The Princes Knight

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Chapter 3

A mistake this was just a huge mistake. Why did he have to pick a girl. He couldn’t just find another odd ball that was a boy, nope a girl. Rindle stared hard at the ground as he walked beside Lithia. The two were making their way to her home and the entire time they had remained silent. He looked up at her only for a moment to only trip over something and fall into a puddle of mud. He sighed as he slowly sat up.

“Are you hurt?” Lithia spoke softly as she reached her hand out toward him. He looked up at her only to be lost in her pastel blue eyes. Once he took her hand she helped him up with ease, she was a lot stronger than he thought. Once he was on his feet she moved in close to him causing his heart to race. She placed her hand on his cheek wiping away some mud on his face.

“Clumsy.” She spoke softly with a faint smile before turning away. Rindle stood frozen solid, his cheeks had a pink tint to them. Bad very bad idea was all that rang through his head.

“Prince?” Lithia called causing Rindle to snap back to reality. He quickly caught up to her and the two once again remained silent the rest of the way.

Rindle was amazed when they reached her home. It was very deep within the forest and well hidden. It was a cottage that looked like something you would see in a story book. It was placed near a pond that waters were clear as day with a waterfall pouring into it. The cottage was old but very well taken careful and even had a blacksmith den near it.

A tall man, even taller than Aphelios was carrying two buckets of water on a pole. He was well built, had a short scurvy black beard, his hair short and had a shaven pattern on the side. His clothes were average but had a high quality to them. Lithia ran over to the man with a smile. She tried to take the pole with the two buckets of water but the man laughed and waved her off. She then turned and pointed to Rindle. The man quickly laid eyes on Rindle, and Rindle felt like he was about to pee himself.

He removed the pole from his shoulders placing down the buckets of water. As he made he way over to Rindle, Rindle felt like he was shrinking in size. The mans eyes were intimating like a tigers stare and were a solid golden color.He looked far younger than his father but still a few years older than Aphelios. Every part of Rindle screamed to just run away.

"You're very scrawny for a Prince." He chuckled as he ruffled Rindles hair. Rindle gave him an awkward smile as he fixed his hair quickly reforming one small braid on the side and tying the rest up in a small ponytail.

"Names Beckon, but you can call me Beck. Now I am assuming you're the youngest Prince. Erm, Prince Randle."

"It's Rindle."

"Well imma call ya Rin kiddo." He laughed as he once again ruffled Rindles hair. Rindle let out a small huff as he fixed his hair once more. This man didn't seem to care at all he was a Prince. He was just treating him like he was an ordinary teen. Beck turned away from him and waved at Rindle to follow.

"So what are you skilled at?" Beck asked as they walked over to the cottage.

"Skilled at..." Rindle started pausing to think of what to say. "I can read the stars, if you think that's a skill?" Rindle spoke with embarrassment. Beck opened the door to his home then step to the side allowing Rindle to enter first. Before he did though he looked back in search of Lithia but she was no where in sight. He stepped into the cottage and his eyes were quickly drawn to two large book shelves stacked with books.

"Not a typical Prince skill." Beck chuckled as he pointed to a couch and walked into another room.

"I know..." Rindle said calmly as he rolled his eyes. He took a seat in the old style couch that was extremely comfortable. Beck walked back in and tossed a few large bags into the center of the room.

"Still though very interesting to know about the world above. Maybe one day you could teach me some things." Beck said as he walked away into another room. Rindle was surprised that Beck didn't tease him. Normally the first thing people do is judge him and ask what is the point about knowing the universe above.

"Did Lithia inform you to the deal?" Beck questioned tossing in another bag to the pile.

"N-No" Rindle answered. Beck chuckled taking a seat new to Rindle and leaned slightly forward clasping his hands together.

"The deal was if she were to be selected. I would have to be the one to oversee all the training. As well as make the supplies for her armor and weaponry. I also wanted to live within the castle in a room near by and or with her." Beck said.

"That is a lot, why did you want all of that if I may ask?" Rindle questioned.

"Lithia is my only child. Born from the only woman I will ever love. I want to be able to keep her safe as possible, watch over her." Beck sighed.

"Do you not trust her?" Rindle couldn't help but ask. Beck quickly looked at him. Their eyes locked as he stared at him, Rindle hair stood up. Becks stare was cold and looked like they belonged to a killer.

"It's you royals I do not trust." He hissed.

Rindle was lost for words, he didn't understand why he would allow his daughter to do this if he was against it. And those eyes, Rindle knew Beck could kill him easily just by the looks of him. The door opened once more and Lithia walked in. Beck eyes soften and he gave Rindle a pleasant smile and a playful pat on the back before standing up.

"Ready to go?" He asked her. Lithia smiled at him as she tied her hair up into a neat half bun. She place a beautiful koi fish golden orange scale pin within her hair and nodded her head. Though she was in boy clothes, she still looked extremely beautiful.

"Stella and the wagon are set to go." She said as she walked over and grabbed three of the bags easily and walked out.

"Alrighty then Rindle, grab a bag and lets get set to go." Beck said as he got up and grabbed three bags easily as well. Rindle nodded his head, he walked over to the bag and gripped the handle. Bricks, it felt lag he was trying to lift a sac of bricks. He grabbed on with his other hand and was finally able to lift it up after the fifth attempt. As he walked out the door he was greeted with Beck who just stared at him. He started to laugh as he took the bag from Rindle and tossed it into the wagon like it was a piece of paper.

"This is going to be fun Rin." He laughed even harder as he walked back into the cottage. Yet all Rindle could think was how he literally has set himself up. How not only does he have a stunning beautiful teaching him. But a father that will be living within the castle who will most likely break his neck if something went wrong.

He felt a hand on his shoulder and turned slightly to see Lithia smiling at him. His heart began to race as he stared into her eyes. Screwed was all he could think, specially since he began to wonder if he would fall for this girl.

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