The Wolf

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Alex is a girl who just wants a normal life. But she doesn't like love. Not anymore at least. "Why love someone when all it does is cause pain and hurt." But one day she meets some new people. Alex doesn't like letting people in after what happened last year with her pack. Shes guarded and she likes it that way. No one can hurt her again. Not anymore. At least that's what she tries to tell herself...

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Chapter 1


"Hurry up, or your'e gonna be late!" I heard my mom scream from downstairs. Great, another stupid school day. "Alex im serious, get your but down here, now!"

"Ok mom, im coming, hold on."

Me and my mom normally get along well. Its just that my dads out on business with the pack. Says some other pack is causeing problems. Which I think is hilarious.

Who would want to mess with our pack? Sorry if that sounds a little selfish. I'm not meaning it as if we are so powerful. I mean were not really well known by other packs in our area. We like to stay on the low side. But I'm not saying were not strong. We are, like really strong but- "Alex im about to leave you".

Oh crap I forgot.

Two minutes later were in the car heading to my new school.

"So honey, are you excited?"

"Yea, just sooo excited, what kind of school makes you wear a uniform anyway?"

My mom rolles her eyes at me. "Your father said its one of the top schools in the state, it'll be fun!"

Yea, "fun", sure.

* * * * *

As I walk through the hallway I can feel everyones eyes on me. Which is surprising. I'm not really attractive, at least thats what I think of myself.

I have long brown hair and, as my mom puts it, "the most green eyes she has ever seen". I also have freakles all over my face but I always try to cover them up with makeup. Which I didnt have time for this morning. Great. Actually they might just be surprised to have gotton a new student.

As I was walking to my locker the head master showed me last week when he took me on a tour of the school, I trip over my own feet and fall on my face. Yay, just great.

Thank god not too many student were in the hallway because of 1st period. I pull myself up, my navy blue sweater is crumbles and my black skirt is also having trouble. As I straighten my clothing, the bell rings. Great late for 1st period. Who cares i'll just skip and wait for second period.

As I explore parts of the school the headmaster didnt show me, I make it to the gym and make my way to the track field. I love running. In wolf form or human. My freinds, more like friend from the pack calls me weird for it. Im not really good at making friends. Not after what happend last year in the pack.

I look farther and I can see a forest. Its not on the school grounds. Maybe a little farther. It looks like someone is staring at me, with gold eyes. But as I was walking to get a closer look, im pulled back by my arm. As I turn around to see who did it, I fall on my face again.

I look up and see a girl with a worried look on her face,she has brownish and blondish hair, with blue eyes. she says " Oh my god, are you ok? I didnt mean to pull that hard."

As she helps me up I can here her say "I'm so so very sorry." I replie with "nah it alright, its not your fault, I tripped."

She still looks at me with a worried look. "Whats wrong?" I ask. "Your nose is bleeding, hurry lets get you to the nurses office". Before I could say anything we were all ready there. The nurse gave me a tissue and a candy bar and said I would be fine. Sweet, I love sweets.

As we're walking back to my locker the girl intoduces herself.

"My names Madison, but since were friends now you can call me Maddie."

Wait, I made a friend on the first day, what was I so worried about anyway. "My names Alex, people just call me Alex though."

"Oh I like your name. Not many girls are named Alex."

"Yea, I know, many people have pointed that out, it was nice talking to you but I got to get my stuff", I say as I point at my locker.

"Oh mines just two lockers over", she says as she walks over to her locker.

As I finish getting my stuff, she ask me what class I have next. "Oh history" I say as I take my schedule out to double check. "Me too!" I hear her squeal. The bell rings and we start walking to class.

I find a seat in the very back so no one will notice me as much and Maddie chooses to sit next to me. The desk are like tables.

I'm beside the window so I stare out, the school grounds are amazing. So green and calm. I love the outdoors. Spring and Summer are my favourite seasons. Im so happy its spring.

I open the window just a little so It wont be noticed and feel the breeze. My wolf was itching to go for a run. "Come on please, please!" " No because were in class right now, we can after school." That made her go quiet.

When the teacher was taking attenddance, he gets to my name he tells me to stand up and introduce myself. So I do. "My names Alex", I say then sit back down.

I can hear people talking a muttering about me. Being a wolf, you have really good hearing, which I sometimes hate and love.

I can feel my face getting red so I just stare out the window. Im zoned out for a while when I hear Maddie talking to someone. They might have been talking for a while because their pretty deep in converstaion.

I turn to see who it is when a voice im to familiar with says my name. I stop dead cold.

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