Losing My Mind

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Chapter 4

Opening the large gates viewing a huge mansion similar to Beverly Hills, it didn’t feel like home anymore, you never see these around. As they step off the bus the producer summoned them explaining the camera will be rolling on them again including camera’s and microphones all over the house, hearing and listening everything that’ll be said and seen. They wanted to show their astonishment on the house.

As the double dark wood doors opened, the tall ceilings with a double staircase, a huge island in the kitchen with a 65-inch tv made her mouth drop, this is like a celebrity home, there is no way they were staying in this. There’s a studio with instruments in, a gym, pool and the girls shared the room while the boys had their own.

She walked into the girls’ bedroom, they had a double bed each with white comfy duvet, a wardrobe with their name on it and a dress stand for each too. Overall, this room is the same size as the first floor of her house, she knew these house would be big but not this big. It also had a floor to ceiling windows overlooking the LA city.

Once the filming stopped, Kelsie went to see her.

‘This is so cool.’ Ryleigh kept pinching herself checking this is a dream.

‘It’s good huh? Ok, so now you have seen the house you guys are all having a party tonight and I think there was another top I think you should change too.’ Ryleigh peered down at the clothes.

‘Can I not wear these?’

‘No, you’ve been in them for most of the day. Change you up a bit for the evening shoot and add some blue eyeshadow too.’ She begins tapping on her phone making notes ‘I’ll call you tomorrow, give me a buzz if you need anything. Oh and take some pictures.’ As Kelsie starts walking away, she scratches her head on why she needed to change and ‘dress up’ for an indoor party.

She makes her way back upstairs to unpack her stuff and check her phone, no missed calls or texts from Russell. It might be because he is waiting for her to get wi-fi to talk, which made her get up to find the router to log-in. As she wanders in the hallway Rory bypass’ and they exchange a quick look at each other and nothing else. Ryleigh caught her breath quickly, she hasn’t felt her chest tightened like that, she had a sense of adrenaline rush. It must have been the way he played his performance as it’s the one she mostly remembers.

Once she found the wi-fi password and logged in, she texted him but realised the time zone difference. Her home is 8 hours ahead and it’s 5 pm here, so he’ll be asleep. She had a few from her work colleagues wishing her luck and her parents questioning her choice. Before she flew her parents almost talked her out of doing it, why would she want to be on TV for 15 minutes of fame? It never occurred to them she showed signs on being on TV or being an actress, she did believe at one point her parents didn’t want her to anything like that. Not because they’re against it but it’s not something that they would put down as ‘realistic’ and a simple easy life would be better. They did agree they don’t want to be shown on the TV.

The rest of the girls ‘dressed up’ by wearing tight short dresses and adding hair extensions. Kaylin wore a lacy bodysuit that made her boobs almost fall out. Kelsie directed her to wear her white cami top but tuck it in her jeans but not too tight with her red lumber jacket shirt tied around her waist, her black combat boots and added some blue eye shadow with a mixture of other shades. She brushed her hair and moved it around with her fingers to give it some thickness. Ester let her normal curls fall out of her plats and a black dress with purple roses Ryleigh liked her mix and matching skills. Since Ryleigh was ready first and gazed out the windows the city starting to light up, the view was something to behold of.

‘Stay there, let me take pic.’ A voice said behind her and she turned round to see Ester with Ryleigh’s phone out after she that, Ester moved next to her.

‘This is quite something.’ Ryleigh said softly.

‘Yeah, waking up to this every morning now is something.’ Ryleigh looked over and glimpsed on how pretty she looked.

‘You want your picture taken?’ She agreed and took Ester’s phone and snapped away.

The girls were taking too long for her liking, she made her way downstairs and looked into the depth of the huge kitchen they’ll be sharing. A double door silver fridge with an ice dispenser, the dark grey cupboards, a standing oven and marbled floor. Around the island stood some bar chairs and the window opened to the view of the pool. She leans on the island mesmerized from it all, with some noise coming down from the boys they all changed into something causally smarter, she caught her eye on Rory again, his blonde hair was the prime thing she would observe first, then his brown eyes and his tight fit white t-shirt exposing his decorative skin sleeves and neck tattoos.

‘Sup Ryleigh. I’m Ashton.’ He pulls in for a hug, his stylish baseball cap and fitted black t-shirt suited his tanned skin. ‘Where’s the beers at?’

