Losing My Mind

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Chapter 30

The break ended, Ryleigh, Elliot and Ashton went back on stage and the host brings pressure onto the stage and announced the person with the least votes and it was Ashton. She hugs him and tells him well done. Elliot goes next to Ryleigh and holds hands while they look to the floor, the room goes silent.

‘The winner of Battle of the Rockstar is….’ The host says and her heart’s pounding fast.

‘Ryleigh.’ The crowd yells, she couldn’t hide the joy of the results and Elliot grabs her for a hug with the tears running down her face. ‘Congratulations Ryleigh you win a record deal with Summerton Records and 25,000 dollars. How do you feel?’ The host asks her.

‘I-I-oh my gosh, thank you so much, everyone, who has voted for me.’ Marcus comes over and hugs her, while the host entertains the audience for a bit she gets congratulated by Bruce and Aimee too. Ryleigh been told to sing again and get’s passed the microphone, with the stage emptying up ready to go again with her first song.

She gets it together and starts singing, entertaining the crowd on more time. As she completes her long note a big bang went off releasing the silver confetti falling onto her face. She sees Rory run on stage and he lifts her to spin her around. After he puts her down, he cups her face,

‘I knew you could do it!’ He placed his forehead with hers and she starts to cry again, then everyone piles on her for a group hug. When that was all done he grabs her hand to get her to the front of the stage and lifts her arm for everyone to cheer the winner, she can hear the crowd chanting her name. Everything she dreamed of is coming true.

The last part of the night, the TV show hired out a club for the after-party. Ryleigh had to go change into her emerald green dress, re-touch her make-up and meet Rory there. Kelsie helped her and escort her in the club and she’s been crying too.

‘I’m so proud of you.’

‘Thank you. I can’t believe what just happened.’

‘This is only the beginning.’ Kelsie grabs her hand and squeezes it, ‘Come on, let’s celebrate.’ They walk through the door and all the party lights flashing and music playing loud and heavy. She catches Rory with Layla in his arms leaning on her shoulder trying to keep her eyes open.

‘Hey you.’ She coos at Layla and she didn’t react, all the energy has gone.

‘It’s been a long evening.’ Rory said.

‘Why don’t you put her to bed?’

‘She wanted to see you one last time.’

‘Bless her. Thank you Layla, I’ll see you soon. Night.’ She buries her head into Rory’s arms wanting to crash very badly.

‘I’ll be back, I’ll get the nanny to put her to bed.’ She nods and watches him leave, Elliot came by and passes her a drink with Ester and Ashton.

‘Congrats Ry on your win.’ She thanks them.

‘So what’s the next step? Apart from a record deal and 25 thousand dollars.’ Ester jokes.

‘Well, I get to go home for a few days which would be nice. Then I’ll make a start on recording I guess.’ She replies.

‘Please keep in touch won’t you?’ She nods.

‘I will.’ She feels two taps on her shoulder and turns to see Marcus.

‘Ryleigh come meet the record label for a sec?’ She nods and follows him and sees three men in heavy grey beards and tattoos and two women with bright coloured hair. ’These are the team that will be helping you with the album at the label. They introduced themselves and congratulate on her winning, she tells them she’s looking forward to be working with them.

After having a pleasant conversation she gets another drink and Rory sneaks up behind her.

‘I’ll get these.’ He tells her.

‘Good, I’m glad you’re here.’ She teases and faces him, Rory pays for the drinks and smirks at her.

‘What are you thinking of doing? Now this is all over.’

‘Well, they are sending me home for a few days. Get to see my family and friends again.’

‘I wish I can come with you.’ Rory said with a pang of guilt, due to his criminal records he would be denied entry into the UK.

‘It’s fine, gives me a reason for me to come back.’ She give a corner smile.

‘Hey both.’ Kelsie walks up with Josh beside her with his arms wrapped around her. ‘Weren’t she amazing?’

‘Defiantly the best.’ Rory says.

‘What would you guys do now when the show’s over?’ Ryleigh asks.

‘We go straight to another one.’ Josh explains.

‘We have one ready to start next week.’ Kelsie adds in. They chat for most of the night and Ryleigh felt the tiredness and started to yawn.

‘It’s getting late, maybe you should go back and rest?’ Rory tells her. ‘I can take you back.’

‘If that’s alright with you?’ He nods and directs her to his car.

He parks up and opens the door for her to help her out. She had all her stuff moved to the hotel close by and has a room for the night. Rory follows to her room on the fourth floor, it’s the same hotel she was in to begin with.

‘Thanks for taking me back.’ She says as she unlocks the door letting herself in and he follows.

Ryleigh takes her jacket off and throws it to the chair and he grabs her by the waist. ‘Do you want me to stay?’ Rory gets close to her face etching to kiss her,

‘What about your daughter?’

‘She’s staying with the nanny tonight. Kelsie arranged it.’ Ryleigh shook her head, smiling mentally thanking her. ‘So it’s just you and me.’

‘Finally.’ She kisses him passionately and he does the same desiring all week to have her. The kiss she remembers that night on his car tasted the same.

Rory finds the zip on the back of her dress, unzipping carefully and making it falling easily off her body, displaying the matching lacy black underwear and she pulls off his shirt, touching his chest, seeing all the markings he has inked and rolled down to the waistband of his jeans unbutton them and tugging them off. He takes a step forward, making her step back going towards the bed falling her down on her back still kissing her deeply. Ryleigh lays comfortably while he looks at her.

‘You’re so beautiful.’ And she smiles waiting for him to kiss her again, he does for a while and starts kissing her neck while cupping her breasts and she moans gently and grips onto him tighter, making her body shiver and begging for more. Rory starts to unclip her bra and throws it, kissing every inch of her body. She can’t help but love every second of him holding her, and starts to delicately take her underwear off. She removes his boxers off while he reaches back up to her face kissing her again. He gently enters and she contracts in between her legs, eager for him to go faster and harder, gripping onto his muscles gently whispering his name and resting his forehead against hers. Ryleigh feels his passion and desire, with pleasure running all over her body. He keeps going until he’s ready to finish and starts to slow down, catching his breath.

She feels secure and safe while she wraps in his arms in the bed with the covers over them. They gaze into each other’s eyes happily hearing nothing but their gentle breathing.

‘I don’t want you to go back.’ Rory says,

‘I’ll only be gone for a few days.’ Ryleigh get’s closer to his face ‘Then you can have me as much as you like.’ She kisses him while he smiles and lets out a giggle.

‘You’re such a teaser.’ He says and she smirks.

‘That’s why you love me.’ He presses his lips together, considering his next words. Panic goes through her mind as she said “love” but it wasn’t in the context she was thinking of.

‘I do.’ He pauses. ‘I love you Ryleigh.’ Her heart sighed when he said it and he meant strongly, it’s rare for him to tell anybody that. It was right in his eyes.

‘I love you too.’ As those words fall out of her mouth easily.

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