Losing My Mind

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1 and a half years later…

I finally figured it all out,

To a point I was bringing myself down,

Pain was something I was used to,

Something I believed that I needed to,

Keep my heart beating enough to be alive.

You made this for me to be here,

Singing out loud to big crowds,

Made an album that went at the top,

I thank that from the bottom of my heart.

Follow me as far as I will go,

I’ve been around the world with my happy soul,

The half me is got some doubt,

When I play, I hear them out,

Scream at the top of my lungs.

As far as I come,

I’ll keep holding on and never let go,

Keep the smile on my face, I’ll be brave,

Being just like you

I’ve gotta be on my way.

‘Thank you LA!’ Ryleigh screeches to the crowd and leaving on a high of the last night of her tour and being on the road for 10 months. Every night she enjoyed it, travelling around the world, meeting her fans. She hears the crowd calling her name and waves to them thanking them while walking off stage. Ready at side stage is a bottle of water from her assistant and chugs half of it down,

‘That’s some show you do.’ The assistant says beside her walking to the changing room.

‘Thanks, I’m glad I get to do the last one at home. At least you get to go back home too.’

‘Yep, this tour has been crazy and fun, but it’s nice to get away from the boys.’ Ryleigh giggles,

‘He was calling you every night for the first 2 weeks.’

‘And so was Rory too.’ She rolled her eyes.

‘I know. I’m glad you came along with me K.’ She linked arms with her.

‘I do love being your fucking PA.’ Kelsie says.

‘Aww is that because you love me?’

‘That and the pays good.’ She laughs with her.

When she got back, the label got her straight into the studio and wanted to get a new single out in less than 2 months and album in 6 months. It was a lot of pressure and was advised not to rush it, so what should of took 8 months, became a year. Holding back did pay it off as her single went number one in the charts and her album in the top ten. Ryleigh did get an assistant but didn’t get a good vibe like she did with Kelsie and offered the job to her, which she accepted instantly and Josh was proud of Kelsie taking it on.

In between all that, she was on TV shows and interviews all the time and going to awards too. When she got invited to one, she wanted Rory to go with her and that was then they made it official they were dating with help from Kelsie. To do so, they got a photo together before going down to the red carpet and posted on social media thanking him for the support getting over 145k likes.

When Ryleigh came back after winning the show, she looked at the house from the driveway and it looked like a Hollywood mansion, Ryleigh couldn’t help but run into his arms and kiss him desperately. Everything was perfect, she cried a little bit. He even unpacked the bags he already had when she was back in the UK and surprised her with balloons and flowers. Rory loved to cook and would do so every night and she returned the favour making breakfast and leaving sticky notes around the house telling him that she loves him. Rory had time in the studio with another label while she was on tour, he spent long hours and released his single which went to the top ten.

Ryleigh got everyone back together when she had her album release party and they loved the album too. Ester worked with Absent and ready to go on tour with him as his keyboard player, Ashton and Elliot made a start on their music and waiting to realise them too. For her last show, she invited them VIP passes and met them in her dressing room. They all complimented on a good show she performed, while Kelsie was excited to see Josh again. As Ryleigh was concentrating on her friends, she feels a tug on her jeans and looks down to see a tiny girl she that has grown a foot she remembers.

‘Layla.’ She picks her up and hugs her. ‘Did you like the show?’ She nods, Layla mostly lives with her mum in Las Vegas and comes and visits a few times and loves spending time with her when she does. Ryleigh never thought she’ll be a step-mom, it scared her and planned to be a mom when she was with Russell, but Rory made her confident that she is a good parent for her. When Ryleigh parents visited, they got to meet Layla and from it, her mum seem to like her and understood Rory better. Her parents finally supports her idea of the music and keep a track online when she has interviews, they watched her show when she went back to her hometown.

‘Where’s your dad?’ As she puts Layla down she points over in the corner, taking her hand and dragging Ryleigh to him. He couldn’t help but watch Ryleigh smile away and how she deals well with Layla, everything she worked hard for to get to where she is and how lucky he is to have Ryleigh in his life. Rory watched her show and couldn’t take his eyes off her and for her to be away for 10 months was a struggle. This is what they signed up for, they knew the distance part is going to happen, she falls into his arms missing him deeply. As she looks at him, he places on hand on her cheek and kisses her.

‘Welcome home.’ She goes all red.

‘I missed you.’ And leans on his chest watching everyone in the room.

‘You must be tired?’ He says looking down at her, she nods while her eyes are closed.

Rory drove his two favourite girls asleep in the back to his house and parks the car, he nudges Ryleigh to wake up and carries Layla to her bed. As he was putting Layla to bed, she got changed in one of his t-shirts and will unpack her stuff in the morning.

Crawling into bed, she instantly went into her deep sleep and never felt Rory come in.

She woke up the next morning to an empty space by her side and thought he must be dealing with Layla. She looked up and see’s Rory looking over the balcony in his joggers hanging off his hips. The sun beans onto his skin, with the dark shadows of his muscles of his tall build he had.

‘What time is it?’ He turns to look at her leaning in the rail.


‘Is Layla ok?’

‘Yeah, she’s going back with her mother this morning.’ Feeling relieved she’s ok and gets out of bed walking towards him.

‘How long does it take to recover from a ten-month tour?’ She places her arms around his neck and Rory grabs her around the waist.

‘I’ll let you know when I’ve done mine.’ He smirks and he is pumped to do his tour for next year, at least he has a few months with her.

‘What are we going to do?’

‘Take you on a date,’ he kisses one side of her neck ‘Cook you dinner.’ and kiss the other side of her neck. ‘And love you forever.’ Ryleigh laughs and pulls him for a kiss.

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