The Princes Knight

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Chapter 6

Rindle had entered the bookstore after the girls had left to gather some things for the picnic. Rindle insisted over and over again that there was truly no need. He was sure that Jayce's grandfather had everything they needed. The old man has a pantry, practically a grocery market. But Nal felt it would be rude to just take his things so Rindle let it go and allowed the girls to do as they wished.

"Ahh lil prince, so glad to see you once more." An old charming voice said. An old man about as tall as Rindle with short pepper salt colored hair approached him.

"Hey Pap how are you?" Rindle questioned. He noticed Pap start making his way to a pile of books far to heavy for him to carry. And most likely far to heavy for even Rindle to as well. Yet Rindle quickly got in Paps way and began to lift up the stack.

"We both know you can't carry that whole stack my boy." Paps laughed. Yet to both his and Rindle's amazement he was in fact able to lift up the stack. It was still heavy that was for sure but Rindle felt like it wasn't as bad at what he thought it was going to be. Maybe those training sessions with Lithia are truly working out.

“Well look at you.” Paps said before smiling. He guided Rindle to where he wanted the books set. Rindle felt like he was holding the stack for hours before finally placing them down on a cart. His arms werent sore yet but he was sure they were going to be.

“Would you like to star gaze with us tonight?” Rindle asked.

“Why of course. Jayce had already asked me when he came in to. Plus how am I to say know with such lovely maidens accompanying you?” Paps replied happily.

Jayce stepped out from the back room with a annoyed sigh. He was holding a picnic basket and a blanket the looked like it has seen some things. Paps raised an eyebrow as he walked over to Jayce and examined the blanket.

“Might be best to let this go son.” Paps said in a sad soft voice as he stroked the blanket. Jayce gave him a look that Rindle never seen before. He handed Paps the picnic basket snd turned back into the room which led to there home.

“So how is this knight training going for you son?” He questioned as walked over to the counter of the store.

“Tiring, time consuming, i could be spending my time reading instead of pleasing those who follow sterotypes.” Rindle answered in fill truth.

“Then stop.”

“But my brothers....”

“That never kept you from not listening before.” Paps quickly interupted. “Dear Prince Rindle, from the day you came here with my grandson, I knew you were different. At first I didnt even think you a prince.” He chuckled.

“So odd, not like what I was told a prince should be. And yet watching you grow, you are better than what they say you should be. So why do this if it displeases you so?” Paps continued. Rindle was about to answer intill the girls came into the store.

The moment Tonia laid eyes on Paps she rushed towards him an gave him a huge hug. Paps just laughed as he hugged her back. After a few seconds Tonia waves Nalum over and introduced her.

Lithia suddenly took Rindles hand and pulled him away further into the book shevles.

“ Can you pick a book for me?” She whispered stopping at the fantasy section. She gazed at him causing him to blush and he quickly looked away.

“Erm....okay but why the sudden need?” Rindle questioned as he scanned the book titles.

“I want to read to your sister. But I only ever read books about wars... and other um, non girlie novels.” She sighed. She reached up at the same time as Rindle both reaching for a book called the princess swan. Soon as there hands touched they just stared at one another.

Rindle felt his heart beating fast and worried it would pop out his chest. Lithia merely smiled slightly as she moved her hand away.

“Is that book good?” She questioned snapping Rindle back to his senses.

“Huh...oh ye-yea, I never read her this one before. I mean I read it so I know she would like it. And I think you will enjoy it too.” Rindle said quickly stumbling on his words. He pulled the book from its spot and handed to her.

“Thanks.” She said happily as she took the book and walked off. Rindle just stood there watching her leave as his heart finally started to slow.

“Ahhh yesss now I see.” He hear paps say causing him to jump. He looked up and down the isle and Paps was no where to ne seen. So he removed a few books from the shelve and there he was. Spying on the opposite side. Rindle started trying to figure out how he got there so fast.

“What?” Rindle questioned.

“A beautiful woman, has caught your eye.” Paps chuckled in a whisper.

“What...n-no she is my knight.”

“But you picked her yes?”

“Well yea, and she won the challange and she shows me respect so...”

“She is also soft on the eyes. Plus something about a strong mysterious girl is just...”

“Fascinating.” Rindle finished for Paps without even thinking. Paps smirked and Rindle just rolled his eyes and walked away. Once he got back to the others he saw Jacye had a different blanket. Tonia was packing the basket all while bickering about something with Nulam.

Lithia was leaning against the countering reading her now aquired book. Rindle couldnt help but stare. She looked like she was having a hard time with some words. He than began to wonder if he could offer her help.

Paps came back up and Lithia quickly bought the book. They began to make their leave after Jayce told Paps they come back for him later to watch the stars. As they left the store Lithia was walking behind them slowly the book pressed against her as she moved in a defeated manner.

“You okay?” Rindle asked her as he slowly his pace to match hers. Lithia shook her head and sighed in a fustrated manner.

“I lied...I can’t read. Father tried to teach me. But I wanted to focus more on fighting and other things...didn’t think it was important.” She sighed speaking her words low.

“Then one night I saw you reading to your sister and...”

“I’ll teach you, don’t worry.” Rindle said cutting her off. For the first time Lithia gave him a big smile and even her cheeks flushed red. He couldnt help but smile back and the two walked side by side not even noticing how close they were walking to each other.
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