Mr Billionaire's secretary

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Lily Parker is recovering from a bad relationship. Promising herself not to date any guy again,she meets her billionaire sexy boss Aidan... Aidan Smith CEO of Smith Hotel and Resorts Inc ,one of the World's richest Bachelor...Aidan is known to be Strict and Ruthless,He is feared by his workers and those around him due to his strict and not smiling face...This is until he meets his new Secretary Lily Parker. What will happen between this two? Will Lily break her promise? Wil Aidan learn to love? Find out in this Book. This is an 18+ book

Romance / Erotica
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Lily's P.O.V

I woke up turning to my side to off my alarm,start of another day.After lying in bed crying and watching sad Netflix movies for weeks i decided to search for a job ..

I get up and look around my room is scattered and unkept ,i've been too lazy to clean i went to my bathroom to do my morning routines and prepare for my day...

My name is Lily Parker ,i'm 21 years old blonde and Curvy,i'm 5'5 just finished my MBA in Business ,broke up with my boyfriend a month ago caught him fucking a girl.I stay alone in a small apartment in 52nd street.i have a lhasa dog his name is Ace very quiet and gentle as long as he is fed...

I lock my door and head down the road to the nearest bus park .I got to Smith Hotel and Resort Inc my best friend Annabelle but i call her bella works there ,she told me her boss needs another Secretary .I heard he is ruthless and changes his Secretary almost every week anyways i have to try my luck.

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