‘I’m guessing the fridge, not looked yet.’ All the lads made their way to look and passed some on the counter.

‘Here you are.’ One of the guys passed her one, his messy hair cut and his sea-blue eyes in a light grey t-shirt and loose fit Demin jeans known as Blake, his set on stage was more a heavy metal, he growled the heaviest out of everyone on the show.

‘So you’re from England?’ He smirks and leans on the island. ‘Are they as pretty as you?’ Ryleigh looked stunned and tried to bypass his flirting.

‘You’ll have to take a trip there and find out.’ She politely says.

‘Why would I do that? When I can try you out here?’ He starts getting closer to her face.

‘You do realise this is a singing competition, not love island.’ She takes a step back.

‘We’re all going to be here for a while might as well have some fun too.’ He winks at her.

‘I’m not interested and if you come near me, I’m not afraid to hit you.’ And walks away. Luckily the girls made their way down and Blake caught his eye on the rest of them.

Ryleigh sits on the other side of the island, staying away from Blake as possible, looking over she could see Katlyn pulling all the strings, at least he’s entertained.

‘Is this what you do at parties then?’ A deep voice says next to her, ‘Sit around and watch everyone?’ She looked at him to see it’s Rory, she enjoyed his performance today.

‘Er, no. I just can’t get over how big this house is and how amazing LA is.’ She takes a sip of her beer.

‘Yeah, LA is something.’ He delays. ‘Ryleigh isn’t it? Or Rayleigh.’ She giggles with him.

‘You got it right the first time.’ She takes a moment to look at him and stare into his brown piercing eyes. ‘Rory.’ He grins at her.

‘I liked your song by the way. We got some competition out here.’ Her stomach somewhat flipped from his compliment.

‘Are you asking me to join forces with you to take them down?’ She kidded, he looked at her blankly. ‘I’m joking.’ He still gazed at her bewildered. ‘I liked your song too.’ Rory stares at her for a bit and wonders what she’s doing here before he could ask the rest of the guys circling them.

‘God, look at Blake there, loving the girls attention.’ Elliot says, he didn’t seem to look different from what he’s wearing before.

‘Which one do you think he’ll sleep with first?’ Jayden asked, his dark short spiky hair with his earholes stretched about 5 or 6.

‘He’ll probably do it in one go.’ Elliot joked.

‘Well I’m out of it, I’ve already said no.’ Ryleigh spoke up.

‘How did he take it?’

‘Pretty well, when I said I’ll hit him if he tries.’ Rory smirked.

‘Ohhh feisty, I like this one.’ Ashton says.

‘I thought you Brits were polite and friendly?’ Elliot questioned.

‘Yeah, but we know a twat when we see one.’ Rayleigh said boldly and Rory nearly spits his drink out and all laughed with her.

Throughout the evening, she mixed with the guys and got to know them well, Jayden lived in Toronto Canada, Elliot is originally from Texas and Ashton from Florida. From their music background, they’ve been in bands before and performed at a young age, this was way out of Ryleigh’s depth of the circle of friends she should be involved in. When she got asked, it felt like her life was pretty boring and tried to say it less than 3 sentences.

‘I grew up in a town called Bristol, played the guitar in my room and listened to rock music ever since I could remember. After I left school, I went to college then University to do a Graphic design degree. Meet my fiancée there and brought a house 2 years ago and in a job where I create flyers and leaflets to sell sports gear.’

‘So why did you apply to this?’ Rory queried.

‘I got drunk and saw the post on Facebook and I thought, I’m nearly 30, I should be doing something crazy before I settle and what do I have to lose? I thought I wasn’t going to get accepted, but here I am. Music gives me a way to escape my reality sometimes, creating and recording my own helps me with that.’ Having a few beers down, she noticed she started to waffle and her mind opening up new feelings to these people she met hours ago. ‘It sounds like a shit reason.’ She felt ashamed of it.

‘No, I get it. When you don’t think you have any way to get out on what you’re feeling and trying to rescue yourself the only way to do it is singing your heart out and hoping you get heard.’ Rory sensed an emotional level with Ryleigh she would understand the pain and grief he’d been through in his past but he did fret if he’d tell her, she would run the other direction.

After shooting, the camera crew called it a night and told them to do the same and made her way to bed, from the drinking she’ll instantly collapsed sleeping.

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