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The Princes Knight

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Weird, odd, not like his brothers, a wonder why he doesn't step out the kingdom much. All gossip that Prince Rindle cared nothing of. Yet when his brothers tell him that he will have his own knight. He chooses a beautiful girl who too is as different as he is. And the two change each other in ways they would have never imagined.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

The young Prince walked down the grand halls with book in hand. He was truly invested in the story, yet he paid enough attention to the words being whispered as he past the maids and butlers. Weird, odd, not like his brothers, a wonder why he doesn't step out the kingdom much.

He rolled his eyes pausing in front of a group of maids. They quickly stood up straight and bowed. He sighed closing the book, than turn to directly face them.

"Have you seen the twins anywhere?" He asked them. He was suppose to have met them in the Gala but they were not there. He was in search for them at first but got lost in the book.

"I believe they are in the sparing grounds Prince Rindle." One of the maids answered. Rindle adjusted his glasses before nodding in thanks. As he walked off the maid were quick to whisper once more. They didn't even realize that the Prince was still in range to hear them.

"Even though he is still rather handsome. He is nothing like his elder brothers." One maid said.

" Those olive eyes, that caramel skin. Those adorable little freckles on his face. Shame that's the only charming thing he has going for him." The other maid sighed. Rindle rolled his and quickly made his way to the sparing grounds. The gossiping maids were right about his brothers whereabouts. They were in the battle arena.

This time they were practicing with spears, shirtless as always, there long dusty brown hair tied up in messy buns. From the corner of Rindle eye he notice the younger maids pretending to be doing errands but were really checking the two of them out. Rindle sucked his teeth and made his way over to them.

"Andy, Yandle you two were suppose to meet me in the gala." Rindle hissed. Andy swept his spear underneath Yandle feet causing him to fall hard on the ground then turned his attention to his younger brother.

"Must have slipped out mind little brother." He laughed. Yandle looked up at Rindle from the ground and laughed as well. He then stood up and smirked giving Andy a hard playful slap on the back.

"How could you call me for a meeting than forget?" Rindle sighed.

"Ahh hush now, we can talk here. Don't get all huffy." Yandle said calmly as he walked over to the weapons perch. He placed his spear in its correct spot than grabbed a small towel that was hanging off a post.

"We have decided to assign you a knight." Andy said as he moved beside Rindle.

"What do you mean we?" Rindle questioned. Yandle walked over as he wiped the sweat from his eyes. He then tossed the towel to Andy who did the same.

"Yea little bro, Me Yan, and Aphelios. We think that it's time we help you prove those gossips wrong." Andy said. Yan nodded in agreement.

"I really don't care what people think. I am not much into the normal Prince stuff, nor am I good at it." Rindle sighed. Both Yan and Andy laughed confusing their bother.

"Don't worry about all of that. We just want the knight to teach you how to protect yourself honestly." They both said in creepy sync.

"We love you how you are bro. You just need to learn how to keep yourself save. Everything else about you we thing is just fine." Yan said as he playfully hit Rindle back hard. But for Rindle it was a bit to hard and caused him to lunge forward a bit.

"You get to pick your knight tomorrow at noon. So try to be excited about it okay." Yan laughed.

"Now enough of this talk." Andy spoke happily as he held out a small coin pouch.

"Now go to that bookstore you love so much and on the way back pick up some of those yummy pastries." he finished. Rindle sighed as he reluctantly took the pouch.

Before Rindle went into town he felt it best to go to his room and change into more common clothing. He has been to the town more times then the gossips knew. He just did his best to make sure no one saw him leave. He was also lucky enough that no one in town recognized him as the young prince.

As he strolled through the town and made his way to the book store he noticed a large roaring crowd. He at first ignored it till he heard someone say ' The woman thinks she is tough.'. he then rolled his eyes and knew he had to do 'the princely thing'. So he pushed slowly through the crowd.

In the center a man in lose leather armor was standing in a mocking manner. Before him a beautiful black hair girl in boy clothes.For a brief moment their eyes met, and hers were a lovely pastel blue.

"Why would you want to be a knight. Huh, outcast princess." He laughed in a mocking manner. The young woman took a fighting stance as if she was going to strike but didn't say a word.

"Don't even try it princess. Go back to your little home back in the forest. I need to get ready for tomorrow, unlike you I have a chance to be one of the princes personal knight." He spoke, his last words filled with pride. The young woman rolled her eyes before turning her back on the man.

"You have no chance." she hissed. Than she pushed past the crowd and ran off. The people of the crowd scattered all whispering about what just happened. Rindle couldn't help himself and he tapped onto an old man's shoulder who was beginning to walk away.

"Who was that girl?" He questioned.

"Huh? I have seen you around here. You normally go to that bookstore when I see you, hm. Well that was Lithia, also known as the outcast princess. She lives out in the forest with her father. Very feisty young lady, beautiful but very different does speak much only time she does is when how she will be a knight. Such a very odd young lady.” He answered, as he walked away he continued to say very odd.

Rindle finally made his way to the old bookstore. Soon as he opened the door he was greeted by his good friend Jayce. Jayce was built like a man ment to be a knight. He had brown skin, golden eyes and short black hair.

Jayce was the only one in town who knew he was the prince. The two have been friends since he was eight. They met the first time he tried to sneak out of the castle and Jayce was oddly trying to sneak in. Turned out Jayce knew Princess Tonia, a princess who visits with her family every summer. Rindle never asked how he knew the princess but didn't care.

The two sat together next to one of the bookshelves on the further-est side of the store. Rindle told Jayce about everything that has happened so far. Jayce leaned back against the shelf, his arms folded against his chest.

"I'm not surprised you haven't saw her. Lithia hardly comes into town, when she does it's normally to the blacksmith, and the food shops. She doesn't speak much, does her best to keep to herself. That guy must have done something to cause that type of attention." He said.

"I think she is going to come to the knight choosing." Rindle said.

"And what if she does?" Jayce questions.

"I am going to pick her. I mean us outcast need to stay together." Rindle answered than smiled.

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