The Assistant's Arranged Marriage

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Carter Harlow Ellis is a classic tomboy. She doesn't usually wear dresses nor skirts. She is in love with any sport and has the voice of an angel. She can play some instruments like a guitar or a piano. She wants to win in every competition because she is very competitive and her number one saying is that second is first loser. She has a terrible past and doesn't want anyone to know about it. Santiago Sebastian Còlon-Rodriguez's is cold, heartless and a player. Every night there is a different girl in his bed and wants to keep it that way. His parents want him to get married but he protests. They threaten him yet it doesn't bother him but he interested in a girl and the girl he finds attractive is off limits but his parents set eyes on Carter and instantly fall in love with her and he ongoing personality. What will married life have in store for these two? Will there be hatred, jealousy, anger and possibly love

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1- Chosen

Cafter sighed as she looked at the buttload of work before her. Her body was tired, her back hurt from being in the same position for hours, her hands begged her to stop and take a break but she knew if she did her boss or the devil as everyone likes to call him would be furious with her. Throughout her two almost three years of working for him he gave her the feeling that he didn't like her from the cold glares he gave her when she made the slightest mistake to the huge amount of work he gave her like the one before her right now. A brake wouldn't hurt she thought and got up. She wore her white sneakers that she removed hours ago due to the fact that her feet begun to sweat. She ran a hand through her messed up hair and stretched her body. She tried to make her Jean's look as presentable as possible but she knew she was failing. Finally she gave up, grabbed her purse and walked out of her office. She entered the elevator and saw a couple. They looked familiar. She smiled at them. She guessed they were in their early fifties due to the amount of white hair in found in the man's black hair and the woman's dirty blonde hair.

"Hello good afternoon Mr. and Mrs." She said assuming they were a couple because of how they were holding hands.

"Good afternoon dear" they said happily. She smiled and played with her charm bracelet on her hand to pass the time.

The couple looked at each other liking how polite she was already.

"Um do you by any chance know Mr. Còlon-Rodriguez office is" the lady asked her happily.

"Yes I do ma'am I could take you there if you don't mind" she asked happily. The lady smiled even more.

"Yes I would love that but uh don't you have somewhere to be?" She asked happily.

On cue her tummy rumbled and quite loudly. Carter blushed out of embarrassment making the couple chuckle lightly.

"Sorry for that" she said referring to her loud stomach. She was hungry.

"I would love to escort you to Mr. Còlon-Rodriguez's office" she said happily.

The old couple smiled as the young lady pressed the twentieth floor and the elevator immediately changed its course. Carter internally sighed as she was longing to go to the cafeteria but this old couple needed her assistance. Once the elevator door opened she made a welcome gesture with her quite tired hands. She led them to a door at the end of the hallway which had 'Còlon-Rodriguez's Office' written boldly on it.

"Thank you dear" the lady said happily.

"Yes Thank you" the man said happily.

"It was my pleasure good luck" she said pointing to the door.

"Thank you we are going to need it" the lady muttered sadly.

Carter smiled proudly as she entered the elevator. She patted herself on the back for helping that nice couple.

"What a nice girl" Mateo said happily.

"That she is" Garcia said happily.

They entered the office.

"Haven't you heard of knocking before" Santiago mumbled not even sparing a glance at the people.

"If it's on your sons office door then I think we don't need to knock" his father, Mateo said rolling his eyes at his workaholic son.

"Mother father what a pleasure to have you here" he said looking at them.

"What are you doing here" he said after greeting them.

"Can't we visit our son" his mother, Garcia said sitting down on the chair infront of her son.

"You can but knowing that we had a conversation this morning that's not why you are here" he said putting his full attention on the work infront of him.

"Yes I am so glad you have brains" his father said complimenting him.

"If I didn't would I be able to run this company" Santiago said rolling his eyes.

"Son we think it's time you get married and have a family" his mother said worridly.

"Look we have talked about this I am not getting married" he said sighing.

"I am only twenty- three years old for crying out loud" he said furrowing his eyebrows.

"Yes I got married to your mother when I was twenty- five years old and your brother is getting married, your sister is married and pregnant, your youngest brother even has a preganant girlfriend" his father protested.

His older brother who is the second born is getting married next week Saturday, his sister who is the first born has been married for eight years is seven months pregnant with his parents second grandchild and the youngest has a girlfriend who he got pregnant and his marrying as soon as they leave college which is in two months and thankfully for them she is only a few weeks pregnant and there is him the third born who doesn't have a love life only a work life. He is the most serious among all four of them. He has his own company which he built from the ground up and other successful companies.

"Look I'm just not ready okay when I am I will be so stop pestering me and let me work" he said strictly. His parents were about to say something when he pressed the intercom button.

"Miss Ellis bring my schedule" he said angrily. He waited for a few minutes but didn't hear of her. She got up, left his office and knocked on her cabin door.

Carter was leaving the elevator with a juicy burger in her left hand and a bottle of water in the other hand. Once she saw her boss standing at her door fuming she knewshe was doomed and in for the yelling of her life as it was past lunch time. After saying goodbye to her burger she threw it into the dustbin. She rushed to him and once he saw her he became relieved than angry.

"Where were you?" He asked angrily.

"I was getting um l-lunch" she stammered. She was never going to get used to him raising his voice at her. It hurt her for some reason.

"It's not lunch time" he reasoned.

"Y-Yes I know but at lunch time you gave me lots of work and I couldn't have lunch" she stammered.

"Our son needs someone to hold him, love him and have children with him" Mateo said taking him wife's hand.

She nodded and was about to say something when she heard yelling. They ran out of their son's office to see him yelling at his employee. His mother was shocked that he was yelling at her.

"Santiago" she yelled causing people to look in the direction.

Santiago ran his hand through his hair messing it up. He entered his office and Garcia and Mateo got the chance to notice the woman their son was yelling at. They entered his office to see him looking out the huge window.

"Son that is not how to speak to a lady even if she is your employee" his scolded him.

"I just can't tolerate it when my employees don't do what I told them to do" he said rubbing his temples.

He still didn't turn to look at his parents.

"Well you are going to have to tolerate it because we want you to marry her" his mother said happily.

He turned and looked at them in disbelief while they looked at him with all the seriousness they had in their being.

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