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A short love story of two people who have known each other longer than they realized.

Romance / Fantasy
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My life just felt like it was falling apart. Just competely spirling out of my control. My car had broken down, I feel like I am going to lose my job any day now. And most if not all my ‘friends’ don’t even speak to me.

I had called my mother to try to see if maybe she had insight. Yet it ended up turning into a fight once again. And she never truly got what I was trying to say. I thought about trying to talk to my father. But I know if he isnt working he is passed out from working. Maybe I should try to call one of my friends.

I glanced over to the couch where my phone laid between to cushions and sighed. The last time I had tried to reach out they seemed annoyed and took a very long time took a very long time to even message me back.

I sighed moving into the kitchen and striaght to the fridge. Once again not much of anything to eat. Which ment another night of a cup of noodles. Hopefully I don’t run out of noddles before my next paycheck.

I walked over the cabnits and opened them up. Yea I should be fine, I have just enough. Yup defiently living the life... I sighed to myself suddenly losing my appetite. I walked back to the living room and looked once again at my phone.

I’m sure if I call Kevin he would pick up. He is the only one who always answers my calls. Yet I am sure he is getting tired of me as well. I really should stop crying about my problems when I’m sure he has his very own.

I can always just go online that always cheers me up. Yet... it is kind of sad all my friends seem to be online. None the less most if not all of them only really talk to me of they need someone for a raid or something. All but him, he always talks to me and not just about the game.

What kind of person am I? Maybe I am the no body. No one seems to care when I am not around. My family barely speaks to me. When they do my dad is always at a lost at what is loss. And my mom just finds something to yell at my about.

A weird heavy feeling came over me. A feeling I have felt many times before exspecially when I am left to my thoughts. I felt the tears build in my eyes and quickly did my best to shake them away.

No...I am not going to cry. I am just going to log onto my game. Even though I am sure my online friends are just using me. Atleast I am not alone, I just don’t want to be alone.

“There is nothing wrong with that.” I spoke loudly trying to convience myself.

I walked over to my desk and started up my computer. I stared at my screen savor and my heart ached with sadness. It was a picture of me my friends and my best friend Kevin. I quickly changed it to a saliormoon background as I held back my tears.

I put on my game and logged into my account. I rolled my eyes forgetting I had my elf archer dressed in a turtle soon from the event. I was so busy goofing around with sonicsmellyft I forgot to take it off when I logged off.

I changed into my normal armor and moved my character to the towns square. As I clicked and saw none of my friends were on my heart ached once more. Maybe of I just hang for a bit someone will log on.

Nothing two hours had gone by. I just sat on the game doing nothing but watch people and their friends plan for raids and missons. There was no holding back anymore and I allowed the tears to roll down my cheeks.

It’s all my fault I’m alone. Everyone else changed but I stayed the same. I should have changed too. I should have been more like them then maybe I would still have friends. Now, I’m alone, I bet If I vanished no one will no...


The sound of a voice message being requested caught my attention. It was Sonicsmellyft. I quickly wiped my tears foolishly know full well he can’t see me. I reached over and plugged in my headset placing the mic near my mouth.

“H-hey Sonic.” I spoke doing my best not to give off the fact I was crying.

“Are you okay? Are you crying?” He questioned.


“I was but how can...”

“Your voice cracked.” He answered cutting me off. I should have known better than to try to hide it from him. They have been talking to each other through this game for six years. I then spotted his character approaching mine.

“Do you want to talk about it?” He asked his voice soft.And just like that the tears took over once more. I told him everything that was on my mind. From my family to my friends and more. Once I finished spilling everything he was quite.

I am stupid I probably should have just kept it to myself. But everytime me and him just talk he gives me this warm feeling. Like I can just let go when, I am with him and it makes me feel safe.

“Please don’t find this creepy but where do you live?” He questioned. Sadly for him in a way that was creepy yet... she trusted him.

“New York, close to downtown.” I answered.

“What really! Wow I do to.”

“Wow, that crazy.” I laughed.

“Is it also crazy to ask to see you?” He questioned. Once again yes, yes it was. That was how women like me get kidnapped an killed. Yet if I play this smart.

“Do you know Comic World?”

“The one with the funny Deadpool table. Yea I hang there from time to time.”

“Lets meet there, at that table.”

“Sure! How does one sound, maybe after we talk and walk around the store we can grab some lunch?”

“Sounds like a d-...plan. Now I’m going to go wash up and then head to bed. I look a mess and am worn out.”

“I’m sure even as a mess you’re beautiful.” He spoke softly. I quickly rushed off the game as I felt my cheeks fluster. It wasnt the first time he made such remarks. I know he is kidding..maybe he is kidding.

I placed my hand against my chest anc smiled. That heavy weight I felt the sadness was all gone. I then began to realize all this time,all these years I have been falling for him. And now... now I was going to meet him.

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