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In this Syfy romance ,You follow Rana Michael and Jason James as they try to find out why their dreams are happening in real life!

Romance / Scifi
Meme child
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Chapter 1 : The dream


I sit eating my lunch with some of my friends, and they start talking about dreams. That's Ironic.... Why do you ask? Well it's because I have dreams every night. Dreams of different events, that have people that look like me and Jason James, my best friend. Some of the dreams are filled with action, and others are slow and more romantic. As I got older, my dreams got more and more complex. Soon the dreams went from a wedding to a dream-like last night.

"Rana!" I hear a familiar voice call. I look back to see my best friend, Jason James, or as I like to call him JJ."Hey JJ, what's up?"

"I need to talk to you in private" he asked looking very concerned." huh, why?" I tried to look as concerned as he was, but I don't think he bought it." can it wait" I ask."Just come on!" He said as he grabs my arm and drags me into an old unused classroom.

"Look Rana katana, I ne-" "don't call me that!" I interrupt. He sighs and continues talking."Really! Anyways, what I was trying to say that I need you to be completely honest with me ok?" He tells me. " Um ok, also when you're done I need to ask you a favor." I tell him "ok, have you been having weird dreams lately?" When he said that I froze. how did he know! What why should he care!? Maybe he likes me back ! "well?!" He asks me now in an even more concerned face."YES, um...yes I have, but why do you want to know?" I ask."I'll tell you after you tell me the dreams ...IN DETAIL." Well crap, here we go! " Well it started with me in a forest when I hear someone tell ' lookout Rana' then I look up to see two demons shooting towards me. I pass out then wake up." JJ thinks for a moment then says " I had the same dream. Have you had any other dreams like this one? Also when I say like I mean like with the same people and settings? If so then that means...wait have any events in those dreams happened in real life?" " Yeah...why?" He gives me a look. A look of complete horror. " That could mean that these 'dreams' aren't just dreams! " What could he mean by ' more than dreams!? " I mean that whatever is happening in the dreams are happening in real life more and more often, and that could mean that if one of us dies in our dreams then we actually die!" Oh my gosh! " Do you know why this is happening!!!!" I ask "No, but whatever it is, it's not good! With that the Bell rang "I'll see you when I walk home, JJ!" I tell as I run out of the old classroom. " Later Rana katana, hehe.!" He tells back.

It's going to be a long walk home...and wait! I didn't get to finish my lunch! Dang, it Jason!



so, I would like to. Know if there was any, if at all, grammar mistakes! Also I know the chapters aren't that long.

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