one side to see a small person stand beside him.

‘Ryleigh!’ She called out.

‘Layla.’ And went down to hug her.

‘Good luck.’

‘Aww thank you.’ She went back up to Rory’s height he wanted to kiss her but Layla is very young and wouldn’t understand to keep it a secret.

‘We’ll be watching.’ He takes Layla’s hand and makes their way into the audience, with his other hand he held Ryleigh’s hand until he couldn’t reach enough and had to let go. Him being there has made everything ten times better.

Elliot went first, getting the crowd hyped up and she was next to take the stage. Everything she worked up to, this is her final chance or this would be a waste. She walks onto the pitch-black stage with the spotlight on her and waits to be counted in,

Every day I didn’t feel like I belong here,

I’ve always been scared to say how I feel,

But it’s time to say it anyway,

It seems to be a dream or it seems to be a phase,

I don’t feel ok, my monster is going rage.

It’s always a fake happy I portray,

It’s the only one I know,

You couldn’t really see it, it a chapter I can’t close,

It’s bullshit I have to hide,

The person I want to be,

Set me free and make me live,

I didn’t mean to break your heart,

But admit we were falling apart,

I tried my best to care,

But really you weren’t there.

Searching for a way out,

All you do is bring me down,

Listen hear, to be clear, you love me dear,

I’m on my way,

To knock all my kingdoms down,

And take my crown.

Falling when I down,

There’s was no way back up,

I’m drowning in such hate,

That I forget to breathe for the shake of living.

The guitar got heavy the drums beat hard in her eardrum, the lyrics that hurt her but make her feel better finally releasing the anger that she had built up all over the years, she held onto the last note and while lifting her head and stayed there for a little bit and it all went quiet. The crowd cheered for her and the judges stood up applauding, giving her a standing ovation, she dreamt about this one night and thought it’ll never happen. After what felt like 5 minutes of cheering the judges sat back down and she tried to look for Rory, but no luck.

‘Ryleigh, Ryleigh, Ryleigh. WHAT?’ Marcus says to her ‘How do you do it?’ It made everyone laugh. ‘You just know how to grab people’s attention without overdoing it. This is a fantastic track, fantastic vocals. All off it is fantastic.’ Everyone applauds and she mouths “Thank you” to him.

‘Every time you perform, it’s always something different something unique to it. And it just been...wow each time.’ Aimee says. After that, she makes her way off stage.

Ready for round two and this one is a personal and she hopes he knows why she wrote it. She gets called and stands by the keyboard, she plays the sequence to start her music. While the intro starts she makes her way to centre stage.

Don’t be afraid to show your scars,

Let me take the pain away,

I promise that I’ll fight for you,

Don’t listen to what they say,

Let’s go and run far,

They never understand you,

Like I do.

I’m coming home,

Back into your arms,

I won’t be gone long,

I’ll hear your voice again,

Speak louder so I can hear,

I’m coming home.

The past isn’t what you are,

The future is what you want to be,

I see in your heart,

That you’re the one who will stay with me,

I miss you and I miss your touch,

Take me hand,

I’m coming home.

The atmosphere was different with this song and the crowd can feel it as she made this easy to sing along to. After she finished they go wild for her again with the judges standing ovation.

‘Oh my god, you seem to take something and go out with 110 percent each time. It gives me chills.’ Bruce comments, she tries to look for him again but still no luck, never mind she thought.

After Ashton played his second song, the TV show went for a break. They were all in the green room and all the previous contestants came through the door, Ester grabbed onto Ryleigh.

‘Oh my god, that was amazing.’ She said.

‘Ester! Thank you.’ She said hello to everyone who was here, in the back of the room she saw Rory with his hands in his pockets of his leather jacket.

‘Hey beautiful.’

‘Hey you.’ Ryleigh looks around for his little girl. ‘Where’s Layla?’

‘She’s with the nanny being cared for. She’s had too much fun tonight.’ He smiles and she does too. ‘That was amazing by the way. You’re a true born performer.’

‘Rory, stop you’re making me blush.’ She says while going crimson red.

‘I see the winner, right in front of me.’ Rory says and she buries her head into his shoulder still blushing.

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