The Princes Knight

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Chapter 4

It has been three days since Lithia and her father had moved into the castle. Rindle father and his mother were out of the kingdom to go pick up Princess Tonia. She was originally going to come on her own but my parents wanted to have a discussion with hers so they offered to bring her back with them. Rindle was grateful that they were away because so far training with Lithia has been horrible.

As he was deep in though Lithia quickly flipped him onto his back and Rindle let out a loud groan. He sat up slightly while still on the ground, Lithia was looking down at him her hand reached out.

"You are not focusing again my prince." She said as she helped him up once again. Rindle rolled his eyes as he stood up, he glanced over to see Beck talking to Yandle and Andy. Andy noticed him looking and gave him a thumbs up before turning his attention back to whatever conversation they were having.

"You are improving." She spoke softly as she removed her helmet. Rindle sighed and removed his as well. He had no idea why she would say that. Every training session they have had so far he ends up either on his back. Or pinned to the ground on his stomach.

"No need to lie." He sighed as he began to walk away. Lithia quickly moved in front of him and pointed to her left arm. Rindle looked over her arm and notice a tear on her sleeve. He tried to recall when that had happened but couldn't.

"See improving." She spoke softly again as she looked into his eyes. He only looked into her for a moment before quickly turning away. He moved to gather his belonging by a bench to quickly be greeted by his sister. Addline held up bandages with a large smile on her face."

"I came to make you better." She said happily moving closer to him. Rindle chuckled as he took the bandages from her, then patted her head.

"Are you going to the bookstore today?" Addline questioned. Rindle nodded his head as he wrapped his right hand that was bleeding from a cut he had givin to himself.

"Bookstore? You mean that old one in the town?"Lithia questioned.

"That is the only one I know of." Rindle responded.

"I will accompany you." She quickly said as she began to walk off. "Allow my to wash and change, you should do the same and we will go." She said as she left the sparing grounds. Rindle just side knowing now he would have to introduce her to Jayce who he hadn't seen in awhile. Addline skipped over to Yandle, Andy and Beck. Yandle quickly scooped up Addline and spun her around before helping her onto his back. Rindle smiled at the scene before leaving the sparing grounds as well.

As he walked down the halls he noticed the maids were moving in a haste. Which could only mean one thing,his parents had returned. Which also meant that Tonia was some where, and that caused his heart to beat fast. Every time she comes and he didn't know where she was. She would spook the crap out of him, but this time he was gonna be ready.

He moved slowly as he walked to his room. Peeking past every corner before he move,checking behind ever pillar before he stepped past. He was almost to his room, maybe she wasn't at this part of the castle yet. He sighed with relieve once he reached his room, he pushed open his door slowly.

"FRECKLES!!" A loud cheer thick accent voice yelled causing him to jump a bit. Before him in a pale purple gown, with it's trims on the hem a golden lace designed like a swan. Her hair a bright red, thick and curly reached to the middle of her back. Her skin was a tint olive, that brought out her jade green eyes.

"Hey Tonia." he sighed as he walked into his room and closed the door. She made a face of discuss before waving her hand in front of her face and pinching her nose.

"Sorry I had just come from training." Rindle sighed

"Ooo with that female knight you picked?" Tonia asked as she moved to sit on the table near the fireplace. Rindle nodded his head as he closed his bedroom door. He knew he was going to get scolded by his mother for closing the door with Tonia in it. He always did, but there was nothing between him and Tonia. He was pretty sure that her and Jayce had a thing for one another.

"I made a huge mistake, at first I thought hey she seems different like me. But once I realized we would be psychically touching one another..."

"What is wrong with having a battle with a woman and touching them?" Another female voice said which startled Rindle. A small firm young woman in red short laced dressed came out of his bathroom. Her hair was a silver gray was put in a bun held by two sticks with bangs by each of her ears. She had lovely soft olive brown slanted eyes. He looked over at Tonia who smiled as she lifted up a book he had on a table.

"Meet Nalum." Tonia said with amusement. Rindle quickly bowed at Shen and she did the same.

"Nalum my personal bodyguard, she is from japan. Which is seems having warrior woman isn't as new to them as it is to us.Pretty cool huh." Tonia said.

"You may call me Nal." the girl spoke as she once again bowed. Rindle gave her a formal nodded, before he quickly snapped to the realization that he now had two girls in his room. Tonia is one think but the Nal girl, he really didn't want to hear Yandle and Andy pick on him about it. Rindle quickly walked over to his down and pulled it open only to be greet by Lithia. Lithia looked behind him and Nal and Tonia and didn't seem phased.

"Seems we are not going to town at this moment. I will return another time." She said calmly before turning away. She must think him a player now. He quickly went after her, grabbing her by the hand from behind. She paused and turned to face him her cheeks a faint red. The two just stared at one another without saying a word.

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