The Princes Knight

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Chapter 2

After Rindle finished spending time with Jayce. He check out five books then headed to the bakery. There had gotten a few pastries, and got double of each type. The last time he went home with just one of each the twins fought so bad their father actually stepped in.

He returned home once again unnoticed by any of the workers. As he headed toward his room he saw his baby sister Princess Addline sitting in front of his door. She was playing with her favorite doll who she called Sir Knight fluff bear. He was happy she was the first one too see. He could give her a treat first before their bothers ate them all.

As soon as she noticed him she leapt up and ran over to him. She quickly embraced his legs before smiling up at him. He rustled her rustle golden brown hair. She then playfully swatted his hands away before staring up at him with her hazel eyes, the same eyes of their mother.

"Hi big brother! I been waiting for you to come back." She spoke with her soft voice.

"I hope I didn't make you wait long." Rindle spoke as he moved over to his door. Addline shook her head skipping into his room as soon as the door was open.

"Did you remember to get me a new bedtime story?" She questioned as she mad her way over to his book shelf.

"Course I did but the real question is. Did you remember to do all your chores?" Rindle said as he placed the books and the bag of pastries on his little round time in the lounge area of his room. All he could hear was her little footsteps and turned to see she had left the room. He knew that meant she hadn't even started to do a lick of her chores.

The day seemed to go by quickly afterwards. Rindle had given the twins most of the pastries. He had a brief meeting with his mother and father about how the knight choosing was going to go. Than he had read a book to Addline who didn't even make it four pages through. After he had tucked her into the bed and went to his own and quickly fell asleep.

Morning seemed to come far to soon. The usual annoying pet rooster of Addline was making it's usual morning fuss.Damn thing can be heard through out the whole castle. He never understood why her parents allowed her to have a rooster as a pet of all animals.

After washing up, he made his way to the sparing grounds. He parents had thought it best to have the selection done early in the morning. They didn't want anything crazy, Rindle was merely to pick two knight he thought would suite him then have them spare and the winner would be his personal knights. It was easist this way, since they already knew all of the knights. All expected Lithia, who wasn't truly a knight to being with.

Once he arrived Aphelios was the first to notice him. He waved off a few knights. Though Rindle knew his brother was one of the most kind hearted person he knew. He was still a very intimating figure. He was tall, slightly taller than the twins and well built. His eyes a more golden olive like their fathers. Hair shaved short on the sides in a viking like manner, with the rest of his hair pulled back in a short ponytail.

"Rindle you're actually on time for once." He chuckled as he embraced his brother in a tight hug. Rindle let out a faint laugh as he pulled himself away from his brother embrace. Good ol Aphelios never afraid to show affection.

"Have a good look at the knight that came today. A few well known warriors came as well." Aphelios said loud enough for all around to hear. He then pulled Rindle close and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

"There is a woman here as well." he whispered low enough. His eyes quickly turned to which Rindle quickly followed. Yes there she was Lithia. She was wear armor that fitted her perfectly, it even seemed to have a bit of latex. She held a beautiful made shield but no sword. All the knights were standing around her, making sure not to be to close to her which she didn't seem to mind.

Rindle already knew he was going to chose her. But he still had to pick another, and she would have to fight to prove herself. That was the tricky part. He didn't want to pick someone he felt was going to over power her. Yet he felt that would undermined any capabilities she may have. He then noticed a knight whistle at her and give her a playful wink. That, that was the guy she would have to fight. And all he could think was god she better win. He moved in front of the knights with his brother beside him.

At first non of them acknowledged him, not the first time such a thing as happen. He coughed as loud as he could trying to get there attention, Lithia was on one knee but the other knights carried on their conversation.

"Your rudeness to my dear bother is displeasing!" My brother snapped and all the other knights quickly fell in line and got on one knee.

"We are sorry Prince Rindle and Prince Aphelios." They all shouted, all but Lithia who seemed to keep her head bowed with a smirk on her face.

"I have already chosen my first pick." Rindle spoke loudly trying his best to sound as prince like as possible. He even stood up a lot more than usual.

"The young woman who seemed to be the only one to notice my call for attention." He finished. He then pointed to the knight who was messing her and realized he didn't even know his name. Which was something he was suppose to know, all the princes and princess knew the names of the knights of the castle.

"Ah and Knight Todd,very interesting brother." Aphelios quickly said coming to his rescue once more. Todd and Lithia both stood up and walked slightly forward than turned to face one another. The other knights made a circle around the two.

Todd had lifted up his sword, he whispered something that no one other that Lithia could hear. Than within a instance she had slammed hard into him with the shield pinning his sword against his armor. Todd slid back quit a few inches as he did his best to steady himself.

Lithia that adjusted her body slightly downward and angled the shield to push up hard into Todds stomach. He seemed to get lifted off his feet a bit before getting slammed into the ground. As he attempted to swing up at her with his sword. She stepped down on his wrist causing him to release the grip on the blade. She then used her foot to kick up the blade into her own hand and pressed the tip against his throat. Everyone just stood in awe, no words were said for a good minute.

Aphelios started to clap loudly and slowly, then the other followed. Lithia stepped back away from Todd, she gave him a dark glare as she tossed the sword onto the ground. Todd quickly grabbed it as he scrambled back on his feet.

"Looks like we have your knight brother." Aphelios announced. Rindle nodded his head in agreement still amazed on how quickly she had handled that. Rindle had dismissed the other knights while Aphelios had taken the moment to talk to Lithia. Once all the knight had left Aphelios had approached Rindle with Lithia beside him.

"You are going to accompany her to her home. Help her gather and her fathers things and return home." He said.

"Wait, her father?" Rindle questioned.

"Yes her father,now get going this is perfect bonding time for you two." He said giving Rindle a playful wink before walking away. Lithia bowed at Rindle before staring at him silently with her pastel blue eyes. Rindle couldn't help but blush wondering what the heck he just did. For Rindle sucked when it came to being around woman. Maids are one thing, this, this was entirely different.

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