The Princes Knight

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Chapter 5

Rindle had quickly explain to Lithia the actual situation. He really did not want her to think he was some scum back. She seemed to have understood, and oddly even apologized. Afterwards he was able to convince Tonia and Nal to take a tour with Lithia while he cleaned himself up. He kind of thought about sneaking off to see Jayce but knew Tonia would kill him. Then Lithia will probably give him the worst training session ever.

He made his way to the main entrance of the castle to meet up with Lithia and the others. Andy suggested every once in awhile to let people see him leaving the castle. He was highly against it at first but than Rindle chimed in and threatened to destroy one of his books. As he made his way down one of the massive staircases of the sapphire and gold room. The servants were clearly staring at them. Though when he looked at them they quickly looked away.

Lithia was standing at the entrance mingling with Tonia and Nal. She had a faint smile and seemed to be enjoying herself. It was the first time he actually saw any type of smile from her. Well, one that didn't at least look like a pity smile. She was once again wearing casual boy clothes. Tonia seemed to have slipped into a less elegant yellow dress. While Nal wore what he believed to be called a kimono. It was very lovely and had rosemary patterns of fish on the lovely golden orange fabric. Nal was actually the first to notice him.

"Prince Rindle you finally made it." She spoke kindly before she bowed. Tonia nudged her then shock her head.

"No need to be so formal remember. We are all friends now, so just our names is okay." She said happily. Nal seemed like she was about to bow once more but merely nodded her head instead. Lithia pushed open the gate and was the first to step out. Rindle allowed Nal and Tonia to go before he did thinking that was most proper.

As he stepped out after them the two guards standing on watch stared at him. He couldn't see their expression since their faces were hidden under their helmets but he was sure they were surprised. he couldn't remember the time he actually left the castle this way. It took them slightly longer for them to get to town and the bookstore. Tonia kept stopping to show Nal a bunch of things. Like the jewelry store, the bakery shop, the shop of spells and of course the clothing store. Once they finally reached the book store Jayce was already outside adjusting the door.

"JAY JAY!!!!." Tonia shouted as she jolted her way toward Jayce. He quickly stood up straight hearing her voice turning around to face her. He open his arms wide as she leapt into him and the embraced. He started to laugh, and she began to as well as he span around with her in his arms. Rindle couldn't help but smile as he watched his two friends.

"They seem very close." Lithia said as she watched Jayce and Tonia. Her eyes soften and Rindle notice that she was playing with the rim of the bottom of her shirt.

"Prin... I mean Tonia always spoke highly of Jayce. She always talks about him. As well as you Rindle." Nal spoke as she watch the two as well. After a moment of Tonia and Jayce whispering something to one another they finally turned their attention to the others.

"Hey Rindle, and lovely ladies." Jayce said as he approached us with Tonia not leaving his side. He gave a slight bow to both Lithia and Nal and they gave one back.

"Jayce, this is Lithia my knight, and this is Nalum, Tonia bodyguard." Rindle introduced as he pointed to each of them when he spoke their names. Jayce raised an eyebrow and looked over to Tonia who averted her eyes.

"Well it is a pleasure to meet ya both. I hope you are toughing up my buddy here Lithia." Jayce said laughing slightly at the end as he reach over grabbing Rindle and putting him in a playful headlock. Lithia chuckled a bit and nodded as she watched Rindle do his best to get out of the headlock.

"So what brings ya here today?" Jayce questioned.

"Well at first it was to see if you wanted to map out the stars tonight. Than Tonia popped up and I figured I bring her by, as well as introduce you to Lithia." Rindle responded.

"Wait you were going to map stars today!?" Tonia said her eyes seeming to sparkle.

"Map stars?" Both Lithia and Nal questioned. Rindle nodded his head.

"Yea I like to go to different locations and draw the stars I see above me. I mean it isn't a actually map or anything but..."

"They are beautiful, not only does he pick amazing spots. But he draws the sky above so beautifully." Tonia quickly interrupted. Rindles gazed shifted to the ground with embarrassment, he never thought of his own work as such a thing.

"We can just come with you if that is okay." Nal said, Lithia nodded with agreement. Rindle quickly turned his gaze to Jayce, he was hopping his friend will tell them no but....

"Yea why not, it'll be fun. I'll even have Pap come with us, he was upset when we left him behind last time." Jayce said as he turned away making his way into the bookstore.

"Lets get the stuff together, and since we have some time lets treat the girls to a picnic at the Crystal cave." Jayce said before he walked into the bookstore.

"The Crystal Cave?" Lithia asked.

"It's this cave filled of amethyst,rose quartz,lapis lazuil and opal. It is super beautiful and has a river that flows through it." Tonia answered.

"That sounds beautiful." Lithia said as her eyes lite up. Tonia smiled as she took Lithia hand into hers.

"You and Nal are going to love it." Tonia said with excitement. Rindle nodded in agreement as Lithia turned her gaze to him.It was defiantly going to be an eventful day.

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